Recap: The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Ep 2

picture53So the last episode was talking about ‘fried rice’ which might assume differently for those who heard it. Wang Nuo indeed refer fried rice as real fried rice, food that he wanted to eat. But Gao Bing Bing took it differently. Because of this ‘fried rice’ there are many shameful and yet funny things happened.

Here the recap:

picture1Gao Bing Bing is sleeping while dreaming of hers ‘the one destined’. Suddenly she jolted awake because finally the man’s face which for all this time was blur suddenly showed clearly and surprising it is Wang Nuo’s face.

picture2Romeo (Wang Nuo) is calling Juliet (Gao Bing Bing) for sometime before Gao Bing Bing wake up from her dream. Hurry she answered Romeo called. Romeo complained why she didn’t answer him for long time and ask her to help him to fight the monster in the game.
Juliet    : I had a nightmare.
Romeo : You stop to have nightmare, help me to fight the monster.
Juliet    : Wait for me. I’ll restore your stamina.
Romeo : What nightmare did you say you were having?
Juliet    : I saw my previous lover, however it turned out to be the man than I dislike most. It’s too scary.
Romeo : Perhaps you should change to ‘previous enemy’ who coming to seek revenge.
Juliet    : Dream are fake.

picture3 picture4Gao Bing Bing drinking in Ah Meng’s restaurant, she is having a conversation with Wu Bai He and Ah Meng. Gao Bing Bing still talking about her charming prince, while Wu Bai He stopped her to think about charming prince but asking her to take care her health and Ah Meng said that she would give her meals.

picture5Wang Nuo and Fang Wen Qin are visiting Ah Meng’s restaurant. When they are sitting,Fang Wen Qin is asking Wang Nuo about Ren Ai Zhen’s contact and at same time he is asking Wang Nuo about his relationship with Ren Ai Zhen others than only childhood friend between them. Wang Nuo said Ren Ai Zhen should have proper dating and asked Fang Wen Qin to pursue her. Fang Wen Qin happily cheers and drinking his beer with Wang Nuo after getting green card to pursue Ai Zhen.

picture6Gao Bing Bing spots Wang Nuo dining in Ah Meng’s restaurant when she taking other customer orders. Hiding in corner, Gao Bing Bing keeps her eyes watching at Wang Nuo who is eating and not long after Wu Bai He coming closer to Gao Bing Bing and asked her what she was seeing. She told her about Wang Nuo which make Wu Bai He turns to be excited and even offering drink to Wang Nuo.

picture7 picture8 picture9Gao Bing Bing back to her seat and then when she wants to eat her food suddenly Wang Nuo stopped her and said that the food is bad for her health. Gao Bing Bing trying to ignore him but the next sentences stop her hand which holding chopstick in the air. He said that estrogen hormone inside will promote growth of fibroid and then he puts his green in front of her.

picture10 picture11Ren Ai Zhen is still working in her office, suddenly her phone ringing and happily she picked up the video call. At the moment her mobile phone displayed Fang Wen Qin’s face, her expression changed. The phone that calling is Wang Nuo’s but turned out to be Fang Wen Qin who speaking with her asking her out to dine together with Wang Nuo.

picture12 picture13After Wang Nuo hung up the phone call, Fang Wen Qin criticized him for not waiting Ai Zhen to refuse or to accept whether she would be coming or not. Beside them, Gao Bing Bing is heard all the conversation and at same time getting involved in their conversation. Then just an instantaneous, the topic about ‘fried rice’ is brought up.
Wang Nuo       : What do you mean by?
Gao Bing Bing :  You must know better in your heart.
Wang Nuo       : I don’t know. Please clarify!
Gao Bing Bing : Are you sure that I must say in here? Your reputation will be ruined.
Wang Nuo       : Really? You don’t need to beat around the bush. Please go directly.
Gao Bing Bing : Okay! In hotel you were asking someone to cook fried rice for you.

picture14picture15Wang Nuo expression changed and then Gao Bing Bing smiles as if getting her victory and hurry Wu Bai He stopped Gao Bing Bing before things getting wild. But Gao Bing Bing seems does not want to stop and even talking more. Wang Nuo left. But they didn’t know that their short conversation is recorded.

When Ai Zhen arrived, Wang Nuo has left and so with Gao Bing Bing. LeavingFang Wen Qin alone waiting for Ai Zhen. Not long after Wang Nuo back to his hotel room, Ai Zhen calling him. Wang Nuo looked his mobile phone for quite long time and then he just replied Ai Zhen with Line.

picture16 picture17Morning in hospital, everyone looks Wang Nuo with different eyes expression as if there’s something wrong with him. Fang Wen Qin and Qin Ai Bao who following him also can feel something odd. When Wang Nuo comes to check one of his patient, suddenly the patient’s husband stops him. Wang Nuo curious and then asked, “What happened?”

picture18 picture19 Finally Wang Nuo knew what was happened and the reasons everyone looking at him in different way. The video about his conversation with Gao Bing Bing is spreading in Internet and also becomes viral. After Wang Nuo saw the video, immediately he make a phone call to the Hospital’s manager and ask the person to take down it from the hospital’s website. At back Fang Wen Qin and Ai Bao are discussing about the video and when Shen Yi Le asked, Wang Nuo told her that Gao Bing Bing is hers patient.

picture20An instantaneously, Shen Yi Le checks into Gao Bing Bing’s data and she is looked so surprised when she found out Gao Bing Bing actually is Wang Nuo’s neighbor and at same time the old owner of Wang Nuo’s new house. Their discussion are continuing, Fang Wen Qin even said that Gao Bing Bing perhaps a stalker or someone who loves Wang Nuo but since she could not get him so she staying close to him. Suddenly Wang Nuo recalled all the coincidences he experienced with Gao Bing Bing. In the middle of discussion, suddenly Ren Ai Zhen called Wang Nuo.

picture21 picture22Gao Bing Bing is being called by Ai Zhen to her office room. She is showing order list which made by Wang Nuo before. Gao Bing Bing feeling embarrassed moreover Ai Zhen asked her did she know Wang Nuo and Gao Bing Bing said that He is hers doctor and she is his patient, that’s all. Ai Zhen said that since Gao Bing Bing action might ruin Wang Nuo’s reputation, she would have to look into the matter. Gao Bing Bing apologizing by bowing her head but in the middle of her conversation, suddenly Ai Zhen’s father comes in.

picture23Gao Bing Bing back to kitchen. Her colleagues look in low spirit. Curiously she asked them what matters. One of her colleagues said that someone going to replace her other colleagues position as new dessert maker. Meanwhile in Ai Zhen’s office, Ai Zhen is protesting toward her father because he wanted to put new pastry chef for their hotel. In Hotel Lobby, Bruce Li Ru Long is interviewing by few media, asking him why he coming back from Japan to Taiwan.

picture25 picture26In Hospital Canteen
Shen Yi Le and Wang Nuo are taking their food and suddenly one of the cook said, “Do you want to have fried rice?” Wang Nuo takes a look to that person as his first reaction while Shen Yi Le who standing beside pissed off, warning that person to be careful with his mouth. And when Wang Nuo, Shen Yi Le, Fang Wen Qin and Ai Bao eating together suddenly the people who sitting not far from them discussing about ‘Fried Rice Doctor’ by purposely. Wang Nuo glared at the doctor who said fried rice and then he left.

picture27In Kitchen Ren Ai Zhen is trying to persuade chief and cooks. But the chief didn’t show easy toward Ai Zhen. In Hotel Lobby Chairman Ren is coming over to the media who interviewing Bruce Li. After Ai Zhen have talked with Chef in kitchen then she turned to Gao Bing Bing. When she is talking with Gao Bing Bing, Wang Nuo is walking over to them. Ai Zhen’s eyes beaming happily on contrary Gao Bing Bing’s eyes avoiding Wang Nuo.

picture29 picture30Ren Ai Zhen explained to Wang Nuo that she going to fix his reputation by asking Gao Bing Bing to hold press conference and also state her apology in newspaper. But Wang Nuo directly pulling Gao Bing Bing’s hands said that he wants to have talk with her. Ai Zhen wants to stop but Wang Nuo does not let her to do so.

picture31 picture32Wang Nuo pulling Gao Bing Bing until in front. Asking her what did she meant. Gao Bing Bing said that she apologized about the fried rice matter that she spoke in Ah Meng’s place also she explained that she wasn’t the person who put the video in Internet. But Wang Nuo seemed not listening to her, he just burst out since when everything started. Wang Nu makes it cleared by saying from his house, hospital, hotel until to his hometown, asking what is her motive to ruin his reputation. Gao Bing Bing said that she didn’t stalk on Wang Nuo. But no matter how Gao Bing Bing explained Wang Nuo still thought Gao Bing Bing is not more than a stalker who obsessed with him.

picture33Just at right time when Gao Bing Bing trying to explain herself once again, Bruce Li is walking out and spotted on Wang Nuo. Passionately he greet Wang Nuo and gives him a warm hug. While Gao Bing Bing only can stuffy seeing the person she adores actually is a best friend of someone she hate.

picture34Wang Nuo and Bruce Li left Gao Bing Bing alone. And then both of them are sitting in lobby, chit chat. Wang Nuo and Bruce Li are talking about Wang Nuo’s older sister who is also Bruce Li’s ex-girl friend. At the moment when Bruce talking about Ai Zhen, Wang Nuo’s expression changed to be stiffen. Trying to dodge, Wang Nuo only can say that he didn’t have any special relationship with Ai Zhen. Chairman Ren suddenly coming over to Wang Nuo and Bruce Li when both of them are chatting. Since all of them are knowing each other, Chairman Ren bringing them to play squash.

picture35Gao Bing Bing is taking rest in kitchen while mumbling by herself about the coincidence that happened to her just now.  She also recalled the past time when she was still Bruce Li’s student years ago. She jolted from her seat when she sees her Chef coming. Seeing Gao Bing Bing touched her stomach, the chef asked her did her stomachache?

picture1Wang Nuo, Chairman Ren and Bruce Li are playing squash. Not after that, they are stop and take a rest for while. Chairman Ren who is wiping his sweat with towel suddenly brings up the topic about Wang Nuo and Ai Zhen matter such as asking when Wang Nuo going to marry Ai Zhen. But Wang Nuo just pretending to not know anything and even said he will be going to overseas and do medical volunteer job in Cambodia which anger Chairman Ren.

picture2 picture3Wu Bai He and Gao Bing Bing are coming to visit Sister Xiao Ling who is pregnant also someone who has grocery store. Wu Bai He and Gao Bing Bing are pleased to sit inside while having a tea both of these two best friend chatting. Gao Bing Bing is so excited to talk about Bruce Li who is still single while Wu Bai He excited to talk about new house which she has searched for sometime. Wu Bai He suddenly hurrying to go back because she has appointment with her other friends, leaving Gao Bing Bing alone.

picture5picture4Not long after Wu Bai He left suddenly, Sister Xiao Ling groaning painfully, quickly Gao Bing Bing takes a look at her condition. Sister Xiao Ling seems going to have earlier labor, hurry Gao Bing Bing calling 911.

picture6 picture7Ambulance arrived in the hospital, Wang Nuo is the doctor who in standby. When he sees Gao Bing Bing he asked her to stay far away from him. Gao Bing Bing gets a nerve and said that isn’t stalking him and coming to hospital but she is coming to send sister Xiao Ling.

picture8Gao Bing Bing is waiting in front of the operation room. When she sees Wang Nuo gets out. The first thing is asking about Sister Xiao Ling condition. Wang Nuo answered her Xiao Ling’s husband has come so that asking Gao Bing Bing to leave. But Gao Bing Bing unhappily said that hospital isn’t Wang Nuo’s house why he shoo her away.

picture8 picture9 picture10In doctors office, suddenly Wang Nuo asked, “Is there a type of woman who think thousand ways in order to approach a man?” Shen Yi Le is pouring her coffee when she heard Wang Nuo is speaking. Shen Yi Le teasing Wang Nuo by asked, “Is stalker coming and harassing you again?”

picture11Suddenly Shen Yi Le asked Wang Nuo about his romantic relationship such as having girlfriend and others. Wang Nuo said it was not like he didn’t want to date properly but every time when he had dated to some period of time the other party suddenly disappeared or wanted to have sudden break up. Then Shen Yi Le said perhaps Wang Nuo has problem that’s why they asked break up with very ambiguous gesture. Fang Wen Qin even added that perhaps Wang Nuo was too blunt and honest because woman didn’t like to hear a truth. Moreover Ai Bao also said that today’s women are like warm guys.

picture12 picture13 picture14At night, Bruce Li and Wang Nuo are coming to Ah Meng’s restaurant. Both of them are chatting about Wang Min, Wang Nuo and Wang Zhen’s elder sister who ever date Bruce Li before. But in the middle, both of their conversation changed from Bruce Li and Wang Min’s relationship to Wang Nuo with Ai Zhen and suddenly jumped to ‘health’ discussion (in whisper mode) at the moment Wang Nuo heard it, an instantaneously his pupils become bigger. Bruce Li also asked Wang Nuo to help him to find doctor for his ‘sickness’ and keep it secret. Wang Nuo agreed to him.

picture15 picture16In Hotel, Chairman Ren is looking for his daughter, Ai Zhen who still working at late of night. When he is sitting on the sofa he suddenly asked Ai Zhen what’s wrong with Wang Nuo and also discussing when Ai Zhen will marry with Wang Nuo. Ai Zhen jkust confusedly listening to Chairman Ren rambling about Wang Nuo who planing to go to Cambodia, didn’t want to get marry and so on. After he done with his rambling he left Ai Zhen alone in her office.

picture17 picture18Ai Zhen recalled her childhood memory when she was a little girl holding hand with Wang Nuo, he promised her that he going to marry her when they are growing up. Back to present, Ai Zhen sadly looking to outside through her office room glass window.

picture19Bruce Li and Wang Nuo are still having their dinner also drinking few glass of sake. Suddenly, Bruce Li spotted Gao Bing Bing coming and then called her. Wang Nuo seems not happy and even called her as stalker. Gao Bing Bing explained that she is not coming for Wang Nuo but she coming to help Ah Meng. Bruce Li asked Gao Bing Bing to seat but Wang Nuo not allowing.

picture20 picture21 picture22Since Wang Nuo does not allow her to join so that she asked Bruce Li to come with her for while because she wanted to ask him few question. At the moment when Wang Nuo sees Gao Bing Bing wants to cheers sake with Bruce Li, Wang Nuo standing up and directly take the cup from her hand. Bruce Li seems wanted to protest but Wang Nuo immediately cut him off by said that Gao Bing Bing is his patient.

picture23On the way home, Wang Nuo for the N times asked Gao Bing Bing stopped to stalk on him. But Gao Bing Bing fights back by saying that it’s the only road to hotel and also Gao Bing Bing’s house.

picture24Next morning in Kelly Hotel
Gao Bing Bing is taking a peak in Bruce Li’s kitchen. She sees Bruce Li making a dessert. After a while she said it is happiness to find her soulmates.

picture25 picture26In Kitchen, Chef Ding and Gao Bing Bing other colleagues are watching Bruce Li interview not long ago. They are looked so unhappy. Not long after Chef Ding shut down the computer, Gao Bing Bing is happily coming in by holding boxes of desserts made by Bruce Li and let her colleagues to test it.

picture27Gao Bing Bing got a mission of Chef Ding. She is asked to go to Wang’s family to find out the sauce recipe of Wang’s family. So in order to get the recipe she butter up Father Wang by helping him cutting woods.

picture28Father Ren and Father Wang are having conversation about Wang Nuo and Ren Ai Zhen Matter.
Father Ren : You are so useless as father. I asked you to talk to your son but you are not daring to speak up.
Father Wang: Do you think you are great? Is your Ai Zhen always listen to you all the time? Fine let me tell you, I think Ah Nuo is a passive type. Then… if this matter wants to have a progress, one of them must be active.Father Ren : What do you mean? Your son is passive then my daughter should be aggressive?
Father Wang : If not then? Do you wants us to be in laws?
Father Ren: You are bullying us. You telling woman to be aggressive. What is it?
Father Wang: It not like I am taking an advantage, this called as strategy.

picture29Father Wang and Gao Bing Bing feed the eels in pond. Suddenly Gao Bing Bing asked about Mother Wang’s matter. Then Father Wang tells her that Mother Wang has passed away not long ago.

picture30 picture31 Meanwhile Wang Nuo is boring inside his hotel room. At the moment when he heard bell ring, his eyes lit an excitement. He is ordering a fried rice but asking the room service boy to keep secret form anyone that he is ordered a fried rice.

picture32When he takes the fried rice from the room service boy, he puts the plate on the table and little bit far away he staring at the fried rice for quite long time.

picture33 picture34 picture35At the moment, he opened the cover, He takes look a little bit closer and then taste it but the fried rice just too disappointing for him because it does not taste as he wanted.

picture36In Kitchen Gao Bing Bing is tasting the sauce in order to find out the way to re-create it but no matter how she tried, it just lacking on something in it. And in the middle analyzing the ingredient suddenly Bruce Li has already in front of the kitchen door talked to her. Seeing Bruce Li coming, Gao Bing Bing beaming happily.

picture37 picture38 picture39 picture40Bruce Li comes to see Doctor. He is looking for urology doctor which recommended by Wang Nuo. He feels embarrassing to talk about his ‘inability’ but the doctor explained that nothing wrong with Bruce Li’s ‘ability’ because everything just normal. Bruce Li also said that the result was same. So that the doctor assumed that perhaps something goes wrong with Bruce Li’s psychology. He also make a recommendation to see psychiatry. When Bruce Li goes out at the same time Shen Yi Le is coming to send a dessert for the doctor.

picture41Wang Nuo and Bruce Li are standing in hospital corridor. Bruce Li is venting his frustration by talking with Wang Nuo about his current conditions. Wang Nuo only can give him advised as comfort for him.

picture42 picture43 picture44picture46Just at this moment….
Shen Yi Le, Ai Bao and Fang Wen Qin passed. They see ambiguous gestures between Wang Nuo and Bruce Li which giving them ‘mislead’ idea about Wang Nuo and Bruce Li relationship. After Wang Nuo and Bruce Li left, three of them are discussing about Wang Nuo ‘sex orientation’ implicitly.

picture47 picture48Shen Yi Le begging Wang Nuo to get the ticket for Bruce Li’s event when she sees him entering the office room. Suddenly Wang Nuo remembered on something and then he gives her the ticket. Shen Yi Le happily holding the ticket and said that she will be okay even without men but not without dessert. Wang Nuo asked her how dessert can replace man? Shen Yi Le said that dessert won’t cheat, won’t betray and only giving a sweet feeling of happiness. Wang Nuo added it also give calories and cholesterol. Shen Yi Le does not mind to be chubbier.

Then their conversation moved to house. Wang Nuo said that the house old owner refused to move and also the incident that post in internet. Wang Nuo said did it Gao Bing Bing but Shen Yi Le said it wasn’t. the culprit is the nurse who by chance also had dinner in that Japanese restaurant (Ah Meng’s restaurant)

picture49 picture50 picture51 picture52Wang Nuo goes to his new house which still in mess because still in progress of renovation. He takes look around and when he entered bed room, he spotted someone still sleeping in the bed. When he comes closer, he surprises the person is Gao Bing Bing and the most shocking is when he comes little bit closer, the deathly sleep Gao Bing Bing is forcing to kiss him.


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