TFBOYS王源赴联合国青年论坛 – TFBOYS Roy Wang Joined United Nations Youth Forum

Wang YuanNot long ago, one of the TFBOYS members Roy Wang Yuan was coming to United Nations Headquarter in New York on 30 January 2017 as Chinese Representative to join the forum that organized by United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC Youth Forum 2017) which held on 31 January, on behalf of the Chinese Youth to speak in English to the International Forum in order to show the Chinese’s Teens idol spirit. Roy Wang Yuan is not only the first Chinese Youth Idol who is being invited by UN, and also the first world Youth idol that being invited to speak in International Forum.

Wang Yuan

It is quite surprising to have Youth Idol Roy Wang Yuan to attend Youth UN

The ECOSOC Youth Forum 2017 would be held two days from 30 – 31 January in America capital city, New York, including the high ministerial level for round table,to provide an opportunity for each youth leaders from around the world to have interact and also to be a policy-makers in the United Nations Headquarter located in New York. During the forum, all the delegates will discuss how the young people can contribute for ‘The Sustainable Development Agenda in 2030’ and its 17 sustainable development goals, also to express their views on topic such as health, education, gender equality and environmental protection.

Wang Yuan

Roy Wang Yuan as one of TFBOYS members who born in 2000 before coming to Youth United Nations Forum has already submitted collection of activities for ‘image of 2030’ such as individual paintings that reposted more than four million, being actively to advocate around a large number of friends and also fans to concern about participating in United Nations goals for sustainable development. Roy Wang Yuan as the public figure has a strong influence and also social responsibility which arouse United Nations concerned about China’s system. This is the first time to have a collaboration with Youth Idol, toward Roy Wang Yuan’s attitude, United Nations has done more than one month observation, at the time when UN brought up about 17 sustainable goals, Wang Yuan is chosen to focus about ‘Education Quality’, after several contacts with Wang Yuan, The United Nations understood and affirmed the leadership and Charm of Roy Wang Yuan, furthermore the staff members were more enthusiastic regarding the idea of ’00 Generation’ Idol of ‘Fan Circles’. Due to Roy Wang Yuan outstanding performance and contribution for ‘image of 2030’ United Nations officially sent out an invitation through UN system in China as recommended representative to New York, and also as the first Chinese Idol star that invited to attend United Nations Youth Forum.

Wang YuanRoy Wang Yuan speaking English caught the attention of world as the modest and generosity of Chinese Youth.

Wang YuanTwo days of the forum Roy Wang Yuan was wearing formal suit, calm and confident, not only coming early to join UN practice, he also had joined the public speaking, discussing the topics with the other representatives, polite modest and generosity to represent as Chinese Youth. Roy Wang Yuan said that at this time he was concerning about the issue of Education Quality, before he had ever personally experienced seeing the importance of Education quality for the children in the poor areas, he hopes the education quality can lead up around the world, thus it can be a fundamental to solve a poverty, this is another from 16 sustainable development goals. Roy Wang Yuan said, these two days of forum he had learned lots, heard the voice of young people from a different countries.

Below is the video Roy Wang Yuan speaking in English.


Source article in Chinese: Easenet (网易)
Source video : Youtube
Translated by : Azurro
Source of pictures : Instagram + Weibo + Baidu


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