Recap : Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) Ep 2

picture1As I said that I have fallen in love with this drama at the first time I watched its trailer. The pace for the first episode was quite fast. Zhao Ting Yi is purposely put his ring in Lei Xin Yu’s pocket without known by her  and then he also the person who arranged Lei Xin Yu to go interview and working at Green Cafe that owned by Tang Qian Ni. He also knew that Tang Qian Ni hates Lei Xin Yu so much so that he keeps on provoking Tang Qian Ni by showing his kindness to Lei Xin Yu in front of Tang Qian Ni. Zhao Yi Ting intention is cleared that he wanted Lei Xin Yu to experience little bit difficulties, showing and teaching little bit about suffering.

Tang Qian Ni is type of violent and high temperamental woman. She easy to flare up, jealous and cruel. While Zhao Yi Ting is heartless, poker face and composed.

This drama is bit sad but still have its humor.

Here the recap:

picture1Zhao Yi Ting and his assistant found someone that perhaps has clue about Lin Man. They asked the man about Lin Man but the man denial that he knew things. Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant said to that man, would person who not know anything at all, why must he avoiding them? When that man still denied, Zhao Yi Ting threatened that man by showing a flashdisk in his hand and told him about the human trafficking that done by the man. If that man didn’t not want to cooperate, Zhao Yi Ting would hand over the evidence to coast guard administration and put the man in jail for the rest of his life. Finally that man surrendered and told that Lin Man is in Philippine. He said that someone was asking him to take Lin Man to Philippine. After Zhao Yi Ting and his assistant got the information, they left that man.

Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant said that he asked their man in Philippine to look whereabouts Lin Man, keep an eye of her. Furthermore he also reported the last number that being contacted by Lei Xin Yu was American contact number belonged to someone named Su Zhong Wen. Zhou Yi Ting’s assistant didn’t understand why Zhou Yi Ting asked so many things regarding Su Zhong Wen such as ‘is he Lei Xin Yu’s boyfriend?’, ‘What does he do?’ and few private questions. When Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant questioned Zhao Yi Ting regarding the investigation about Su Zhong Wen, Zhao Yi Ting easily answered that because Lei Xin Yu is Lin Man’s daughter. The assistant seemed still have an objection but Zhao Yi Ting said, “The north wind and the sun, have you heard it? Qian Ni is the cold northern wind then I will be the warm sun.”

picture2At the moment when Zhao Yi Ting said about the north wind and the sun, his assistant almost laughed at him. Because he never seen any cold sun like Zhao Yi Ting. So this phrase not all true. When his assistant said, “Where is there a cold sun?” Zhou Yi Ting face expression changed to be weird.

picture4At night, Zhou Yi Ting is looked at the pictures of Lin Man and also Lei Xin Yu but suddenly he recalled the past when he was still a teenager. He tried to seek help from Lin Man by waiting her in front of her apartment and then stopped her car when he spotted hers going to go out but Lin Man ignored him. He was looked so helpless didn’t know what to do despite of kept on waiting for Lin Man everyday even it meant he should wait during raining day. He even being chased out and threatened by Lin Man’s employee.

picture5The next morning, Lei Xin Yu wakes up and walking to outside where her clothes still hanging. When she takes down her clothes it is still damp by the time Jian Xiao Yue is also wake up. She asked her, “is it still damp?”, Lei Xin Yu answered her, “Yes. it still damp.”, “How can you only have one set of clothes.” didn’t get any reply from Lei Xin Yu hurried Jian Xiao Yue asked her to put back the clothes and then borrowed her a set of clean dry clothes. Lei Xin Yu bit perplexed but she is happy with Jian Xiao Yue kindness and then changed her clothes.

picture6When Lei Xin Yu changing clothes, Jian Xiao Yue preparing their breakfast. she asked Lei Xin Yu to sit down and have breakfast together. Lei Xin Yu is lost in her train of thoughts when she sitting on the sofa, while Jian Xiao Yue keeps on talking about their food such as they almost not have bread, the jam is expired for few days but still edible to eat, and bla bla….
At the same time, when Jian Xiao Yue done with her words and asked Lei Xin Yu to have a breakfast, she saw Lei Xin Yu took the tray which she thought as bread, hurried she being stopped by Jian Xiao Yue. Seeing the muddle Lei Xin Yu, Jian Xiao Yue asked her what was she thinking.

picture7 picture8Lei Xin Yu told her that she missed her mother. she worried about her mother, whether she doing well or not. She wondered whether her mother strayed like her or not, because there is a possibility that her mother might not meet someone as nice as Jian Xiao Yue. Listened to Lei Xin Yu worries, Jian Xiao Yue asked her to make a phone call but Lei Xin Yu said it was useless because she has tried few times and she could not reach her mother. Then Jian Xiao Yue asked her how about to email her mother, she handed over her mobile phone to Lei Xin Yu to send an email. But that email isn’t sending to Lin Man but to Su Zhong Wen.

picture9 After Lei Xin Yu sent the email, Jian Xiao Yue is hurrying her to go out excusing that suddenly she remembered it is supermarket promotion day. Lei Xin Yu hasn’t eaten already being dragging out by Jian Xiao Yue. Lei Xin Yu asked Jian Xiao Yue why she looked so hurry although it is a promotion day moreover it only discount about ten dollars, Jian Xiao Yue explained to Lei Xin Yu for people like them, discount is something important so that they should not miss out the event, seeing Jian Xiao Yue so serious, Lei Xin Yu followed by said yes, promotion event is a big deal.

picture10picture11picture12picture14When they are on the way, suddenly Jian Xiao Yue looked shock, seeing the changes expression on Jian Xiao Yue, Lei Xin Yu asked her what’s mattered. Jian Xiao Yue said that she saw devil and then pulled Lei Xin Yu to hide behind wall. Curious, Lei Xin Yu took a peek too but at that moment suddenly something touched her legs and when she turned back she spotted a small dog (my guess it is chihuahua or Miniature Pinscher). She feared and then rushed out and by coincidentally she bumped into Zhao Yi Ting who is jogging near there.

When Zhao Yi Ting left, Jian Xiao Yue finally dare to come out from the place where she hiding before. Lei Xin Yu asked her why she hid Jian Xiao Yue only said that he spotted her landlord and not dare to come out because afraid to be asked to pay rent while she does not have any money left with her. When both of them are continuing their walk, suddenly Jian Xiao Yue mobile phone ringing. It was a call from Green cafe, asking Lei Xin Yu to come for working at the next day.

picture15The next day Lei Xin Yu coming to work at the cafe. But, she doing nothing even though everyone is busying with their works. When she asked whether they need her help or not, they shoo her away. Then when the manager came to the kitchen, Lei Xin Yu stopped him, asking whether she can help him or not, he asked her to do other thing and asked her out from kitchen and heading to the front desk. Again when she at front she does not know what to do so that she just standing and seeing the customers having their meals.

picture16She takes look at the menu book which is not far from her and then she trying to memorize the menu. When she is memorizing the menu, Tang Qian Ni has already stood behind her. Lei Xin Yu greets her by called Qian, but Tang Qian Ni dislikes the way Lei Xin Yu addressing her with name. She wanted to Lei Xin Yu to call her Boss. Lei Xin Yu does mind to change the way she addressing Tang Qian Ni furthermore she thanked Tang Qian Ni to let her working in restaurant.

picture18Zhou Yi Ting is coming to the cafe when Lei Xin Yu cleaning one of the cafe’s table. Tang Qian Ni is at there too, supervising Lei Xin Yu’s work. Spotted at Zhao Yi Ting, Tang Qian Ni beaming happily held on Zhao Yi Ting’s arm. But soon Zhao Yi Ting coming near to Lei Xin Yu, calling her which resulted Tang Qian Ni pissed off. Seeing Zhao Yi Ting warmly called Lei Xin Yu, Tang Qian Ni flared up and then dragging Lei Xin Yu to the cafe back.

picture19 picture20picture1Suddenly Tang Qian Ni opened the trash bin. Took off her ring and then she threw it into the trash bin. she asked Lei Xin Yu with bare hand to find the ring. She even threatened her going to fire her if she didn’t pick the ring from trash. If not because Lei Xin Yu recalled her conversation with Jian Xiao Yue that they didn’t have much money for paying the rent, she perhaps wouldn’t pick the ring. At same time, The Cafe’s Manager is passing and trying to butter Tang Qian Ni, without doubt, Zhao Yi Ting pulled the Cafe’s Manager to help finding Tang Qian Ni’s ring among the trash and then he pulled Lei Xin Yu up and gave her a black skirt. which cause Tang Qian Ni’s raging.

picture2Zhao Yi Ting is having business talk with Chairman Tang (Tang Qian Ni’s father) about investing money to  solar energy company from America and targeting India Market. But Chairman Tang seemed not really listened to Zhao Yi Ting regarding this investment plan, instead of he asked Zhao Yi Ting motive which easily answered by Zhao Yi Ting as his action to pay back Chairman Tang collapsed Lei Sheng co. (Lin Man’s company). But Chairman Tang didn’t take it as payback because he has thought Zhao Yi Ting as his son in law and hope him to marry Tang Qian Ni soon. Very obviously Zhao Yi Ting didn’t think so. Then, Chairman Tang asked Zhao Yi Ting what’s his future plan after Lei Sheng co. bankrupt. Zhao Yi Ting said since Lei Sheng has already collapsed he didn’t care any longer about Lin Man. Chairman Tang also asked Zhao Yi Ting to bring Qian Ni to Elite Award Party (one of prestigious event) in order to introduce Tang Qian Ni to world that she is belonged to Zhao Yi Ting. Actually Zhao Yi Ting reluctant to do so and just nodding his head which taken as agreed by Chairman Tang.

picture3When Lei Xin Yu go home, she spotted Jian Xiao Yue seemed to have matter. She is lying on the sofa and suddenly said, “You dammed rich girl.” confused, Lei Xin Yu asked her, “What’s matter with me.” and then Jian Xiao Yue explained to Lei Xin Yu that she is trying to learn to be an elegant lady because she wanted to join casting and play the role as rich girl after asked Lei Xin Yu this and that.

picture4At night Lei Xin Yu bringing Jian Xiao Yue to her house. Her intention is taking clothes for Jian Xiao Yue so that she will have fit clothes to go for her casting.

picture5picture6picture7Jian Xiao Yue astonished when she stepped inside Lei Xin Yu’s house. She talking while walking, saying that Lei Xin Yu has very good life, has a big house and bla bla while she also looked around. And that the moment when she turned to look at Lei Xin Yu, she saw Lei Xin Yu’s eyes redden and holding back her tears. And then Lei Xin Yu looked around her messy house followed by Jian Xiao Yue at her back. Touching the piano, she recalled the moment when she was little girl, her mother teaching and accompanying her playing the piano.

picture8When two of them are choosing the clothes, Jian Xiao Yue’s eyes gleaming brightly she even asked Lei Xin Yu to take all the clothes and sell all of it since those are branded clothes which must be priced quite well. Lei Xin Yu said that all the clothes aren’t hers anymore but at last Jian Xiao Yue and Lei Xin Yu also took few clothes and Jian Xiao Yue even joking with Lei Xin Yu that it was her first time using LV bag as luggage.

picture9The next day, Lei Xin Yu brought all the clothes which she took last night with her, on the way, she met Zhao Yi Ting’s assistant who offering a lift for her. When she looked at the back seat, she spotted the ice berg Zhao Yi Ting. Inside the car, Lei Xin Yu secretly peek on Zhao Yi Ting, the second time she got caught by Zhao Yi Ting. He asked her what she wanted to do. She smiled looked at him and then she continued and said that she was so lucky to be able meet nice people like him, whenever she needed help he would show up. Zhao Yi Ting at ease said it only a coincidence. But, Lei Xin Yu just smiled looking at Zhao Yi Ting, she felt grateful because when everyone avoiding her only Zhao Yi ting who giving a hand to help her. Zhao Yi Ting excused that there was a time he had lost everything. No one helped him and he didn’t have anyone to ask for help, but a man taught him to survive.

picture10Then the topic changed. When Zhao Yi Ting said that Lei Xin Yu could come and find him whenever she needed a help, Lei Xin Yu suggested to exchange phone number but suddenly she remembered that she didn’t have mobile phone anymore. Zhao Yi Ting said although she has phone with her, the prosecutors and polices might come to look for her since everyone is looking for Lin Man. But, sadly she said that even she wanted to contact her mother there was no way since she has no way to contact her mother. Zhao Yi Ting tried to dig further by asking her to think more, what other possible ways that perhaps could reach her mother. She looked confused.

picture11picture12picture13Zhao Yi Ting asked his assistant, Shi Huan to stopped at mobile phone store. He brought Lei Xin Yu to buy new mobile phone and asked her to choose one. But Lei Xin Yu felt little bit uncomfortable for few reasons. she didn’t have money and she felt that Zhao Yi Ting has been so good toward her so that she could not accept kindness from him anymore. As for Zhao Yi Ting it was only a small money, he didn’t mind. While for Lei Xin Yu, it wasn’t about money then finally Zhao Yi Ting made a deal with Lei Xin Yu, he still didn’t know what but he wanted Lei Xin Yu to owe him a favor and in the future when he need her help he will come and ask her. At beginning she wanted to refuse due to her current situation. Again Zhao Yi Ting ensured her that the situation won’t last forever. Then the deal has made also in order to seal the deal both of them were shaking hand and Lei Xin Yu has considered Zhao Yi Ting as her friend.

picture14Mean while, in the home. Jian Xiao Yue is humming which sounded more alike cursing. Sitting on sofa she still mumbling and just right in time, Lei Xin Yu is coming home. She spotted something wrong with Jian Xiao Yue expression. She asked her, “What happened to you?” Jian Xiao Yue paused for moment and suddenly she said to Lei Xin Yu, “Your sight of eyes remembered me on something. Where is yours branded clothes?”. Lei Xin Yu happily said to her that she has already sold all of them with TWD 70,000. At sudden Jian Xiao Yue flared up because the clothes which priced about TWD 700,000 sold to TWD 70,000 by Lei Xin Yu. The naive Lei Xin Yu excused that when she went to the second hand store to sell all her clothes, the owner recognized her and since those clothes are confiscated by law, all aren’t hers anymore so that the said she must be contented with TWD 70,000 this price.

picture15 picture16Although Jian Xiao Yue keeps on blaming Lei Xin Yu also keeps on saying her stupid, idiot and etc. Lei Xin Yu still happily sitting beside her and taking out a white one-piece clothes.When Jian Xiao Yue turned and looked at the white dress, she said, “Didn’t this a dress that I like?”. Lei Xin Yu smiled and said, that indeed the white dress that Jian Xiao Yue like. She kept it by intention and gave it to Jian Xiao Yue so that she could wear it during the casting. Jian Xiao Yue expression changed to be expressionless and asked Lei Xin Yu why she treated her very well. The answer is cleared because Jian Xiao Yue is treating Lei Xin Yu very well too. Jian Xiao Yue said that she is an actress so her kindness only an acting. Lei Xin Yu seemed not mind instead of she said did Jian Xiao Yue really that good as acting. The fact is Jian Xiao Yue felt discomfort with Lei Xin Yu kindness because she has her own reason.

picture17At night Jian Xiao Yue asked Lei Xin Yu to pay rent fee to their landlord. Lei Xin Yu said that she didn’t know the landlord, but Jian Xiao Yue said it was good that she didn’t know that sinister devil. Because once she knew him, she would regret for her rest of live. Listened to how Jian Xiao Yue described about their landlord, it hard for Lei Xin Yu not to feel fear. Jian Xiao Yue excused herself by saying the landlord as sinister devil because the landlord is someone so detestable, he is scheming, mysterious and like to find others secret and then black mail them, walking without sound, his breathing is chill, his cold eyes turned summer into winter and etc. that’s why she called him as sinister devil. Then Lei Xin Yu asked since the landlord is someone so scary why she asked her to go? Jian Xiao Yue good in finding excuses she said the landlord had caused her to have physiological fear. so that she didn’t want to meet him. Finally she went to meet the landlord. The landlord is staying in hotel which quite confusing for Lei Xin Yu but still she coming to meet him for paying the rent fee.

picture18When Lei Xin Yu looking for the landlord’s room, she met one of the cleaning service lady who just done cleaning the landlord’s room. She directly entered the room and looking for the landlord. She entered the living room but there was no one and then she realized one of the slide door opened, passing the living room in which the television turned on without anyone watching it. She paused and looked at the television for moment and then she moving forward.

picture19picture20When she turned and took a look, the landlord actually is Zhao Yi Ting. He is backing her, holding a glass of red wine and talking with mini robot called as Shao Bi. Lei Xin Yu expression kept on changing as long as she listened to Zhao Yi Ting and Shao Bi conversation.
Zhao Yi Ting : It still a natural wind that’s most comfortable, isn’t it?
Shao Bi        : So good
Zhao Yi Ting : Socializing isn’t hard at all
Shao Bi        : Fighting! you will succeed.
Zhao Yi Ting : As long as you put your heart into it, there is nothing I can’t do right?
Shao Bi        : Do your best, everything will be alright.
Zhao Yi Ting : Feeling…. are not important at all, right?
At this time suddenly Zhao Yi Ting’s words cut off by Lei Xin Yu. She said that he is a liar. He shocked turned to look at Lei Xin Yu. Then Lei Xin Yu added that she wasn’t by intentional to eavesdrops, explaining that she coming to pay the rent fee.

picture21picture22Lei Xin Yu afraid Zhao Yi Ting not believe her, quickly she back to the living room where she put her bag and then took out money from her bag, because she was such in hurry, clumsy and carelessly she hit on the wine and wet her dress. When Lei Xin Yu cleaning the wine stain, Zhao Yi Ting asked her to wait for him because he going to take clean change clothes for her.

picture23She took the clothes and then she changed to the clothes that gave by Zhao Yi Ting. After she changed the clothes, she didn’t forget to wash the money that stained with red wine. while washing she said that finally she realized the important of money. Then when her eyes spotted the dance video in television, she just smiled. Suddenly there was Zhao Yi Ting’s sound from her back asking what she was smiling for. She smiled said nothing. And that the moment when Zhao Yi Ting wanted to leave, suddenly Lei Xin Yu said that she knew, “What you do you know.” asked Zhao Yi Ting. “Waltz.”

picture24picture25Lei Xin Yu teaching Zhao Yi Ting to dance waltz. When they were practicing waltz, suddenly Lei Xin Yu asked Zhao Yi Ting, “Are you lonely?” an instantaneously, Zhao Yi Ting stopped. Leaving both of them were feeling so awkward toward each other. But very soon, Lei Xin Yu gained herself and continuing the practice with Zhao Yi Ting.

picture26The Hotel room’s bell rang. Zhao Yi Ting stopped and then opened the door. It was Tang Qian Ni who ringing the bell. She looked so happy when she saw Zhao Ting Yi opened the door, she told him she was coming to teach Zhao Yi Ting waltz. both of them were directly walking in. Just at the moment both of them stopped in living room, her smile disappeared when she spotted Lei Xin Yu. The most hatred was she saw Lei Xin Yu wore Zhao Yi Ting’s clothes. Alike adding oil into fire, Zhao Yi Ting said that he has found someone who could teach him waltz by referred to Lei Xin Yu.

picture27picture28The angered Tang Qian Ni looked at Lei Xin Yu, before she spoke, Lei Xin Yu has been trying to explain to her that she coming to Zhao Yi Ting’s place in order to pay a rent fee to him. But Tang Qian Ni didn’t let off Lei Xin Yu easily she even said that since when she rented Zhao Yi Ting’s place and again Lei Xin Yu explained to her that she is living with someone who renting Zhao Yi Ting’s building and she just came to pay rent, that’s all. About wearing Zhao Yi Ting’s clothes she said about the red wine which stained her clothes due to her careless. But somewhat she explained, more pissed off Tang Qian Ni became. Finally Lei Xin Yu left after apologizing to Tang Qian Ni.

picture29After Lei Xin Yu left, Tang Qian Ni glared at Zhao Yi Ting to show her dissatisfaction. But Zhao Yi Ting took it easily, didn’t mind with Tang Qian Ni’s attitude. Tang Qian Ni questioned Zhao Yi Ting why he treated Lei Xin Yu very good? Zhao Yi Ting smiled, it just confusing Tang Qian Ni.

picture2 picture4Not long after that, Zhao Yi Ting is opened an instant noodle, Tang Qian Ni saw him, asked what was he doing? He said, “Preparing a dinner.” Suddenly it recalled the old memory of Tang Qian Ni about first time she met Zhao Yi Ting. During that time, Zhao Yi Ting was a worker who worked at Chairman Tang’s construction site. At that time, ZhaoYi Ting also eating an instant noodle sitting at one of the stairs.

picture3picture5When she is lecturing Zhao Yi Ting, other worker was coming over by shouldering a ladder which almost hit Tang Qian Ni’s back. Fortunately, Zhao Yi Ting has good react and protecting Tang Qian Ni getting hit of the ladder. An arrogant Tang Qian Ni even pushed away Zhao Yi Ting instead of saying thank you to Zhao Yi Ting. Just in time when Tang Qian Ni pushed Zhao Yi Ting, Chairman Tang and his friend were going out from his office. Chairman Tang’s friend spotted Tang Qian Ni then called her while Zhao Yi Ting busying to clean his instant noodle that fell down to the ground.

picture6Chairman Tang was coming near to Zhao Yi Ting who still busying to clean his instant noodle. When he looked at Zhao Yi Ting, he said to Zhao Yi Ting that ‘cloths made a man.’ and then he asked Zhao Yi Ting to wash his face and then came to meet him then in his office. After that Chairman Tang and Tang Qian Ni entered the office room. When walking Tang Qian Ni asked her father about Zhao Yi Ting that she referred as beggar. But Chairman Tang smiled to his daughter and said Zhao Yi Ting was a youngster with brilliant future. Tang Qian Ni sneered at her father after she heard it.

picture7picture8But Tang Qian Ni changed her mind after she saw Zhao Yi Ting who has already washed his face when he entered the office room. Chairman Tang introduced Tang Qian Ni to Zhao Yi Ting that responded coldly by Zhao Yi Ting. Tang Qian Ni smiling face an instantaneously changed to be anger expression after seeing Zhao Yi Ting’s attitude toward her.

picture9 picture10Back to present time. Tang Qian Ni stopped Zhao Yi Ting to eat instant noodle. She said that she wanted to cook for Zhao Yi Ting, but when she opened the refrigerator its only has bottles of mineral water and eggs. She nagging again and trying to get rid Zhao Yi Ting’s instant noodle which stopped by Zhao Yi Ting immediately.

picture11The next morning when Jian Xiao Yue going out she is checking her mobile phone and notice that Su Zhong Wen has sent an email to Lei Xin Yu. Hesitated for moment but very soon she gained herself when she heard Lei Xin Yu called her. Quickly she changed the topic saying that she was checking her bag whether she left her wallet, key or mobile phone. After done checking, Lei Xin Yu advised her to do the checking before she went out and then happily Lei Xin Yu held Jian Xiao Yue’s arm which she doesn’t like Lei Xin Yu held her. But Lei Xin Yu didn’t care.

picture12At Green Cafe, there is an Elder who keeps on reading the menu list for quite long time and haven’t made her order. The Cafe Manager has been watching the Elder for long time and then when he spotted at Lei Xin Yu, he asked her to deal with the Elder.

picture13Lei Xin Yu politely coming near to the Elder, asking her what she wanted to order. At the beginning, the Elder said she still wanted to see the menu, but Lei Xin Yu is so smart, she knew that the Elder didn’t know what to order so she politely asked her could she recommend something for the elder. The Elder glanced at someone not far from her. She wanted to eat same thing alike that person. Lei Xin Yu politely explained that dish which eating by the person to the Elder. The Elder happily whispering to Lei Xin Yu that she has been eyeing that person’s dish and at same time, Lei Xin Yu recommended a salad as appetizer to the Elder which agreed by the Elder. The Elder also praised Lei Xin Yu as someone pretty, kind and attentive.

picture14 picture15 picture16 picture17 picture18After Lei Xin Yu took the order and heading to kitchen suddenly few men coming over her. After they confirming about Lei Xin Yu’s identity, immediately they brought Lei Xin Yu by force to left the Cafe. They said they were handling Lin Man’s case and then wanted to investigate Lei Xin Yu who is Lin Man’s daughter. When Lei Xin Yu walking out from the Cafe, by coincidentally she spotted Zhao Yi Ting who just came. After Lei Xin Yu left, Zhao Yi Ting spotted Tang Qian Ni in cafe front door smiling looking at Lei Xin Yu who being taken by prosecutor. Zhao Yi Ting glared angrily to Tang Qian Ni but very soon his expression changed into smile.

One thought on “Recap : Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) Ep 2

  1. I’ve been tempted by this show because I like revenge shows but I am very turned off by his “helping” her to grow up by introducing bad things into her life so she knows how to be tough. Man, just introduce her to a nice fellow and let her have a normal life.

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