Recap : Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) Ep 4

Lei Xin Yu is leaving! This show is going to be more intense and deeper. The person that Zhao Yi Ting said that ‘at the end of line’ finally leaving in order not to be a burden for either Zhao Yi Ting or Jian Xiao Yue. All the difficulties that arranged by Zhao Yi Ting not to harm Lei Xin Yu but in order to make her stronger and growing up but the stubborn and gentleness of Lei Xin Yu is something out from Zhao Yi Ting expectation.

Here the recap:

picture1Jian Xiao Yue is waiting for Zhao Yi Ting in the building rooftop. She said that she was not going to do Zhao Yi Ting’s order to watch Lei Xin Yu. At the beginning she agreed because she hates rich girl but Lei Xin Yu just different from those rich girls she knew. But the moment when Jian Xiao Yue is going to leave, Zhao Yi Ting threatened her with debt-collector and the amount money she borrowed.

picture2Flash back to the time when Jian Xiao Yue being chased by the debt collector and by coincidence Zhao Yi Ting helped her running away from the debt collector but with conditions and Jian Xiao Yue accepted it.

Back to present, Jian Xiao Yue said that she is so regret to accept Zhao Yi Ting offer. She can’t let Zhao Yi Ting harm Lei Xin Yu after Tang Qian Ni bullies her too. Shi Huan wants to make thing clear but stopped by Zhao Yi Ting, hinting let Jian Xiao Yue done with all her accusations toward him. Just at the time when Jian Xiao Yue told Zhao Yi Ting that Lei Xin Yu has left, He showed startled expression and even asking Jian Xiao Yue, was Lei Xin Yu leaving? Hurry he backs to his office and he found out that Lei Xin Yu has left.

picture3 picture4She is leaving her Mobile Phone which bought by Zhao Yi Ting and also a note for Zhao Yi Ting.
‘I’m sorry I can’t accept your job offer. I was too rushed before and I didn’t think enough. It seems that my existence has caused misunderstanding between you and Qian Ni. I hope you guys talk it our soon. Thank you for helping me when I needed it at the most. Thank you and good luck with everything in the future. Don’t worry, I won’t appear in front of you again.’

picture5After Zhao Yi Ting read the note that left by Lei Xin Yu, he is hurrying rush out but Lei Xin Yu has left for some time. Shen Shi Huan who chasing at Zhao Yi Ting’s back keeps on calling and trying to stop him. Zhao Yi Ting is asking for car key because he wants to find Lei Xin Yu but Shi Huan reminding him that he has appointment with Council Luo. Since it is the case, Zhao Yi Ting asked Shi Huan to search Lei Xin Yu and do regular report to him. Shi Huan agrees to him.

picture6 picture7 picture8Lei Xin Yu is coming to Tang Qian Ni’s cafe. Tang Qian Ni is little bit surprised to see Lei Xin Yu coming but quickly her expression changes and then asked why Lei Xin Yu coming. Lei Xin Yu tries to explain that she does not have any special relation with Zhao Yi Ting and also wants Tang Qian Ni to leave Jian Xiao Yue alone and stop to find matter with people who close to her. Tang Qian Ni asked Lei Xin Yu to beg her. This scenery is seen by all the cafe’s staffs. Tang Qian Ni wants Lei Xin Yu to show her sincerity when begging her by kneeling down.

picture9 picture10Meanwhile, Zhao Yi Ting is looked so anxiously staring at his mobile phone because he is worrying of Lei Xin Yu and Shi Huan hasn’t sent him any news about her. He is not focusing with his things.

picture11 picture12Lei Xin Yu is going to Nameless Farm in order to give back Zhong Qian Ren’s stuffs which he lent her before. On the way her to Zhong Qian Ren’s office she passing by cattle barn in where she meets Zhong Qian Ren’s mother who is busying herself to clean something alike sign board. Lei Xin Yu is asking a way how to go to Farm office to Zhong Qian Ren’s mother but she does not directly tell her instead asking her questions.

picture13Not long after that Lei Xin Yu has started to help Zhong Qian Ren’s mother to clean a sign board in exchanged telling her where the farm office. Zhong Qian Ren’s mother said it was a sign board that missing long time ago. When Lei Xin Yu read the sign board ‘Healthy Farm’ she remembered the first time when she came to the farm it sign board is ‘Nameless Farm’ so that she asked Zhong Qian Ren’s mother regarding this matter. Zhong Qian Ren’s mother said that because they lost their sign board before so that they changed it into ‘Nameless Farm’. Lei Xin Yu decides to help Zhong Qian Ren’s mother to clean and renew the sign board.

picture14When Lei Xin Yu is having conversation with Zhong Qian Ren’s mother suddenly Zhong Qian Ren coming over and startled when he sees Lei Xin Yu and he even more shocking when he sees ‘Healthy Farm’ sign board and immediately he checks his mother condition. But his mother seems normal as additional his mother looks so happy she even asks when Lei Xin Yu can finish to restore the sign board. After Zhong Qian Ren’s mother left and going to prepare food, Zhong Qian Ren expression changed and left right after he spoke few words to Lei Xin Yu.

picture1 picture2 picture3Zhao Yi Ting still can’t focus with his works, at the moment he sees Shi Huan reporting that he hasn’t found Lei Xin Yu, Zhao Yi Ting looks so impatiently and even his speaking tone raised. Just not long after that, Zhong Qian Ren is calling Zhao Yi Ting, asking him to come to farm immediately and take away Lei Xin Yu. At the moment when Zhao Yi Ting listens Lei Xin Yu is at farm his expression changed. From the other phone side, Zhong Qian Ren keeps on complaining to Zhao Yi Ting saying that Lei Xin Yu touches thing that she shouldn’t and then hang the phone call. Right after the phone call ended, Zhao Yi Ting immediately leaves his office after asking car key from Shi Huan.

picture4 picture5picture6Lei Xin Yu is starting her work to restore the sign board which asked by Zhong Qian Ren before. After some time, Zhong Qian Ren’s mother is coming over with food, asking Lei Xin Yu to take a rest and eat first. Lei Xin Yu is eating while listening to Zhong Qian Ren’s mother. She tells Lei Xin Yu about the ‘Healthy Farm’ sign board and farm such as the wrote that written in sign board is made by his husband and also his son has similar beautiful handwriting.

Suddenly Lei Xin Yu cries. Zhong Qian Ren’s mom asking her why she is crying and Lei Xin Yu said that she misses her mom so much. Zhong Qian Ren’s mom comforting her and said that she can come to see her whenever she misses her mom because she also wants to have daughter but she only giving birth a monkey (refer to Zhong Qian Ren as Xiao Mao). The reason she calls him monkey because since he was young he likes to climb trees and causing trouble but he has a sense of justice, values a loyalty and helps people in needed. Moreover he is someone soft-heart and treating girl nice.

picture7 picture8 picture9Zhao Yi Ting arrives at farm but on his way he sees Zhong Qian Ren’s mom. He is trying to avoid her by turned back but Zhong Qian Ren’s mom seems to see her too and then calls him. He stops his footsteps, Zhong Qian Ren’s mom running closer to him still holding the food tray from Lei Xin Yu’s place.  At the moment when Zhong Qian Ren’s mom sees Zhao Yi Ting, she looks not good. Zhao Yi Ting expression also changed to be strange. He does not dare to raise his head to see Zhong Qian Ren’s mom as if he does not know what to do.

picture10 picture11Lei Xin Yu is still doing her work until late of night. While Zhao Yi Ting silently watching her from not far way. Zhao Yi Ting is wondering what makes Lei Xin Yu looks so happy because she keeps on smiling while doing her work. But at the moment when he sees the sign board raised by Lei Xin Yu, his expression just similar with Zhong Qian Ren.

picture13 picture14Lei Xin Yu is walking slowly to the Farm rest room. She is walking according to the map made by Zhong Qian Ren’s mom. Zhao Yi Ting still following at her back even until she found the rest room. When she is looking at her surrounded, suddenly the phone is ringing bus she hesitates to pick the call. The second time when the phone ringing finally she picks it up and it turned to be Zhao Yi Ting phone call.

picture1 picture2Lei Xin Yu asked how could Zhao Yi Ting phone her in farm. He excuses that he knew it from the farm owner. She apologizing to him because she quitting the job without saying anything. Lei Xin Yu explains the reasons why she was leaving to Zhao Yi Ting but he tells her that she is not a burden but his emotions are the burden for her. He also said, world isn’t control by her, she does not have any responsible for anyone unhappiness. He asks her back, will all the matter solve if she leaves?

picture3 picture4 picture5After hung up the phone call, Lei Xin Yu sleeps in farm rest room. Zhao Yi Ting is watching her sleeping for longer time and then leaves the room. When he goes back to his hotel room, Tang Qian Ni has been waiting for him in lobby. Suddenly Zhao Yi Ting remembered that he actually had appointment with Tang Qian Ni to practice dance, he apologizes to Tang Qian Ni by saying he was so busy thus he forgot about the dance practice. Tang Qian Ni does not throw tantrum instead she smiles as if she does not mind. This makes Zhao Yi ting feels uneasy because she acts out from normal.

picture7Tang Qian Ni said to Zhao Yi Ting that she is in good mood and when they are in room, Tang Qian Ni also said that Lei Xin Yu looked for her and said that she was going to leave Meng Jin. At the moment Zhao Yi Ting heard it, his expression is little bit changed. But Tang Qian Ni just not notice it since he is very good to conceal himself. Since Tang Qian Ni does not see any reaction that she thought, she tries to ‘provoke’ by saying, ‘didn’t you look for her?’, ‘Didn’t you ask her to stay?’. Zhao Yi Ting only replied Tang Qian Ni,  “Decision is decided by her, he will always stay consistent.”

picture6Tang Qian Ni gives Zhao Yi Ting new necktie for attending the award party. She happily chirping telling Zhao Yi Ting how she feels and also the important of the award event and party also talking about Lei Xin Yu. But at the moment she mentions Lei Xin Yu’s name for this time, saying that she was kneeling for someone that she only knew for few days. Immediately Zhao Yi Ting’s facial expression changed. This time he shows little bit obvious by ignoring Tang Qian Ni and at the time when she prepares to practice, he said he not going to because he feels tired.

picture8At sudden, Tang Qian Ni looks going to explode. But she remembered what her father told her before and she looks to endure by forcing herself to smile and said it’s fine.

picture10After Tang Qian Ni left, Zhao Yi Ting is talking with his Shao Bi (small robot). When he is talking he recalled the thing that happened before, he was so agitated when he could not find Lei Xin Yu. He also recalled the time when Shi Huan reported to him, Lei Xin Yu is brought by stranger, he looked so workout. An instantaneously he took an action by changing his appointment place to night club where Lei Xin Yu brought. Even he wanted to treat her mean, he could not and at last he still helped her out. Zhao Yi Ting said he didn’t need emotions furthermore love. But things not as easy as he wish every times meet Lei Xin Yu.

picture11Morning, Lei Xin Yu wakes up and recalled her conversation with Zhao Yi Ting the day before. He said that he gave her one night to think about it. She recalled things that happened to her since back from overseas. She was being hit by demonstrates, she is tricked by her old classmate Xiao Fang, being bullied by Qian Ni.

picture12She wondering why all of them were so angry about her? Why were they furious about her? If she hadn’t experience things that happened to her lately, then maybe she would never understand heaven never cares about fairly since beginning. There are some people who born happy but there also people who live hard life. Living is not as easy as she imagined. She is asking herself how to live?

picture13 picture14 picture15Jian Xiao Yue didn’t sleep for the entire night. When she heard there is someone knocking, she thought the person as Lei Xin Yu, hurry she opens the door but she is so disappointed to see Shi Huan and Zhao Yi Ting.  Zhao Yi Ting said that he has found Lei Xin Yu and asking her to bring Lei Xin Yi back from Nameless Farm. Zhao Yi Ting wants Jian Xiao Yue to carry on her job according to their agreement such as watching and gathering essential and important information from Lei Xin Yu. But Jian Xiao Yue wants to know, what Zhao Yi Ting going to do with Lei Xin Yu, she wants a guarantee that Zhao Yi Ting won’t harm Lei Xin Yu. Jian Xiao Yue tells Zhao Yi Ting that she is also a human, she has feeling and she afraid one day when she discovers her coincidence she going to tell everything to Lei Xin Yu.

picture17Zhao Yi Ting does not let Jian Xiao Yue to negotiate with him. When he is about to leave, suddenly Jian Xiao Yue stopped him after he said that he going to replace er job with other people. Zhao Yi Ting gives three choices to Jian Xiao Yue. First, Don’t do anything and leave quietly. There will be not any business to her if something happen to Lei Xin Yu. Second, tell Lei Xin Yu everything but the second choice will return Jian Xiao Yue to the painful days she had before (Zhao Yi Ting threatened). Three, keep things as they are. Jian Xiao Yue will have peaceful days and Lei Xin Yu will have someone to take care.

picture16Angrily Jian Xiao Yue takes the third option and gives Zhao Yi Ting warning that he should not harm Lei Xin Yu. She didn’t care if she must run for her rest of life but she going to tell Lei Xin Yu about his intentions. Like usual Zhao Yi Ting is showing his cold smile and when he is walking few steps, Jian Xiao Yue shouted at him, saying he is demon and when she brings up about Zhao Yi Ting’s parent, an instantaneously his expression changed. Shi Huan wants to stop Jian Xiao Yue but Zhao Yi Ting let Jian Xiao Yue to carry on.

picture18Before Shi Huan leaving, he warns Jian Xiao Yue not to bring Zhao Yi Ting’s parent anymore. Asked her to do what is her jobs, that’s all. When Shi Huan and Zhao Yi Ting are at outside, Shi Huan asked Zhao Yi Ting, did he okay? Zhao Yi Ting showed sad smile. But he also said that Jian Xiao Yue was not wrong.

picture19 picture20Zhong Qian Ren is coming to tidy the office room but he spots Lei Xin Yu is sitting inside. Zhong Qian Ren wants to chase her out but Lei Xin Yu hurries said that she wants to  give back last time outer and shoes which lent by Zhong Qian Ren. When Zhong Qian Ren takes the things, he sees Lei Xin Yu smiles at him and then he said what she smiles for and she answered him that he looked exactly alike how his mother describes him, a soft-hearted person.

picture21Zhong Qian Ren asks Lei Xin Yu to leave and also not to touch the sign board anymore even if his mother ask. But Lei Xin Yu asks for the reason because it is not like the farm really nameless then how about the ‘Healthy Farm’, at the moment when  Zhong Qian Ren heard it, he get furious.

picture22 Zhong Qian Ren said that he going to send her and ask her to get into his truck before he leaves. At the moment when Lei Xin Yu pick up the the things that threw by Zhong Qian Ren before, His mother is coming by calling Xiao Mao (Zhong Qian Ren’s nickname). When Lei Xin Yu greets her it seems that Zhong Qian Ren’s mom does not recognize her.

picture23Lei Xin Yu is trying to recall Zhong Qian Ren’s mom about the previous day, but she could not remember the things she even thinks Lei Xin Yu as a thief who trying to steal something from farm. Hurry she looks for something to beat Lei Xin Yu.

picture24 picture25 picture26Just in time, Zhong Qian Ren comes. When he sees the scenes hurry he calms down his mother and asks Lei Xin Yu what is happened. Lei Xin Yu said that she only talked about the sign but Zhong Qian Ren’s mom thought she is a thief that wants to steal. She also asks Zhong Qian Ren to explain to his mom.

Zhong Qian Ren calms down his mother and said he going to handle the matter and then ask Lei Xin Yu to get into the truck. When they get in car, Lei Xin Yu asked what’s matter with his mother. He said that she got problem with her memory and her sickness is related to trauma of losing the farm. The trauma that cause by Lei Xin Yu’s mom.

picture27Jian Xiao Yue is on her way to farm. She is standing in front of the farm entrance and then she sees someone that familiar to her. She remembered that person as if was one of the deb-collector who chasing her before. Someone named Long Ge. At the moment when that man sees Jian Xiao Yue, he avoiding her by turned back.

picture28Jian Xiao Yue chases him and called his name but he deny it. He said that he is not Long Ge. Just at the time when Jian Xiao Yue wants to confirm about the man identity, suddenly the truck passing and Lei Xin Yu ask Zhong Qian Ren to stop the truck.

Lei Xin Yu gets down from the truck and running to Jian Xiao Yue at the same time the man who called as Long Ge by Jian Xia Yue is walking away leaving Jian Xiao Yue. Lei Xin Yu asked Jian Xiao Yue why she in farm. Instead of answering Lei Xin Yu, Jian Xiao Yue asked back the same thing. Finally both of them are getting into Zhong Qian Ren’s truck. Jian Xiao Yue is asking Zhong Qian Ren about the man that she met and called as Long Ge. Zhong Qian Ren said that the man is named Uncle Tai and not Long Ge.

At night when Jian Xiao Yue and Lei Xin Yu are at home. Two of them are having conversation which start from why the farm is called as nameless farm instead of helathy farm. Lei Xin Yu said that the name that registered is really called as nameless farm. Because curious she thinks to google it but she forgot that she has given back the mobile phone to Zhao Yi Ting thus she borrowing Jian Xiao Yue’s mobile phone.

Both of them finally found out the past about nameless farm (former name is healthy farm) old case about poisonous milk and Lin Man’s intervention. After read the articles in google, Lei Xin Yu is starting to do her own investigation related to healthy farm with her mom.

She meets Zhao Yi Ting when she just out from one of the cafe shop. Lei Xin Yu is so sad to find the truth that her mother was the person who made healthy farm got into troubles because Lin Man was the person who begging the former farm owner to sign work contract. Since she has found the truth she told Zhao Yi Ting if her mother really the person who made a fault then she would make up for her mother by working with Zhao Yi Ting and help the farm to get fund.

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