What Is Life To You?

‘You need to remind yourself that you don’t have to do or think what everyone else is doing or thinking.’ – Agtha Suci

Ah~ it not like I never ask this question to myself before but, I just don’t have fix answer for this type of question because I know, my answer is going to be different from time to time depend on what kind of mood I feel during the time.

Not long ago, I was by coincidentally stumbled at Agtha Suci’s instagram. At the beginning, I thought she was a selegram (someone famous because of social media) but after I done googling, found out she actually is Indonesian Singer who ever competed in singing competition. (for further information about her, you can google her).

Let’s me share Agatha Suci’s thought about what is life for her.

Credit to agtha suci
Credit to agtha suci

Speak frankly, I still don’t know what is life to me but I quoted her words, ‘You need to remind yourself that you don’t have to do or think what everyone else is doing or thinking.’

My favorite line from Agtha Suci is : When you start something new, you never give up, stay focused, stay positive and stay strong. 

How about you? What do you think what is life to you? Share your thought in comment box.

Have great day
Azurro 🙂


6 thoughts on “What Is Life To You?

  1. Life is full of surprises, there’s a lot of twist and the outcome depends on our choices. I like that too…to stay focus and embrace what’s our choices have to offer. To be disappointed is a human nature and yet it can turn to a positive note knowing you do stuff to satisfy your goals not because of other people.

  2. Thank you for sharing her thoughts (and your own).
    I really needed to be reminded of this at the moment.
    My kids are adults, but my ideas on what life is still constantly changes…

  3. it is a bundle of days where u start everyday afresh, so everyone has got a tonne of chances to start anew, never give up

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