FAQs : It’s Not A Solution Post But It Answered Common Questions About The Blog

Updated 30 December 2016

I decided to make FAQs post for readers and also new readers about azurro4cielo.wordpress.com regarding the questions that most asked.

Q: Why some of the chapters password?
A: The answer for this question is so obvious. I try to avoid my works being taken by shameless people who copied, pasted, distributing without any consent, didn’t put proper credit and monetizing it.

Q: Give me the password for A Naive Short Tempered Girl (Chapter 340-344)!
A: You can go to index section and looking for Summary Post because I have summarized all the password chapters into that post.

Q: But I didn’t get enough with the summary post, I want the complete chapters.
A: Then you must be patience because the complete chapters going to post soon.

Q: Why didn’t you reply my email, I have emailed you tons of times? (usually for password)
A: First, Please understanding all people who get involved in this translation projects have their own life to live, job and works to do. So that, the response going to be slow because we don’t do daily email check anymore.
Second, Please be polite when sending the email. I think all of us are civilized human being. You want to be treated well by other then you must act polite first (don’t you think this is a basic for all people?) We won’t reply rude, harsh, improper and email that send with CAPS LOCK.
Third, it not like we are not replying your email, but if it go to spam box, the answer is cleared.

Q: Hey, where the translation for today? I want to read A Naive Short Tempered Girl, I want to Read The CEO’s Pregnant Wife, I want to read The Wolf Husband and The Green Plum Wife, hey why don’t I spot any of them today?
A: =.=” ????? =.=”

Q: When is the next chapter update?
A: No schedules but at least two post in one week.

Q: Why my comment didn’t show up? I have commented for many times.
A: First, It hasn’t approved by the admin, second it deleted due to the harsh + unwanted contains and last it went into spam box.

Q: Why there is different color in your index section for most of your works?
A: There indeed have two colors for most of the translation, one is providing the link and the other is progress bar which indicate, the chapter has published but didn’t share the link (this happened to the newest chapters)

Q: Why the chapters being password again? again? again?
A: I think the answer is so obvious and I don’t want to talk much regarding the circumstances. But one thing for sure we are not going to stray readers.

Q: Where the chapter post, why I can’t read it? it showed error 404?
A: There are two reasons why you can’t access the post anymore, first because it has removed and second it has relocated. But, you still can read it because the post isn’t password.


Credential issues: Through this post, I want to clear up about credential and also copyright in Azurro4cielo.wordpress.com. There’s some people who visiting azurro4cielo and disappointed when found out there’s password chapters and brought up the topic about credential issues regarding the project.
Please bear in mind, The English translation is belonged and credit to azurro and friends (all the novel that had translated and also still translating which host in azurro4cielo.wordpress.com involving the review contents for drama, synopsis, skincare, recap, etc. Except the videos and pictures [which some are taken from other resources, we did put credit for example youtube, baidu, etc]) while the Chinese Novel is credited to the representative Authors.

Copying, Pasting, Distributing
I do not wish to see my works being copied, pasted, post and distributed in PDF, others platform or host by other websites/blogs WITHOUT PERMISSION.  [except azurro4cielo.wordpress.com]


2 thoughts on “FAQs : It’s Not A Solution Post But It Answered Common Questions About The Blog

  1. You can’t copyright the English translation you stupid bitch. I love how you scramble to keep people from stealing your translation and claim they are stealing from you when you are stealing from the original authors to begin with. The only thing your passwords do is confuse your readers and poke holes in the story. I’ve had to skip 5 to 10 chapter because you simply don’t post them. You have to be the worst traslator ever when it comes to the ease of readers to ACTUALLY READ your translations. How many times have I clicked on the novel updates link for a new chapter just to see password protection. Fuck you.

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