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C-Novel : Imperious Highness Don’t Eat Me


Title                       : Imperious Highness Don’t Eat Me

Author                  : Mo Xiao Li

Female Lead        : Mu Zi Xi

Male Lead             : Qian Hen Xu


“Baby, your lips are so sweet, I am enjoyed the taste of you….” The boy is shown such enchanted expression looking at the candy-eye girl in front of him, but the girl is shown such unhappy and also pissed off glared at the rotten bastard in front of her eyes, Kao, what was going before, did it because in the morning she forgot to greet and offer her praying to Heavenly God, so that after she went out from her house many bad things happened to her.

The first was running away, but the result she just found out her funds in bank card was frozen, well, she had received it as misfortunate by fate, but why must she encounter a pervert in the street, without saying anything her first kiss was snatched, moreover, MF him, her first kiss was actually a French kiss, actually what bad deed she had done in her previous life time, why she gotten this kind of retribution?

At this moment, his voice which sounding as if a magic spell said: “My beloved, how about to give a try something more thrilling, How about we play the bedding…..”


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