Recap : Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) Ep1

bys1I don’t know how to describe Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) after I watched it’s trailer (around ten minutes) and then continued to watch until the newest episode. It has been sometime that I spotted Taiwanese drama without biased by the actors and actresses and just fall in love at the first sight with the drama XD XD XD

Here is the Recap:

picture1The drama is begin with many people were demonstrating in front of building which more looked alike manufacturing building. During the demonstration there was a black sedan car moving slowly and then stopped.

picture2The person who sitting inside the black sedan is Zhao Yi Ting. He stayed inside the car as if he is waiting for something to happen and not long after that, he got a line message stated, ‘Is today that day?’

picture3Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant turned and reported to Zhou Yi Ting who sitting at the back seat, said that the prosecutor is coming over for Lin Man.

picture4But suddenly during the reporting process, Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant spotted something which is someone throwing money in the air among the demonstrators.

picture5When the situation is in chaos, the demonstrators are busying to collect the money suddenly Lei Xin Yu (Eugene Liu) showing up. She didn’t know what was happening, and yet she coming over and helped out one of the old lady who is also one of the demonstrators. At the moment when the demonstrators spotted her, suddenly one of the demonstrators shouted: ‘She is Lin Man’s daughter.’

picture14Very soon she got hit by the demonstrators but luckily that old lady who was helped by her before, helped her out by asking her to run away. She tried to gather her stuffs (puzzle pieces which is present that she wanted to give to her mother). But the old lady just hurrying her to run away or else she going to be beaten to death. She obediently run away and just right at the time, Zhao Yi Ting’s car is parked not far from the street.

She bumped into Zhao Yi Ting’s car and then getting into his car. She tried to avoid the demonstrates, begging Zhao Yi Ting to let her hide inside the car, avoid from the demonstrates. Zhao Yi Ting helped her out and even giving her a ride.

picture17Zhao Yi Ting dropped her in graveyard and then the car moving. Zhao Yi Ting is coming to visit his parent’s graveyard, offering his praying and then talking with his decease parent. While Lei Xin Yu is totally confused what to do left at that kind of place. Lei Xin Yu is walking aimlessly, feeling cold and hungry without any cent with hers.

picture18Just at the moment she felt tired and sitting on one of big stone in side road, she met Zhong Qian Ren (Sean Lee) who by coincidentally passing by and thought she is a victim of domestic violent due to her messy appearance. Feeling pity he tried to help Lei Xin Yu who still shocked after being beaten by group of demonstrates. Because Zhong Qian Ren is in hurried to deliver goods, he decided to give Lei Xin Yu his outer, shoes and all his money he have.

picture19Lei Xin Yu used the money that gave by Zhong Qian Ren to buy food at the nearest convenient store she could reach. When she is having her meal (an instant noodle), the store owner is watching news in television which coincidentally it is airing the news about Li Man and her daughter who running away. Once Lei Xin Yu watched the news, she immediately made a denial saying she wasn’t the person that being reported and running out leaving her unfinished meal.

picture20In the makeup room, Tang Qian Ni is re-touching her makeup when her father coming in. Her father is trying to comfort Tang Qian Ni who seems pissed off because she hasn’t seen Zhao Yi Ting and the engagement ceremony is going to start soon.

picture21After comforted by her father, finally Tang Qian Ni’s entered the hall with her father and start the event. Not long after that Zhao Yi Ting arrived.

picture22When Zhao Yi Ting standing beside Tang Qian Ni, Tang Qian Ni with sarcastic speaking tone said that: “You late.”  Zhao Yi Ting seemed not mind with what Tang Qian Ni said, he even replied her: “I have told you that this engagement won’t work and you will be felt regret of it.”

Tang Qian Ni didn’t mind with Zhao Yi Ting’s words because she is so confident with herself that she would be able to conquer Zhao Yi Ting and make him to be hers.


Lei Xin Yu is heading to the lawyer’s office and looking for the advisor lawyer who handling her mother’s case. but sadly she is ignored even when she insisting to wait for the lawyer. She decided to leave after waiting for long time. Every movement or whenever Lei Xin Yu went, she is being watching by Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant who has been following her since she left Zhao Yi Ting’s car and reporting everything to Zhao Yi Ting regarding what Lei Xin Yu did or where she heading to.

picture1The homeless Lei Xin Yu didn’t know what to do but at least she must find somewhere to sleep because it has been late of night. She didn’t have much money with her so that she chose to stay at cheap motel. she is confused with her situation, didn’t know what to do and when she turned television, all is news about her Mother, Lin Man who bankrupt and running away. She didn’t believe with the news that reported through television because Lin Man which they said was different from Lin Man, a mother that she knew.

picture2She looked herself in the mirror, talking to herself that her mother isn’t a liar, her mother is someone good. people are lying and make false accusation about her mother, ‘Mommy isn’t a liar, mommy is someone strong, someone work hard when Daddy left, mommy doing everything…” she kept chanting this over and over and without her realized she reminiscing the old days when she still with her mother before she went to overseas.

picture3She remembered there was one time when she followed her mom went to somewhere. At beginning she wanted to have lunch together with her mother but her mother seemed to be so busy and asked her to go back with the driver, she refused and insisted to wait for her mother. So that, her mother let her to wait inside the car. When her mother got down from the car, she looked few of the employees were washing a truck that covered with mud. Lin Man came over and spoke to the employees, asked them to stop the water and then advice them about their action. At the beginning the employees didn’t want to hear her and rudely said what woman knew about their job. But one of the employees came over and reprimanded that employee who spoke rude to Lin Man, saying that they should respect their boss. Handling this matter, Lin Man said about the law that they going to face regarding the actions. Lei Xin Yu was admiring her mother, looking from inside the car. The Lesson that she learned from her mother was, the realistic thing is only by relying herself. So that, Lei Xin Yu cherish herself, talked to herself: “I can do it, I can rely myself!”

picture4Lei Xin Yu counting her money and then she decided to check out from the hotel. Her money didn’t left much after she paid TWD 500 for staying half hour in the motel. She didn’t know where to go so that she only can roaming and wandering in the street while Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant kept on following her and did a periodic reporting to Zhao Yi Ting.picture5picture6picture7After walking for sometime, Lei Xin Yu is taking a rest by sitting on the bench right in front boutique, she is sitting facing the boutique and recalled the old days when she went shopping with her mother in boutique. For once again her tears falling down, she missed her mother a lot.

picture8picture9The next morning, Lei Xin Yu stills aimlessly walking in the street. Suddenly her eyes spotted public telephone and then she excitedly make a phone call but just like the day before, the number that she dialed could not connect. The subscriber is out of reach. An instantaneously her excitement dimmed.

picture10And just by this time she meets one of her old classmates. He introduced himself as Xiao Fang who was her elementary classmate before. This man who called as Xiao Fang said that he knew recently what happened to Lei Xin Yu and asked her to have meal together. Lei Xin Yu tried to refuse him softly but this Xiao Fang so insisted and finally Lei Xin Yu followed him. Mean while, Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant stills following Lei Xin Yu and when he saw Lei Xin Yu followed stranger, he did report it to Zhao Yi Ting.

picture11picture12picture13Lei Xin Yu followed Xiao Fang to his place. He even giving her clothes to change. But, Xiao Fang did have bad motive toward Lei Xin Yu. He is asking Lei Xin Yu to sign a work contract and force her to work in his club as drink-companion (or even to make her to be prostitute). Lei Xin Yu trying to escape when she is running in corridor, he bumped into Zhao Yi Ting. Strongly she grabbed Zhao Yi Ting’s arm and begging him to help her out but Zhao Yi Ting seemed to ignore her. Taking an opportunity, Xiao Fang brought back Lei Xin Yu into his office room and beating her. Just in time, Zhao Yi Ting showed up.

Zhao Yi Ting beating Xiao Fang and then he took Lei Xin Yu to leave but before leaving Lei Xin Yu still remembered to collect all the clothes which initially she wore and also the outer plus shoes that given by Zhong Ren Liang. Zhao Yi Ting looked so irritated, by forced he dragging Lei Xin Yu out and even scolding her by saying she degraded herself. For few minutes Lei Xin Yu could not talk back to Zhao Yi Ting because she is so angry to the point speechless. Seeing Lei Xin Yu expression, Zhao Yi Ting trying to calm down himself and asked her to wait him while he is looking for changing clothes for her. But, Lei Xin Yu just running away.

picture14After leaving Zhao Yi Ting, Lei Xin Yu is continuing aimless walking in the street. Just by this time she encountered Jian Xiao Yue (Easter Yang) who is arguing with a man about parking fees. At the beginning she didn’t want to get involve but seeing how that man harassed Jian Xiao Yue, immediately Lei Xin Yu flared up and vented all her anger toward than man by pointing her heels in that man’s neck. Due to her frustration she lectured that man. All this scene is seen by Zhao Yi Ting who following Lei Xin Yu along this time.

picture15picture16Feeling pity and also thankful, Jian Xiao Yue brought Lei Xin Yu to have dinner together. Both of them are chatting for sometime. Listened to Lei Xin Yu’s story, Jian Xiao Yue felt pity for her and then asked her whether she willing to stay with her or not. Jian Xiao Yue brought Lei Xin Yu to her home. Lei Xin Yu still not believe that she got help from Jian Xiao Yue who let her to stay at Jian Xiao Yue’s house. Feeling so grateful Lei Xin Yu hugged Jian Xiao Yue to express her gratitude.

picture17picture18The next morning, Jian Xiao Yue has done prepare breakfast for Lei Xin Yu. Actually there is motive why Jian Xiao Yue prepared breakfast for Lei Xin Yu, she wants Lei Xin Yu to find job and then share the rent money. Lei Xin Yu does not mind to do as Jian Xiao Yue said. So that she agreed to find a job. Luckily, Jian Xiao Yue has found one for Lei Xin Yu which is working in cafe as waitress, Jian Xiao Yue brought Lei Xin Yu to Green Tea Cafe after they finished their breakfast.

picture19Tang Qian Ni is happily preparing a breakfast for Zhao Yi Ting. She even trying to spoon it to Zhao Yi Ting but this man coldly refused her by saying that he didn’t like sweets thing. Tang Qian Ni seemed not mind with Zhao Yi Ting attitude toward her because it just something she should get used about Zhao Yi Ting. Not long after that, Cafe manager coming in and reporting to Tang Qian Ni there was someone coming for interview. Tang Qian Ni didn’t want to be disturbed, so she asked the cafe manager to do it by himself.

picture20picture21picture23When the cafe manager is interviewing Lei Xin Yu, suddenly Tang Qian Ni showing up. She wanted to ask something to the Cafe manager but bit surprised when she spotted Lei Xin Yu is the person who being interviewed. Different reaction is showed by Lei Xin Yu, on contrary she is so happy seeing Tang Qian Ni because both of them were Senior High School classmates before. But very fast, Tang Qian Ni expression changed. She replaced the cafe manager to interview Lei Xin Yu and asked Lei Xin Yu acted as waitress and she as customer. She even purposely asked Zhao Yi Ting to join in order to embarrassed Lei Xin Yu. As predicted Lei Xin Yu indeed surprised to see Zhao Yi Ting but she tried to control herself and go forward since she needs this job. Again, Tang Qian Ni didn’t just want to embarrassed Lei Xin Yu but at same time wanted to frank her by asking her to serve the food in hot pan instead plate and the hateful is she asked her to use bare hand. Lei Xin Yu could only endure it.

picture24picture25Things became more awkward when Lei Xin Yu speaking to Zhao Yi Ting which flared up Tang Qian Ni and the most hateful thing is Tang Qian Ni’s engagement ring is found in Lei Xin Yu. Also as if adding oil in fire, Lei Xin Yu who has habit blinking eyes fire Tang Qian Ni more because Tang Qian Ni assumed Lei Xin Yu trying to flirt her fiance by acting cute. It makes Tang Qian Ni to recall the moment when she was still in her Senior High School. During High School, Tang Qian Ni always lost to Lei Xin Yu because many people like Lei Xin Yu and also Lei Xin Yu’s family was richer than hers. At home, Tang Qian Ni’s father also asked Tang Qian Ni to let Lei Xin Yu won her for the sake of her father’s business.

My thought:
The pace and story plot for this drama quite fast for first episode. In first episode, the female Character Lei Xin Yu had experienced too many things. She lost her home and company, her mother running away, almost being victim of human trafficking and bullied by Tang Qian Ni.
Moreover her innocent and naive characters really so worrisome. She tends to believe everyone who treating her well and unaware the motive behind all the kindness that shown to hers.

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