Recap : Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) Ep 3

picture26Another interesting episode of Behind Your Smile. The story is moving along so fast and yet time is developing Zhao Yi Ting and Lei Xin Yu relationship and reveals the characters. Zhao Yi Ting started his character as someone nice and hero who always showing up whenever Lei Xin Yu in trouble but actually he has motives to do so moreover everything that happened to Lei Xin Yu was planning by him. Naive Lei Xin Yu who sees everything in simple, get trapped into spider web which made by Zhao Yi Ting, but still being able to keep pure her heart and also do not change her kindness.

Previous episode, Lei Xin Yu was brought by prosecutor after being reported by Tang Qian Ni who hated her for long time.

Here the recap:

picture1After Lei Xin Yu being taken by the prosecutor for investigating regarded Lin Man’s case. Zhao Yi Ting is sitting on his office, reading his document while his assistant looked so nervous standing in front of him. Zhao Yi Ting asked him what he wanted to ask and directly his assistant spoke, “How the prosecutor found out Miss Lei working in cafe? Did Miss Tang do it?” Zhao Yi Ting nodding and said perhaps. Furthermore Zhao Yi Ting never thought that Tang Qian Ni could do thing to this further such as reporting Lei Xin Yu.
Shi Huan also asked would Zhao Yi Ting help Lei Xin Yu? Zhao Yi Ting said he would but not now. He wanted Lei Xin Yu to feel cold enough and then she going to feel his warm.

picture2 picture3Night time, Lei Xin Yu is still being investigated by the prosecutor and almost fell asleep while the prosecutor has been so tired. When the prosecutor asked Lei Xin Yu to speak for the N times she answered him that she wanted to have lawyer. The prosecutor didn’t let her because he excused that Lei Xin Yu is not accused but only someone who related to the accuser. She is coming to be witness. As time passed the prosecutor is being fiercer to Lei Xin Yu. While Lei Xin Yu still affirmed with her answer that she didn’t know anything. At the moment when Lei Xin Yu kept being cornered, she glanced at time which show eleven past, she said to the investigator that she refused to have night-time interrogation and then she also said to the prosecutor that she has this right.

picture4In other place, Zhao Yi Ting standing in his room facing the swimming pool while recalling his conversation in car with Lei Xin Yu not long ago. He had said to Lei Xin Yu whenever she got in trouble, she could ask his help and he kept on looking his mobile phone, as if he waiting for Lei Xin Yu to call him.

picture5In police station, Lei Xin Yu is put into temporary jail. She is sitting while her thoughts running wildly in her mind. Recalling all the accusations that said by the prosecutor when she was being interrogated. When she still lost in her train of thoughts, crying because thinking of her mother, suddenly someone entered the same jail with her. Lei Xin Yu looked at her with her redden eyes, the woman who just came in is looked so fierce, afraid Lei Xin Yu shrinking her body closer to the jail bar.

picture6 picture7 picture8 picture9That woman who just came in named Wu Shan Dong. She was being cheated by her boyfriend and made her to be a scapegoat. Lei Xin Yu silently looked at Wu Shan Dong who being so noisy inside the bar. Not long after the police officer shouted at Wu Shan Dong, asked her to keep quiet. Tang Qian Ni made her sudden visit, looking for Lei Xin Yu who inside the bar.

picture1picture2Lei Xin Yu is surprised to see Tang Qian Ni who showed her cooky and arrogant face. Tang Qian Ni didn’t come to help Lei Xin Yu but to laugh at her and criticized her. She even asked Lei Xin Yu to beg her so that she could consider to help her out from the bar. But, this is refused by Lei Xin Yu. Wu Shan Dong who is also inside, feeling irritated withe Tang Qian Ni’s attitude, Wu Shan Dong stood up and threatened Tang Qian Ni. At other place Zhao Yi Ting still waiting for Lei Xin Yu phone call.

picture3Next morning, Lei Xin Yu woke up and found out that Wu Shan Dong has used her coat to cover Lei Xin Yu. Slowly Lei Xin Yu stood up and put back the coat to Wu Shan Dong who is still sleeping. Lei Xin Yu quite shocked when her eyes caught Zhao Yi Ting standing in front of the bar, facing her after she covered Wu Shan Dong.

picture4She smiled at Zhao Yi Ting who showing mixed up expression. And then the police officer opened the door and let Lei Xin Yu to get out. Still not believe that she really can get out, Lei Xin Yu asked the police officer to confirm. When Zhao Yi Ting wanted to leave, suddenly Lei Xin Yu stopped him. She asked Zhao Yi Ting to help the woman inside the bar too. She reasoning that the woman was taking blame behalf of her boyfriend. When Zhao Yi Ting heard her excused, his showed impatient expression. Lei Xin Yu afraid Zhao Yi Ting not going to help out so she said that she going to settle the money, using the money from selling her branded clothes before. Immediately Zhao Yi Ting cut her off and asked his lawyer to settle the case.

picture5 picture6 In front of the police station, Shi Huan has been waiting for Zhao Yi Ting and Lei Xin Yu. When Lei Xin Yu thanked Zhao Yi Ting again, suddenly Zhao Yi Ting showed little bit anger expression and turned to look at Lei Xin Yu asked why didn’t she call her. Lei Xin Yu said that she and Zhao Yi Ting neither relative nor close friend. Then Zhao Yi Ting argued about Wu Shan Dong that Lei Xin Yu helped before. Naively Lei Xin Yu said that Wu Shan Dong looked that she needing a help. Impatiently Zhao Yi Ting lectured Lei Xin Yu said that the person who needed a help was her, the person who should call him must her and didn’t she say that both of them are friend. Zhao Yi Ting questioned her why didn’t she call him, She said she was afraid she going to cause trouble for him.  Zhao Yi Ting pissed of said that he was waiting for her call but on contrary Lei Xin Yu just smiled looking at him which made Zhao Yi Ting more confused with her.

picture7picture8Lei Xin Yu said that she wasn’t smile because she happy but she was full of hope. She said the day when her mommy’s company in trouble she was walking in the street, penniless. Didn’t have money and also had no idea what to do, she definitely in doomed. Didn’t know what to do for the next day, however Zhao Yi Ting and Xiao Yue showed up. All of them aren’t knowing each other. But Zhao Yi Ting and Jian Xiao Yue helped her. She also said about Wu Shan Dong (the woman who prison in same bar) both of them weren’t knowing each other but that woman knew she was cold she even covered her with her jacket. Lei Xin Yu for once again said because of them she believed there’s still hope in this world.

picture9When Zhao Yi Ting brought up about Lin Man, immediately Lei Xin Yu expression changed. She said that she believed her mommy isn’t a bad person so that she would not sell her mother if she knew about her mother. Zhao Yi Ting sneered when Lei Xin Yu said people might misunderstand about her mother. Then their conversation changed. Zhao Yi Ting asked Lei Xin Yu would she back to work in Tang Qian Ni’s cafe. She said perhaps she is not going to be able back anymore. Then he offered her to work with him.

picture10In office, Shi Huan followed at Zhao Yi Ting back. Shi Huan asked Zhao Yi Ting why he let Lei Xin Yu to work with him. Zhao Yi Ting said rather than telling her what kind of person her mother was better for her to find it by herself.

picture11At Home, Jian Xiao Yue is busying herself to play with her toy frog. She is stressed out because Lei Xin Yu didn’t come home. When Jian Xiao Yue still nagging suddenly she heard Lei Xin Yu’s sound. She looked at the door way, she saw Lei Xin Yu happily coming in. She asked her with frustrated tone, when had she been? She was so worried about her because she didn’t come home for the entire night. Lei Xin Yu apologized, she didn’t know her phone ringing because she was in police station the day before. Jian Xiao Yu surprised when she heard Lei Xin Yu said she was at police station.

picture12 picture13Sitting on sofa, Jian Xiao Yu asked Lei Xin Yu why she didn’t call her when she was at police station. Still with smiling face, Lei Xin Yu held Jian Xiao Yu, she said she afraid Jian Xiao Yue would drag into. At moment Jian Xiao Yue anger disappeared. She even cooked Lei Xin Yu a totter vermicelli to celebrate she didn’t lose her life. When Jian Xiao Yue asked how Lei Xin Yu got out, she answered her that Zhou Yi ting helped her out.

picture15picture14At night, Lei Xin Yu was startled because of Jian Xiao Yue. She was still so sleepy when Jian Xiao Yue talking to her. Jian Xiao Yue just one to confirm once more time did Lei Xin Yu really need to work in Zhao Yi Ting’s company. Lei Xin Yu said she didn’t have any option because she wanted to contribute paying the rent fee. Moreover it going to be hard for her to find other job because many people knew about her now. So working in Zhao Yi Ting’s company might the best option.

picture16In the morning, Lei Xin Yu coming to Zhao Yi Ting’s place. When she arrived, she quite surprised because almost all the building is belonged to Zhao Yi Ting.

picture17 picture18 picture19When Lei Xin Yu met Zhao Yi Ting in his office, she asked him was she going to work at building, he said no and then he asked her to follow him out. While inside car, Lei Xin Yu asked Zhao Yi Ting would he abandon her again like last time he did to her. Zhao Yi Ting smiled said nothing and then Lei Xin Yu asked him, could she not get down from car, Zhao Yi Ting unbuckle his safety belt and got down from car. He said that he not going to abandon her, but Lei Xin Yu still feared because last time he indeed left her. He laughed her and then asked her to wait for him because he needed to talk to someone inside the farm .

picture20After Lei Xin Yu saw Zhao Yi Ting left, her eyes spotted a sign board written : Nameless Farm.

picture21picture22 picture23 picture24Zhao Yi Ting comes to small wooden wood which is the farm office post. He took a seat while waiting the person. Meanwhile, Lei Xin Yu was touring the farm by herself. She looked so excited and when her eyes spotted one of the wooden door open, she coming near to close but at the moment her hand touched it, there was a siren sound. Immediately Pan Yu Nan and Zhong Qian Ren rushed. Lei Xin Yu was panicking when she heard the loud siren sound. She even more shocked when Pan Yu Nan and Zhong Qian Ren rushed toward her and called her as thief. When Zhong Qian Ren wanted to grab on Lei Xin Yu, incidentally she fell down and at the moment when Zhong Qian Ren saw Lei Xin Yu, he recognized her as the girl he met not long ago who was a victim of domestic violent.

picture25 picture26Lei Xin Yu’s foot is sprained, Zhong Qian Ren worried helped to check her wound. At the moment when  Pan Yun Nan said that she going to call police, immediately Zhong Qian Ren and Lei Xin Yu stopped her in unison. Lei Xin Yu was having trouble to stand up by herself because her foot sprain little bit. Without talking much, Zhong Qian Ren hurried put her on his shoulder followed by Pan Yu Nan who still nagging at him. Since Zhong Qian Ren carrying her in uncomfortable way, Lei Xin Yu asked him to get her down. Realized, hurried Zhong Qian Ren changed the position of carrying her.

picture27Zhong Qian Ren carrying Lei Xin Yu to his office. When he entered his office he spotted Zhao Yi Ting, immediately his smiling face disappeared at the moment he saw Zhao Yi Ting. Still carrying Lei Xin Yu, Zhong Qian Ren asked why did he come to his place. Pan Yu Nan’s expression also changed when she saw Zhao Yi Ting.

picture28 picture29Zhao Yi Ting explained his coming to the farm to talk about the dairy farm matter. And after Pan Yu Nan looked Lei Xin Yu closely she recognized her as Lin Man’s daughter. At the moment when she said, “Lin Man’s daughter.” an instantaneously Zhong Qian Ren put her down, causing Lei Xin Yu fell down. Zhong Qian Ren pulled Zhao Yi Ting out and have conversation with him at outside. Leaving Pan Yu Nan and Lei Xin Yu inside the room.

picture30Zhong Qian Ren questioned Zhao Yi Ting decision to bring Lei Xin Yu to farm. Zhou Yi Ting easily told him that his coming for dairy farm assessment, but Zhong Qian Ren was so angry when he knew Zhao Yi Ting purposely brought Lei Xin Yu.  Zhou Yi Ting didn’t say much he only said he had reason for it. Suddenly Zhong Qian Ren recalled the first time when he met Lei Xin Yu, he asked Zhao Yi Ting, did he plan it too? Zhao Yi Ting smiled.

picture31Inside the office Lei Xin Yu who sat not far from Pan Yu Nan, trying to have conversation with Pan Yu Nan, asking her whether they knew Zhao Yi Ting or not? But Most of time Pan Yu Nan ignored her. When Lei Xin Yu asked Pan Yu Nan did she hate her, Pan Yu Nan answered her was it obvious. Lei Xin Yu thought Pan Yu Nan perhaps mistook her as thief. But Pan Yu Nan said she knew that Lei Xin Yu wasn’t a thief but since she is Lin Man’s daughter then she is worse than thief.

Lei Xin Yu came closer to Pan Yu Nan and asked her whether she also invested her money in Lin Man’s company, but Pan Yu Nan gave her more shocking answered. She said cheating investors money wasn’t the only bad thing that Lin Man did. When Pan Yu Nan wanted to say more, suddenly Zhong Qian Ren cut her off.

picture32Seeing Zhong Qian Ren, Lei Xin Yu’s eyes beaming happily, when she talked about the outer cloth and shoes that Zhong Qian Ren borrowed her before, Zhong Qian Ren looked so angry. The way Zhong Qian Ren looked at her also changed to be different.

On the way going home, Lei Xin Yu was lost in her train of thoughts. She recalled the memory when she being interrogated by the prosecutor, the incident when she hit by the demonstrates, the words that Pan Yu Nan said before and also what Zhao Yi Ting said to her the other day. All were repeating in her head.

picture33 picture34 picture35Tang Qian Ni looked unhappily when she got out from the police station. And then angrily she came to Zhao Yi Ting’s. when she arrived, there was only Shi Huan inside the office room. Tang Qian Ni asked Shi Huan where was Zhao Yi Ting. Shi Huan said Zhao Yi Ting wasn’t in office which just flared up Tang Qian Ni more and as the result, Tang Qian Ni venting out all her anger to Shi Huan. As additional when Tang Qian Ni knew that Zhao Yi Ting bailed out Lei Xin Yu, giving her new job and personally giving her tour to her new working place, she was extremely angry.

picture36 picture37At Jian Xiao Yu’s house
Jian Xiao Yu was lying down on sofa while reciting her dialogue. Suddenly her house’s bell ringing. The person who called was Tang Qian Ni. At the moment when Tang Qian Ni entered, she has made many complaints about the house. Jian Xiao Yue asked Tang Qian Ni to take off her shoes but Tang Qian Ni ignored her and directly sat to the chair which not far from place where she was standing. Jian Xiao Yue almost lost her patience and said that 50% chaebol is trusted and reliable while the other 50% is disgusting and bad. While Tang Qian Ni was the last type, the disgusting and also bad one. Tang Qian Ni nonchalantly asked Jian Xiao Yue how many chaebol she knew.

picture38Just in time, when Jian Xiao Yue wanted to answer, she spotted Lei Xin Yu. At the moment when Tang Qian Ni saw Zhao Yi Ting helped to support Lei Xin Yu, her expression was shocked and then angry but three of them, Zhao Yi Ting, Jian Xiao Yue and Lei Xin Yu seemed not realized there was Tang Qian Ni, this person inside the room. There of them were busying with Lei Xin Yu’s injury.

picture39 picture40 picture41Seeing the scene, Tang Qian Ni finally flared up, stood up she called Zhao Yi Ting. Zhao Yi Ting didn’t show any reaction except smiled and asked her why she coming to Jian Xiao Yue’s place. But Tang Qian Ni questioned back Zhao Yi Ting why was he with Lei Xin Yu. Zhao Yi Ting said that he helped his injured worker which only made Tang Qian Ni getting angrier. Seeing the reaction shown by Zhao Yi Ting, it only made Tang Qian Ni even feeling more hopeless.

picture42 picture43Before Zhao Yi Ting left Jian Xiao Yue’s house he said to Tang Qian Ni meanier her to Lei Xin Yu then he would be nicer to her. Inside left Tang Qian Ni, Jian Xiao Yue and Lei Xin Yu. As if everything hasn’t ended, Tang Qian Ni starting to pick a fight with Lei Xin Yu in front of Jian Xiao Yue. But Jian Xiao Yue would not let Tang Qian Ni to bully Lei Xin Yu in front of her. She even provoking Tang Qian Ni saying that there was nothing with Lei Xin Yu if Zhao Yi Ting didn’t want Tang Qian Ni. The stubborn Tang Qian Ni finally said that she just wanted to vent everything toward Lei Xin Yu and even threatened Lei Xin Yu that she has many ways to torture her. Then she left.

picture45 picture46At Chairman Tang’s place.
Chairman Tang was talking to one of his employees and suddenly Tang Qian Ni barging into room. Chairman Tang notice his treasure daughter was in bad mood so that he asked his employee to leave first. After his employee left, Chairman asked his daughter why she coming at his office. Tang Qian Ni not directly answered her father question, instead of she asking her Uncle Qing (one of Chairman Tang’s confidant). But Chairman Tang simply said that Uncle Qing has retired and at same time he could she that his daughter is angered because of Zhao Yi Ting. The anger Tang Qian Ni said everything to her father such as Zhao Yi Ting who concerned with Lei Xin Yu, also Zhao Yi Ting’s viewed about love and blablabla….
Rather than siding to Tang Qian Ni, Chairman Tang looked so relax. Finally he advised his daughter to be more impatient when dealing with Zhao Yi Ting or else both of them would only end up with fighting.

picture47Meanwhile in Jian Xiao Yue’s place
Lei Xin Yu was lost in her thought while folding clothes with Jian Xiao Yue. It was cleared that she afraid that Tang Qian Ni going to hurt Jian Xiao Yue or other people who close to her. Jian Xiao Yue tried to comfort Lei Xin Yu.

Jian Xiao Yue is prepared for her casting. When she is about heading out, Lei Xin Yu called her to have breakfast. After Jian Xiao Yue took few bites she saw her clock, and hurried she going out, saying that she almost late.

picture49picture50Zhao Yi Ting office room
Tang Qian Ni is coming to Zhao Yi Ting’s office room. When Zhao Yi Ting saw Tang Qian Ni, he has warned her not to throw tantrum in his office. Tang Qian Ni told Zhao Yi Ting she was not coming to throw tantrum on contrary she said she was trying to understand whatever done by Zhao Yi Ting. Tang Qian Ni’s attitude little bit surprised Zhao Yi Ting but he never took her seriously. Since Tang Qian Ni has soften, Zhao Yi Ting also didn’t make thing hard for her.

picture51picture52picture53picture54picture55At casting location.
Jian Xiao Yue was waiting fir her turn and also memorizing her dialogue. When she was memorizing, slowly Lei Xin Yu coming closer to her. She little bit surprised to see Lei Xin Yu but at the moment Lei Xin Yu showed her the white one piece dress which not sold by Lei Xin Yu, she startled. Lei Xin Yu asked her to change.Not long after that Jian Xiao Yue has changed her clothes to that white dress. Lei Xin Yu happily smile and said she’s beautiful. When Jian Xiao Yue’s name being called, she asked Lei Xin Yu to wait for her. Jian Xiao Yue was doing very good at the beginning until one of the people who joined the audition shouted Lei Xin Yu as Lin Man’s daughter then the casting place turned into chaos.

picture56Jian Xiao Yue pulling Lei Xin Yu and together both of them were running out from the casting place. At the moment when they have run quite far, Jian Xiao Yue starting to regret her action. Seeing Jian Xiao Yue, Lei Xin Yu felt guilty and secretly she hide from Jian Xiao Yue. At the moment when Jian Xiao Yue turned she didn’t see Lei Xin Yu anymore, hurried she looked for Lei Xin Yu along the streets.

picture57 picture58Meanwhile Zhao Yi Ting standing facing the window from his office, when he saw Shi Huan, he asked about Lei Xin Yu, had she arrived or not. Shi Huan said not. Shi Huan also wanted to talk about his opinion regarding Lei Xin Yu and also Tang Qian Ni. Due to him, if Zhao Yi Ting didn’t take good care of the matter, things perhaps gone bad. Not long after that Lei Xin Yu came to Zhao Yi Ting’s office. Shi Huan took his leave and leaving Lei Xin Yu alone with Zhao Yi Ting. When Lei Xin Yu still talking with Zhao Yi Ting, suddenly Shi Huan called Zhao Yi Ting’s phone and said that Jian Xiao Yue came and looking for him he even added Jian Xiao Yue said it was urgent.

My Thought:
This drama turned out to be getting more interesting and for sure the fourth episode going to be more interesting because I want to see Zhao Yi Ting lost control and the reason why?

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