Recap: The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Ep 3

picture11I am so excited for this third episode. Gao Bing Bing who is sleeping and dreaming of her soulmate, without she knew she kissed Wang Nuo who just by coincidentally close to her.

Episode 3 recap:

picture12After Wang Nuo able to free himself from Gao Bing Bing. He looks so pissed off glaring at Gao Bing Bing who still happily drawn in her dreamland and even after she giving him a force kiss. At the moment when Gao Bing Bing opens her eyes and seeing Wang Nuo standing in front of her, she even thought she just making another dream in which Wang Nuo showing up and burst out, “Why it is you? Ah~ It’s only a dream. Not important at all” and then she continued her sleep.

picture13At the moment when Gao Bing Bing wakes up from her sleep, she has been in hospital already. Then suddenly she recalled all the memories when she saw Wang Nuo came in her bedroom.

picture14One hours ago Wang Nuo spotted bunch of medicine which put not far from Gao Bing Bing bed. When Wang Nuo called her, she looked like ignoring him and just moved right and left. After touched her forehead, Wang Nuo found out she was having fever and then brought her to hospital to get intensive care such as giving her an IV bottle.

picture15 picture16Gao Bing Bing meets Shen Yi Le in ER. She asked Shen Yi Le did Wang Nuo bring her, the nurse signaling Shen Yi Le ‘yes’. It is little bit confusing for Gao Bing Bing to explain the relationship between Wang Nuo and her when Shen Yi Le asked her.

picture17 picture18Ren Ai Zhen’s car is broken in the street and by coincidentally, Fang Wen Qin is passing by. Fang Wen Qin bringing her to cafe and taking a cup of coffee. Fang Wen Qin asked her to stop seeing her watch but Ren Ai Zhen excused that it becomes her habit already. Fang Wen Qin asked Ai Zhen why she coming to hospital and she said that her father was having a medical check up. She has tried to contact Wang Nuo but he didn’t pick her call so that she asked Fang Wen Qin. Moreover she is trying to dig few information through Fang Wen Qin about Wang Nuo who plan to go as volunteer. Fang Wen Qin said the medical report and evaluation had over.

picture19But suddenly Fang Wen Qin bringing out the topic that Wang Nuo perhaps dating with someone and this information more than enough to surprise Ai Zhen. Furthermore Fang Wen Qin even said that Wang Nuo perhaps has hidden love relationship and this seems the tough one. At the moment when Fang Wen Qin said Wang Nuo might date Male, an instantaneously Ai Zhen feels as if there’s thunder in clear bright sky, she shocked.

picture20Shen Yi Le said to Wang Nuo that Gao Bing Bing should take surgery but Wang Nuo said Gao Bing Bing is Shen Yi Le’s patient she free to decide. Shen Yi Le adding if she really go for surgery, then she could not move. This irritates Wang Nuo so much because he does not like to be burdened with stranger.

picture21Gao Bing Bing is talking with Wu Bai He in phone and Wang Nuo just spotted her (another coincidence). Both of them are not saying anything fro while but recalled the moment when Gao Bing Bing kissed Wang Nuo. Gao Bing Bing is the first person who talking asking why he was here. Wang Nuo answered her that she needed to take a rest and stop to be burden for others.

picture23 picture24 picture25Chairman Ren is waiting for his check up. He is accompany by Bruce Li and Ai Zhen. At the moment when Chairman Ren wants to taste the dessert which made by Bruce Li, suddenly he stopped by Wang Nuo. Then, Bruce Li spoons Wang Nuo a dessert, their interaction and gestures are seen by Ai Zhen who also at there. Ai Zhen suddenly feels jealous.

picture26 picture27The next day, Bruce Li is looking for Gao Bing Bing in kitchen. Suddenly Bruce Li’s face is getting closer to Gao Bing Bing’s face, this gesture is bit ambiguous and it turns out Bruce Li is trying to pick one strand of hair in Gao Bing Bing’s shoulder. Bruce Li advice Gao Bing Bing that one strand of hair can ruin years hard work so that he wants everyone keeps clean in his kitchen not only limited to tools but also to themselves.

picture28 picture29At night Wang Nuo is having his meal in Ah Meng’s restaurant and this time he meets Gao Bing Bing again. At the moment Gao Bing Bing sees him, hurrying she takes little bit far away seat from him. Although Wang Nuo still feels irritating with Gao Bing Bing, considering she is someone who still sick, he gives her his food saying that he could not finish all his meal. Happily Gao Bing Bing enjoys the food given by Wang Nuo.

picture31Since Wang Nuo has given food to Gao Bing Bing, she feels grateful and also thank him because he had sent her to hospital and also admitted her wrong by keep staying at his house since it has already sold to him and promised to move soon. At same time she also wanted to ask him a request, but Wang Nuo refused her. She wants him not to paint the growth meter in her room because it was one of memorable memories between her and her mother. Wang Nuo just said he only can help her by photo the wall so she still can see that growth meter. Wang Nuo nickname Gao Bing Bing as Ma Que (Sparrow) which actually mean troublesome person who trying to take over others house. Wang Nuo and Gao Bing Bing conversation stopped when Bruce Li come.

picture1picture2Gao Bing Bing is packing her stuffs with Wu Bai He after she had her dinner. Both of this good sisters are talking about Wang Nuo and Bruce Li meanwhile in Ah Meng’s restaurant Bruce Li and Wang Nuo are still eating and chatting. Ren Ai Zhen is coming to Ah Meng’s restaurant to join dinner but she is coming at the moment when Wang Nuo is having ‘ambiguous’ gesture with Bruce Li which mislead Ai Zhen.

picture3 picture4 picture5picture6Suddenly Ai Zhen called out Wang Nuo at the moment when she thought Bruce Li and Wang Nuo are going to kiss. Bruce Li who is already drunken even called out Ai Zhen name with foolish smile while Wang Nuo expression just so so as if everything is normal. Since Men’s talk time is over, Ai Zhen sarcastic said she could join now. Things even more complicated when Fang Wen Qin also coming to join them.

picture7 picture8Finally Wang Nuo and Bruce Li leave first because Bruce Li is too drunken. Ai Zhen jealously seeing Wang Nuo and Bruce Li interaction and Fang Wen Qin looks so curious about them.

picture9The next morning Wang Nuo moves to his new house which was Gao Bing Bing’s house before. He is taking tour to see his new house and the moment he enters bedroom, his eyes staring at the wall which Gao Bing Bing ever said to him before. Gao Bing Bing left a note on the wall. ‘Doctor Wang, I’m moved out, sorry. The presumptuous request, please be magnanimous. Thank you. Gao Bing Bing.’

picture10After Wang Nuo read the note that left by Gao Bing Bing, he takes out his mobile phone and then photo the wall and this is the magnanimous thing that he can do for Gao Bing Bing.

picture11In Kelly Hotel, one of Ai Zhen’s staff reminding Ai Zhen that Gao Bing Bing is still waiting for her at outside after Ai Zhen hung up the phone call. She said to her staff let Gao Bing Bing to wait for moment but the staff said that Chef Ding has called her. So Ai Zhen asked her staff to tell Gao Bing Bing to get back working and then came to meet her later after she done with her works.

picture12picture13In kitchen everyone is busying and the moment Gao Bing Bing showing up Chef Ding scolding her. Hurry she helps out her colleagues until the time get off from work. Everyone is leaving but Gao Bing Bing still staying until Chef Ding left, she finally comes to meet Ai Zhen in her office but Ai Zhen just not in her office. There is only a note left by the female staff to ask Gao Bing Bing to wait for Ai Zhen came back.

picture14 picture15In other place, Ai Zhen is chatting with Bruce Li in Karaoke room. Even after her staff reminded her that Gao Bing Bing perhaps still waiting for her in office room but Ai Zhen acting nonchalantly. Bruce Li also persuades her that perhaps Gao Bing Bing has something important to report but Ai Zhen still persistent nothing is important. Actually Bruce Li knows that Ai Zhen doing it on purpose. Gao Bing Bing is waiting Ai Zhen for long time finally she fall asleep in Ai Zhen’s office room but Ai Zhen just not coming until Gao Bing Bing left.

picture16 picture17Gao Bing Bing is back to Kitchen and sleep at changing room in kitchen. At the moment when Gao Bing Bing is preparing to sleep suddenly she found her camping lantern in her box and she remembered that she still have a secret place. Hurry she packing back all her stuffs, just by coincidence she meets Bruce Li in elevator.

picture18But suddenly Gao Bing Bing called Bruce Li and said to him about dream and also her cooking passion then her frustration. Without she realized she has already leaned on his body.

picture19The secret place that Gao Bing Bing referred before actually is the most top place of Wang Nuo’s new house. Gao Bing Bing is set up a camping tent at there. She even stealing Wang Nuo’s electricity in order to use her laptop and any other electronic stuffs.

picture20 picture21Inside her tent, Gao Bing Bing recalled the moment when she met Bruce Li in front of elevator not long ago, staring her note book and suddenly her thought wondering as if there is a music coming from Wang Nuo’s house. Wang Nuo is enjoying his time by drinking red wine, listening to music and reading book. After a while she realized why suddenly she thought about Wang Nuo not her house.

picture22In Wang Nuo’s new house, Bruce Li is letting out his frustration to Wang Nuo telling him that he is doomed since he didn’t feel anything when hugging Gao Bing Bing before. At beginning Wang Nuo said that it was so normal for him not to have feeling to Gao Bing Bing, but he is protest by Bruce Li and then Wang Nuo is trying to comfort him by saying perhaps he just haven’t found right person so that he didn’t feel anything. When Wang Nuo and Bruce Li are having conversation, Gao Bing Bing is eavesdropping but she not hear the beginning of the conversation.

picture23Gao Bing Bing only heard when Bruce Li said that at the moment he held her in his arm, he didn’t think her as his student but as woman which very fast cut by Wang Nuo by said which part of her is attractive and then their conversation moved to Ai Zhen who by intentional let Gao Bing Bing to wait for long time because the mistakes did by Gao Bing Bing before such as ‘fried rice’ and also ‘house’.

picture24Gao Bing Bing and Wang Nuo met in game as Juliet and Romeo. As usual two of them are chatting if they don’t fight with monsters and this time Wang Nuo asked have she passed all her obstacles. Gao Bing Bing said she felt want to cry, feeling bullied.  An idea pop up in Gao Bing Bing’s head when Wang Nuo (Romeo) asked her did she find te way to counter attack to the people bullied her. She sees a post it memo in her laptop and then she just knew what to do.

picture25Early in the morning Gao Bing Bing sticking post it paper to Wang Nuo car also made a ‘sorry’ word in every sides in car and she happily takes the picture of the car also said that since Wang Nuo said her owed him many apologies then these post it should be enough.

picture26 picture27 picture28At the beginning Wang Nuo still not realise if the car that being posted by sticking not actually is his car. But at the moment he checks on it, he is so shocked found his car was being post sticking notes. Furthermore he is in hurry so he only takes down the front side and also down the windows and driving to hospital. Gao Bing Bing who hides not far from there laughing looked at Wang Nuo who has driven away his car.

picture29 picture30When Wang Nuo arrives at hospital, everyone who meets him would thank him which little bit confused. He hasn’t sensed something wrong until he enters his office room. He sees Fang Wen Qin and Shen Yi Le are eating pizza happily. And when see him directly they thanked him alike any others people who met Wang Nuo before. Confused, Wang Nuo asked them what to be thanked. He also said he was not hungry when Fang Wen Qin gave him a drumstick. Not long after Ai Bo is coming with pizza man who brings boxes of pizza. Everyone looks startled when Wang Nuo said that he didn’t make the orders.

picture32picture31Gao Bing Bing is waiting for Ai Zhen in front of elevator. When the elevator door opened, Ai Zhen and Bruce Li are inside. Gao Bing Bing starts the conversation by saying she was waiting for Ai Zhen yesterday but it seemed she forgot. And suddenly Ai Zhen changed the topic by saying she is searching assistant for Bruce Li and asked was Gao Bing Bing has candidate.

In Kitchen’s rest room, Gao Bing Bing’s colleagues satirized Gao Bing Bing at the moment they see her. Chef Ding even does not arrange any works for her.

picture33 picture34Bruce Li just done with his consultation with psychiatry. By coincidentally he meets Shen Yi Le who this time recognized him. Shen Yi Le trying to have conversation with Bruce Li by bringing up the topic when last time she saw him seeing urology doctor. Just by this time, Wang Nuo passing by and helps Bruce Li. He said Bruce Li perhaps getting in wrong room since he is coming to meet Wang Nuo.

picture35Not long after Wang Nuo back from hospital, Gao Bing Bing also get off from her working place. At the moment she spots at Wang Nuo’s car, she shows awe expression and then touching that white car. When she looks the car, suddenly she hears Wang Nuo’s voice.

picture36picture37Wang Nuo : Gao Bing Bing!
Gao Bing Bing : You scared me.
Wang Nuo : If you are guilty of something, of course you would be afraid.
Gao Bing Bing : When did I?
Wang Nuo is pointing at his car blackbox and said that it could record automatically whenever people touched it. Since she has already being caught, hurried she trying to dodge by saying that she was sincere asking apologizing to him.

picture38Flash back. When Wang Nuo still in Hospital. He was asking Fang Wen Qin and Ai Bao to clean his car after both of them have eaten the pizzas which not order by him but must be paid by him.

Back to present, Wang Nuo looks at Gao Bing Bing with indescribable expression. Since Gao Bing Bing has caught, she defeated by saying Wang Nuo didn’t accept her apology so that she offered to clean his car. At same time Wang Nuo also accused her with the pizza ordering which denied by Gao Bing Bing. She said that she only sticking the sticky note and about ordering pizza, she really didn’t know and didn’t do by her.  Moreover she has offered to wash his car so there was nothing that she didn’t admit. But ordering pizza really wasn’t done by her. Wang Nuo didn’t accept her excuse and asked her to wash his car twenty times, Gao Bing Bing negotiated to ten times but finally both of them deal at 15 times.

Night time, Ai Zhen comes to Wang Nuo’s house. She starts the conversation by saying the house that Wang Nuo bought even though it is near to hospital but it is too small for one family and raising kids. At sudden, Wang Nuo recalled his conversation with Bruce Li, he said that Ai Zhen has feeling for him then after heard Ai Zhen’s words. He finally grasping where this conversation going to be. Wang Nuo tries not to be too direct to Ai Zhen so he around about Ai Zhen relation with Fang Wen Qin, quickly Ai Zhen changed the topic by asking one of the music disc and at the moment Wang Nuo said it from Bruce, she put it back directly.

Meanwhile, Gao Bing Bing getting out from her tent to breathe fresh air since her stomach and said that she would living peacefully with her ‘grandma uterus’. Taking her medicine, she messages Wang Nuo (Romeo), said that her Mr.right has appeared.

In Wang Nuo’s house, the conversation between Wang Nuo and Ai Zhen still continuing. Wang Nuo asked Ai Zhen to consider Fang Wen Qin. Suddenly the atmosphere is changed, Whenever Wang Nuo wants to be direct Ai Zhen will cut his words. Since he really cannot tell anything to Ai Zhen, he left her alone in living room and back to his game. Then the conversation about their names come out.
Juliet : Why do you call yourself as Romeo?
Romeo : When I was in middle school I always like sport car, Alfa Romeo thus in order to remember my youth, I love Romeo. What about you?
Juliet : It is because my mom loved the song of ‘sad Juliet’ during that time I was still ten years old. It was my most beautiful memories.
Romeo : What a joke. So Romeo and Juliet was a car and a song. It is very scientific.
Juliet : …..

Suddenly there is emergency call in Wang Nuo’s mobile phone so he should end his conversation with Juliet (Gao Bing Bing)

In the morning when Wang Nuo in his office. He is looking at outside and found out it is raining and suddenly he thinks about Gao Bing Bing whether she is washing his car or not. Not long after that, Shen Yi Le, Fang Wen Qin are coming. Shen Yi Le starts the conversation by telling Wang Nuo the person who ordered pizza has caught by police. And that weird person turned to be last time pervert who was taught a lesson by Wang Nuo. Immediately Wang Nuo expression changed because he has accused Gao Bing Bing wrongly.

Rain is falling heavily. Gao Bing Bing’s tent is wet by rain and she still sleeping inside without knowing her tent is leaking and almost wet all her things inside. At the moment she found it out, hurry she do cleaning.

Everyday Gao Bing Bing will wait for Wang Nuo to go for working before she coming out and also she will wait Wang Nuo to go home and then go upstairs. But sometimes she would play frank with Wang Nuo without being found out by him. During night she would chatting with him about her retaliation and he will always give her advises. Life seems not smooth for Gao Bing Bing because in her working place, Ai Zhen and Chef Ding also giving her hard time. Moreover finally her place is found out coincidentally by Wang Nuo when he going to upstairs.


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