Recap: The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Ep1

picture20The King Of Romance going to be my second recapping project after Behind Your Smile, I decided! That’s why I am away from my translation works for moment (semi-hiatus). I find another excitement when watching dramas and now, I trying to do recapping.

Recapping is hard and laborious task just like doing subtitles and also translating. These works can be so tedious and less reward. I am always thankful and gratified with people who appreciate my works also keep supporting me.

Here we start:

The King Of Romance Recap Episode 1

picture1picture2‘Do you believe in couple of seven lives? Do you believe in reincarnation?’
‘I trust in science…’
‘But science cannot explain the beautiful fate between people’
‘Science can explain everything. Fate is chemistry’
‘If you were me you would know that the past and present are all destined’
‘It’s aesthetics’
‘Thankfully I’m not you’

picture5picture3The intro of the drama is started with conversation between two gamers who are playing online game together. At night both of them are famous as best couple gamers (Juliet and Romeo) during day both of them don’t know each other. The man is Wang Nuo an OBGYN while the female is Gao Bing Bing a Second cook.

picture6Whether this is by fate (from Gao Bing Bing’s point of view) or chemistry (From Wang Nuo’s point of view), both of them actually are a neighbor.

picture19The drama is started by introducing the male and female lead’s job. Wang Nuo (Wang Zhen) is a famous OBGYN who working in big hospital. While Gao Bing Bing is a second in command (cook) who working in famous hotel. One is a great doctor who most of his time spend in hospital busying with operation and emergency cases. While another one is talented cook who busying in hotel’s kitchen as second cook but has ‘enough’ personality.

picture21The first scene is about these twos morning activities. Wake up in the morning and cycling to their representatives working place.

picture22Morning time
A man who is asked by Wang Nuo (WZ) to renovate his new house, coming to make report about Wang Nuo’s house that his neighborhood apartment room’s water is leaking to his place by coincidentally it was a house that Wang Nuo bought not long ago. Their conversation keep continuing when Wang Nuo is going to go out. since Wang Nuo is quite busy he let that man to handle it. By the time he leaving, Gao Bing Bing also prepare going for work.

picture23In the hospital, Wang Nuo is phoning someone talking about his house leasing which has gone expired also Wang Nuo is asking help from that person to ask the old owner to move from his new house that he just bought recently. Suddenly there is an emergency case so he hung up his mobile phone. At the moment when Wang Nuo asked the nurses to prepare the operation room for emergency labor, suddenly the patient’s husband stopped. The man excused he needed to ask his family first. But Wang Nuo argued the patient is in critical condition, then operation is must.

picture24Wang Nuo does not care with that man, so he is hurrying to bring the patient into the operation room. The patient’s family is waiting in front of the operation room. The Man’s mother seems not happy so that she kept on nagging in front the operation room until Wang Nuo went out from the operation room. Once Wang Nuo goes out, the man’s mother blocking Wang Nuo’s way. She accused Wang Nuo to ruin her grandchild live by having bad born time which going to make her grandchild to be unlucky for its life. Wang Nuo didn’t care instead of he said that her grandchild was the one chose its birth time and then left them.

picture25When Wang Nuo walking in the hospital’s corridor, he meets Shen Yi Le (played by Serena Fang). She asked did the patient’s family going to sue Wang Nuo. Wang Nuo nonchalantly said “Which gynecologist never been get law-suit before?”. Shen Yi Le advised Wang Nuo not to be so direct when talking with the patient’s family. Then suddenly their conversation topic changed. Shen Yi Le asked Wang Nuo about his new house. Once talked about this topic, Wang Nuo said that talking about his new place, giving him a headache. Then he starting to chat his problems to Shen Yi Le.

picture26picture27picture28Wang Nuo wants to take a bath at his house, but the water does not flow. He forgot that the Man who renovates his room house said that he has stopped the water in his house so that asked him to be careful. Feeling irritated he left the bathroom and heading to kitchen, taking out a bottle of drink and then he made a phone call to Shen Yi Le. Asking her was she still in hospital or not and then he said to her that his house didn’t have water so that he wanted to come to hospital. Shen Yi Le welcomed him by saying there are many people in hospital.

picture29Meanwhile in Gao Bing Bing’s house. She also turned her bathtub faucet and found out that her house also didn’t have water. She made phone call to her best friend, Wu Bai He saying that her house didn’t have water. Wu Bai He even asked her, did her forget to pay water bill or not. After she hung up her phone call with Wu Bai He, she heading to kitchen and opened her refrigerator, snacking few potato chips and then taking out few of big bottle of mineral waters. She washing her hair with cold water.

picture30picture31Wang Nuo goes to hospital and having a rest at shift room. Not long after he took his nap, his fellow doctors are coming too. One of the female colleague sniffing something smelly which actually the male colleague’s socks put below the pillow in which Wang Nuo used to sleep. Shocked, Wang Nuo wakes up immediately.  Beside him, Fang Wen Qin was noisily talking to Wang Nuo. He wants to get Ren Ai Zhen’s phone number. Wang Nuo refused, leaving Fang Wen Qin noisy by himself. Then he turned on the laptop which not far from there. In his mind, he wanted to have his own space and suddenly his phone ringing. There is an emergency labor, hurried he left the room.

picture32In the hotel’s kitchen all the cooks are busying. Gao Bing Bing is checking the dishes that made by her colleagues. Everyone dishes are said as good enough, passable and at the moment when the chief came in, testing all the dishes, his showed unpleasant expression. Gao Bing Bing saw the chief expression, quickly she put all good words for her colleagues, but it not calmed down the chief instead of she angrier the chief.

picture33picture34 picture35When Gao Bing Bing is talking with her chief, suddenly one of the hotel staffs called her. He said that Manager Ren looking for her and asked her to come to her office. When Gao Gao Bing came in, she greeting Manager Ren and then she spotted a man who sitting impolitely on the sofa. Directly Gao Bing Bing apologizing to Manager Ren. That man who was sitting in Manager Ren’s office is debt collector whose money being borrowed by Gao Bing Bing’s father.

picture36Gao Bing Bing asked the debt collector not to find her in her working place moreover the person that they should have looked for must her father and not her. On the contrary the debt collector back threatened Gao Gao Bing to make a chaos in her working place if she didn’t pay the debt. Gao Bing Bing didn’t fear them she even said that she going to resign so that they not even could get any cent from her anymore. Seeing the debt collector audacious attitude, Ren Ai Zhen who also a lawyer, threatened them back by saying going to sue them and even put them to jail. After the debt collector left, Gao Bing Bing apologized to Ren Ai Zhen and also bowing to express her gratitude because Ren Ai Zhen helped her.

picture1Ren Ai Zhen called Wang Nuo asking him whether he has already checked in or not in her hotel. Meanwhile, Gao Bing Bing who is sending off the security who being hit by the debt collector to the hotel’s front door, coincidentally heard two hotel staffs’ gossiping about Ren Ai Zhen’s boyfriend, a doctor who staying at one of the hotel rooms. They also said that lawyer and doctor were heavenly match. Heard this Gao Bing Bing also felt happy and wondering what kind of boyfriend she wish to have.

picture3Ren Ai Zhen who is showing the hotel room to Wang Nuo, asked him to stay in hotel and forget about the house that he bought but Wang Nuo excused that that place is near to hospital and he still prefer there to hotel. The house itself only need to be fixed little bit. Both of them didn’t have long conversation because Wang Nuo is so sleepy so that Ren Ai Zhen left him to take a rest.

picture4picture5Gao Bing Bing and Wu Bai He come to Ah Meng’s restaurant for eating tiramisu that re-created by Gao Bing Bing after last time they have tested famous Tiramisu shop. They were eating while chatting and suddenly Gao Bing Bing touched her stomach. Wu Bai He asked her what’s wrong with her. Gao Bing Bing said she just having stomached. Wu Bai He asked about her menstruation, Gao Bing Bing said it hasn’t stopped. Wu Bai He advised her to look for doctor but Gao Bing Bing said she was fine with painkiller. Being lectured by Wu Bai He finally Gao Bing Bing agreed to see doctor. Wu Bai He helped her to make an appointment with female OBGYN.

picture6The conversation changed to Bruce Li Ru Long who was Gao Bing Bing’s teacher who taught her to make dessert. Her first time joined the class, Gao Bing Bing was felt asleep, when she was sleeping, she dreamt about the man that fated to be her other half, again his face was blur but once she woke up by Bruce Li, the man’s face turned to be Bruce Li. Since then she always thinks that Bruce Li is her other half which later gave such deep impression.

picture7Wu Bai He who listened to Gao Bing Bing became pissed off and tried her to recall the moment when she was buying a leather measuring tape as bidding gift because Bruce Li would have gone to Japan but he even forgot about her and left the class. Finally Wu Bai He shook Gao Bing Bing and asked her to back to her senses.

picture8The next morning Wu Bai He is startled when woke up because of a noise alike earthquake or something hard keeps on hitting. Feeling fear she grabbed something alike message tool from the bedside and then walking out from bedroom. When she in living room, she socked to see few men are knocking the wall, rushed and asked who they were.

picture9 picture10Meanwhile Gao Bing Bing is cycling and heading to the hospital because she has made an appointed to see the OBGYN. When she in bicycle parking place, suddenly her mobile phone ringing, it was Wu Bai He’s phone call. She stopped her bicycle at beside (not yet parking her bicycle). At the same time, Wang Nuo also arrived at parking place and directly parked his bicycle.

picture11picture12When Gao Bing Bing spotted Wang Nuo parked his bicycle she complained to him why he took her parking place. But Wang Nuo didn’t feel that he took that place on contrary he questioned her what did she mean by taking her place? Gao Bing Bing speechless and when Wang Nuo just passing her, suddenly Gao Bing Bing said that she came first how could he took her spot, but Wang Nuo argued that she just was phoning, how could he knew what she wanted to do. Still in her confused state, suddenly Wu Bai He shouted from phone call which recalled Gao Bing Bing back to her sense. When Wu Bai He asked her what to do, Gao Bing Bing said to tell them that she could not move now. Wu Bai He said the owner didn’t at there only workers so no one could make a decision.

picture13In Hospital, Gao Bing Bing is waiting for her turn. Not long after, one of the nurse called her name. She came to the doctor room with the nurse. At the moment when she stepped her feet into the doctor’s room, she spotted Wang Nuo. Little nit surprised, she hurried confirmed to the nurse by asked, “Isn’t Doctor Shen Yi Le, a female?” The nurse answered her, “Doctor Shen Yi Le has something came up so she being replaced by Doctor Wang Nuo.” When Gao Bing Bing talking with the nurse, Wang Nuo has looked at her.

picture14Gao Bing Bing is talking by herself regarding the parking place incident which heard by Wang Nuo. Wang Nuo just cut off her and asked what’s wrong with her? She trying to explain her condition but felt uncomfortable to talk about her menstruation to Wang Nuo who is male. Gao Bing Bing wanted to cancel her appointment but the nurse stopped and told her that her face bit pale better to let the doctor check on her condition.

picture15Then Gao Bing Bing talked about her condition. She said that she has already had her period more than week and then it quite heavy. Not yet stopped. Wang Nuo asked whether she felt cramp or not. She answered yes. but she didn’t know whether it because her period or because her working time that let her standing for long hours. Wang Nuo asked to do ultrascan.

picture20picture16Gao Bing Bing little bit scared with ultrascan. Moreover she also felt awkward because the doctor who handling her is Wang Nuo. But the awkwardness little bit melt when Wang Nuo showed her uterus’s picture. She looked so astonish but very soon felt irritated because Wang Nuo said in her thirties she had nanny’s uterus. Also Wang Nuo wanted to do endoscope, so that he asked her whether she has sexual experience or not since it didn’t written in her records. Gao Bing Bing didn’t want to be underestimated by Wang Nuo so that she said yes.

picture17But at the moment when she saw the tool, she bit shocked and the more shocking was when the nurse told her that Wang Nuo going to check on her. Immediately Gao Bing Bing screamed no, she didn’t want to do it.

picture18Gao Bing Bing was on her phone when she went out. By coincidentally Wang Nuo was walking behind her. Her didn’t mean to eavesdrop, he heard that Gao Bing Bing is intended to do night shift. Not long after that, Wang Nuo’s phone also ringing. There was an emergency case so that he hurried rushing to ER.

picture19Wang Nuo and Shen Yi Le were heading to ER. Inside there was a pregnant woman who seemed to be incident victim. When Wang Nuo and Shen Yi Le checking on her condition, suddenly one of the nurses came to inform that the woman’s husband has passed away. Shen Yi Le hinting Wang Nuo not to tell the woman when the woman asked about her husband. They just said that his condition still unknown and also suggest to have premature birth. Wang Nuo also told the woman to focus and care about her child labor first.

picture21picture24picture25On the opposite, Gao Bing Bing who just took her medicine was waiting in front of elevator. When she was waiting, there was a patient who coming over and standing near her. Suddenly that man touched her butt which surprised Gao Bing Bing. It seen by Wang Nuo and hurried he rushing to them and caught the patient. He also called the security guards to secure the man. This scene seen by Shen Yi Le. After the patient taken by the security guard, Wang Nuo before he left he said to Gao Bing Bing to have a rest with flat lie and also didn’t allow her to go to work. Then Wang Nuo left followed by Shen Yi Le who asked him, “Is she your friend?” ” No a patient.” Wang Nuo answered.

picture26picture27 picture28Wang Nuo heading to the nursery room. He coming near to the baby which just born. He talked many things to the baby such as its father has passed away so that it should grow healthy and stronger and protect its mother and blabla….
Few of the nurses praised Wang Nuo as warm doctor. When he talking with the baby, he looked so gentle and sweet.

picture29Gao Bing Bing replaced his colleague for shift night. She is cooking fried rice in the kitchen and while she cooking she remembered the things that happened when she was a little girl regarding the fried rice which is still cooked by her.

picture30 picture31 picture32 picture33When she was a little girl there was an auntie that taught her how to make a fried rice so that she would be able to make fried rice whenever she feel hungry. Relying on her memory, she re-created the fried rice again. When she done, her mobile phone ringing and she left her fried rice. Suddenly one of the hotel staff coming in and thought that was a fried rice that ordered by their hotel’s customer. So that he just took Gao Bing Bing’s fried rice.

picture35 picture36 picture37It turned out the fried rice was ordered by Wang Nuo. When Wang Nuo wanted to eat the fried rice, he stunned for moment, looked at the fried rice and he reminiscing his past.

picture38Because the fried rice that ate by Wang Nuo exactly like his mom’s made, he asked the hotel kitchen to make the fried rice again. He went to kitchen together with Ren Ai Zhen. Sadly, the re-make fried rice wasn’t same alike the first one he taste. So disappointed! Wang Nuo left kitchen after he asked few questions to the cook.

picture39At night, Wang Nuo and Ren Ai Zhen were jogging together. Not long after that, Wang Nuo wanted to go back to his room, while Ren Ai Zhen trying to hint him to send her home but Wang Nuo very good to dodge with his answer.

picture40 picture41 picture42Wang Nuo back to his room and immediately he dashed to his laptop and called Juliet. Meanwhile, Gao Bing Bing is in internet cafe has been waiting for Romeo. Then both of them are starting to play their game. As usual after both of them done with battle, they are going to have little bit chit chat.
Romeo : Miss Ju, During night you are not sleeping, But also working?
Juliet    : Miss Ju wants to say but cannot. Then what is your work?
Romeo : Life, service line.
Juliet    : Are you a doctor?
Romeo : Not bad.
Juliet    : Miss Ju is scared but pretended not to be.
Romeo : What to be afraid of? Your prince charming will see you in your dream.
Juliet    : You are right. Let me send you three kisses.
Romeo : Juliet.
Juliet    : What?
Romeo : In this world, I really admire people like you.
Juliet    : What type of people?
Romeo : The pink bubble brain….Silly girl.
After Wang Nuo bid good bye with Juliet, he spoke to himself that Juliet indeed such interesting person.

picture43Next Morning in Hotel
The man who doing the renovation for Wang Nuo is coming to send a document which needing Wang Nuo’s sign. When Wang Nuo is busy reading the document, that man keeps on looking the surrounded and little bit noisy by asking about the fee of Hotel room. Wang Nuo not really mind with that man and just sign the document so that man could hurry leave. When the man was about leaving, Ren Ai Zhen was coming to pick Wang Nuo. They were heading to their hometown for Wang Zhen’s death anniversary (Real Wang Nuo).

picture44 picture45 picture46 picture47Both of them are sitting on the big rock facing to sea. Wang Nuo is pouring red wine and then said few things. And then both of them is talking about past things. Reminiscing few thing before Wang Zhen passed away. Whenever Ren Ai Zhen talked about past and brought the topic about their childhood, Wang Nuo would feel uncomfortable because the person Ren Ai Zhen talked is perfectly different. Wang Nuo (Older brother) was the person who death while the one who standing in front of her is Wang Zhen (Younger brother) who should live by shouldering two people’s life. After a simple chit-chat, Wang Nuo said to Ren Ai Zhen that he wanted to have private talked to his twins in seaside. Wang Nuo’s memories, Flash back to 15 years ago…

picture48 picture4915 Years ago….
Wang Nuo and Wang Zhen were swimming in the sea. But somewhat only Wang Zhen who live (mistaken as Wang Nuo from his swimming trunk). While real Wang Nuo went missing. Wang Zhen was lost his conscious. his mother kept on asking him to be strong and stay alive.

picture1Back to present time.
Wang Nuo (real Wang Zhen ) taking look at room which he used during his teenager.

picture2After taking look around, Wang Nuo went out from the room after he has little bit conversation with Ren Ai Zhen about their childhood including Wang Zhen. Wang Nuo heading to the dinning table. His father had done cooking all the dishes. They were eating while talking about past when Wang Zhen lived. When father Wang (Wang Nuo and Wang Zhen’s father) talking about Wang Zhen’s anniversary death, suddenly Ren Ai Zhen asked did Father Wang know how to cook fried rice which used to be made by Mother Wang. Unfortunately, that signature dish of Mother Wang, Father Wang also didn’t know how to make it so he could not help Ren Ai Zhen.

picture3Father Wang wanted to drink beer but stopped by Wang Nuo. He complained that when he was young he didn’t have money so could not buy thing he wanted but now after he getting old and had money, he could not eat whatever he wants moreover he should take a notice about his dietary. Then Ren Ai Zhen asked why didn’t he sell his eel pond and then moving to Taipei. Quickly he replied, He wanted to live freely, didn’t want to be controlled. Moreover he talked little bit about the eel pond, at the beginning Father and Mother Wang wanted to let Wang Zhen to inherit the eel pond because he didn’t like study very different with Wang Nuo. When they were in the middle of conversation, suddenly Wang Nuo’s mobile phone ringing. It seemed there was an emergency case. Father Wang hurried Wang Nuo to go back to hospital. Before leaving, Wang Nuo handed over Father Wang’s monthly medicine that he should take daily.

picture4 picture5Seeing Wang Nuo handed over all the medicine in pack to Father Wang, Ren Ai Zhen said that she would have taken a small box container to put the medicine so that Father Wang going to be more easily to eat his medicine. Father Wang praised Ren Ai Zhen to be so considerate also at same time he was signaling Wang Nuo to marry Ren Ai Zhen since he going to be so happy if Ren Ai Zhen could be his daughter in law. But Wang Nuo didn’t take it seriously moreover he trying to avoid it by quickly leaving.

picture6 picture7 picture8Meanwhile, on the way to go back to hospital, Wang Nuo bumped into Gao Bing Bing who was heading to Wang’s house in order to get the secret recipe of their sauce. She was ordered by Chief to steal the recipe. At the beginning, Gao Bing Bing didn’t agree but she kept being shouted by her Chief. So she obediently, coming to Wang’s house. Gao Bing Bing’s mobile phone fell into the pond when Wang Nuo bumped into her. Hurriedly, she jumped into the pond to search for her mobile phone, she angrily said, ” How can you walk away after bumped into someone?” Heard by Wang Nuo, he turned and took a look at Gao Bing Bing who was still in pond. Surprised, Gao Bing Bing asked Wang Nuo to help her search her mobile phone. When Wang Nuo tried to help her out by giving his hand, Gao Bing Bing nagging that every times she met Wang Nuo, many unlucky things happened to her, such as if not meeting a pervert, her mobile phone fell. Listened to Gao Bing Bing’s nagging, quickly Wang Nuo drawn back his hand and left Gao Bing Bing alone.

picture9 picture10At night, Gao Bing Bing (Juliet) and Wang Nuo/Wang Zhen (Romeo) were playing game and having a chit chat.

picture11At night when Father Wang sleeping, Wang Nuo came. Inside the room, Wang Nuo was separating Father Wang’s medicines into small box container. Father Wang woke up, asking why Wang Nuo came back again at late night. Wang Nuo said he just came back to send an extra pair of glasses and also separated the medicines so it would ease Father Wang.

picture12Father Wang asked Wang Nuo did he stay at Ai Zhen’s hotel. He answered yes because his house still remodeling and also asked Father Wang to visit when the house is done. Then Father Wang said,  “You have house, car, money. You have all. It will be great if you have wife and also child by that way, I could peaceful to make a report to your mother who in heaven.” Wang Nuo said he didn’t allow Father Wang because he didn’t want to be an orphan. For the N times Father Wang brought up the topic about Ren Ai Zhen which also for the N times replied by Wang Nuo that he only thought her as his younger sister.

picture13Morning, Kelly Hotel
The Man who doing Wang Nuo’s house renovation is coming to do check in. This man only wanted to have rest for few hours but the front receptionists refused because they only charge the room for staying a day / night. They didn’t have few hours services (alike cheap motel tariff). Angrily the Man brought up about Wang Nuo who stayed at room 1526 saying that he also brought little sister (slang for prostitute) and questioning why he could not do so. The front receptionist only can apologize that they could not help him. The man conversation with the front receptionist, by coincidentally heard by Gao Bing Bing. Angrily that man left with his ‘little sister’.

picture14Meanwhile in the hotel room, Wang Nuo is ordering a fried rice to kitchen. He wanted to eat a fried rice that same with the one he ate last week. But the kitchen apologizing to him that they didn’t have a fried rice which he meant. But stubbornly Wang Nuo said that he had eaten the fried rice. Again by accidentally, Gao Bing Bing heard Wang Nuo conversation in telephone about ‘fried rice’ when she looking for cleaning service auntie to ask a cream for burning skin.

picture15Gao Bing Bing expression changed to be weird when she heard Wang Nuo mentioned about “I want to have fried rice” which mistook by Gao Bing Bing as ‘I want to have a sex’. This made Gao Bing Bing showed disgusting expression. When Gao Bing Bing wanted to hear more, suddenly the cleaning service auntie called her name, startled her and the more shocking was Wang Nuo opened his door room and caught Gao Bing Bing eavesdropping. It just added the atmosphere became more awkward.


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  1. This show is super fun. I don’t want to say too much here for fear of spoiling others, but it’s definitely a show worth checking out. Looking forward to your recaps.

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