My Silly Girl 1.3


Chapter 1

What Kind Of Person He Is

Part 3 (Three)

Later she found out, she is not only to bestow to Wen Ze as give back, but at same time to be place for Luo Family as life rope to rely and also support. Wen Ze would make up and filled the empty of Luo Group at same time lighten Luo Bing Heng punishment, and later Luo Group will be part of Lang Hua.

Wen Ze is Wen Ze, deserved to be called as Mystical Youngster who able to revive Lang Hua business, he starting to understand, the problems facing by Luo Group was due to Luo Bing Heng one time mistake which lead to crisis, once this hole closed by Lang Hua, it will have infinite opportunity from internal.

Luo Group just gotten United States LK Group franchise contract. This franchise contract could be said as valuable treasure toward Wen Ze, it could help Lang Hua to fully occupy China Market and then as further to extend it into overseas.

Actually, since the day she knew she going to marry Wen Ze it only left one month, she never met this future husband of hers, perhaps, because he is so busy, perhaps, he still wanted to enjoy his days as single man…..
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Within this one month, she was busying went to hospital taking care of her father who is still in bailed. She and her stepmother decided to keep this from her father.

Only wish everything went smoothly, Father could go through an enormous pressure whether from his physical and also his spiritual.

Later in the future Luo Family only could rely on Wen Ze support, the rumor spreading at outside said that, Luo Bing Heng is a fishy smell of shrimp pot of soup in the future Luo Family would alike leech sucking Lang Hua dry.

Facing this kind of rumor Wen Ze didn’t say anything, also didn’t want to accept any interview from media….
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Luo Shang Er flickered her eyes to see across.

Wen Ze still sitting comfortably on that square sofa by reading financial magazine, his appearance so elegant. He half lowered head, he has thick eyebrows.

From this point of view, his face is gentle and warm, he has high nose, a few strands of hair draped over his smooth forehead, long and slender fingers which flipping the magazine pages, he is wearing western suit and also leather shoes. His back leaning on sofa, naturally her train of thought thinking about tomorrow matter when she will sign marriage certificate and end this man status as diamond bachelor seemed bit different.

Luo Shang Er could not resist, she broke the silent atmosphere, she said: “Wen… Mr. Wen.”

Wen Ze lifted his head, little bit weird.

After many years of today, she was finally able to see him. The fine line on his face are deep, but not rigid, it giving the feeling of indifference, even though bit distance, but she still could find, his bright eyes alike deep lake as if having magic to suck people to get in.

After all she not daring to look onto his eyes, too hocked.

Wen Ze cleared his throat: “You called me at once, too mess up. More closeness and call me once again.” This words just out by that way.

Lu Shang Er also not that nervous anymore, she leaned forward slightly and asked: “You, why do you want to marry me?”

Wen Ze seemed not though she would ask this question, hesitated, little bit serious: “I have been so busy with my works, around my age seems should have family, since there’s someone offered, then I just accepted it.”

Luo Shang Er incredibly said: “Both of us never had any conversation before, how could you know what kind of girl I am?” this kind of reason is too forceful, perhaps could be said as—–absurd.

Wen Ze smiled, once again she saw that pair of eyes which looked alike deep lake. He put down the magazine on his hand, looked at her: “So what? There are many couple who loved each other, but still hard to hold hand forever.”

He looked perfectly serious: “Person alike me, good bet. As you said that I don’t know what kind of girl you are, actually aren’t you so.” Luo Shang Er saw Wen Ze shaking his head, profound meaning: “Perhaps I have known earlier….”
© 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

She questioned, but didn’t continue to ask, because Auntie Xu has already said the food served.

She thought: actually, what kind of man he is?


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