Recap: The King Of Romance (如朕親臨) Ep 4

Wang Nuo finally found out that Gao Bing Bing still hasn’t moved from his place. Living in his building top and even use his electricity.

Here the recap for episode 4

picture1picture2Early in the morning Wang Nuo is already waiting for Gao Bing Bing in front of Kelly Hotel. At the moment he sees her, he smiles so brightly and sweetly which makes Gao Bing Bing feels little bit uncomfortable. Gao Bing Bing said to him if he wants to meet Manager Ren (Ren Ai Zhen) he can directly get inside. But Wang Nuo said that he is coming for Gao Bing Bing. He wants to give her his apology because he has misunderstood her as the person who played frank sending pizza. Gao Bing Bing said she has forgiven him and asked him not to think of it.

picture3Then the conversation changes, Wang Nuo asked about her new place. Gao Bing Bing said that she has good neighbor, she also can listen beautiful music, etc. Then Wang Nuo takes up his mobile phone and shows her pictures. Gao Bing Bing still not get what Wang Nuo tries to say from first picture but after the second, the third then she realized Wang Nuo has found out about her camping tent. Wang Nuo asked her to move out within two days.

picture4 picture5In Hotel kitchen the hotel staff is asking manpower from Chief Ding but he is refused to give his man. By coincidentally, Gao Bing Bing heard it. After the staff leaves, Gao Bing Bing asks Chief Ding can she go to help after she finishes her work, but she just anger Chef Ding.

picture6Meanwhile everyone is busy with Bruce Li’s event preparation. Gao Bing Bing is taking a peek to Bruce Li’s event. Bruce Li sees Gao Bing Bing and have a talk with her but suddenly Gao Bing Bing see the decoration light going to fall and hit Bruce. Gao Bing Bing is pushing away Bruce and the light hit her.

picture7 picture8Gao Bing Bing is brought to emergency room when the ambulance arrived at hospital and by coincident Wang Nuo is passing by ER and heard Gao Bing Bing name being said. Wang Nuo takes a look and when he gets closer suddenly Gao Bing Bing gets up and throwing up at him.

When He is at his office, changing new clothes that he takes from his locker. Shen Yi Le and Fang Wen Qin are walking in. Shen Yi Le is complaining that Bruce Dessert event is canceled. Wang Nuo heard it and asked, “What happened?” then Shen Yi Le said that there was an incident in Bruce’s dessert event. His assistant got hurt. Fang Wen Qin said that not Bruce’s assistant but Wang Nuo’s enemy, Gao Bing Bing. This fact is little bit surprised for Shen Yi Le. Then Wang Nuo also asked how she got her injure. Fang Wen Qin said that he heard from ER’s doctor that Gao Bing Bing was rushing to help Bruce when the decoration light was going to be toppled.

picture9 picture10Wang Nuo is about to check Gao Bing Bing condition and at same time Bruce also arrived at hospital and then he asked Wang Nuo how about Gao Bing Bing’s condition. Wang Nuo explains Gao Bing Bing condition which shocked Bruce since Wang Nuo said her forehead need to be stitch and it perhaps leave scar.  When Bruce and Wang Nuo enter the patient’s room, they see Gao Bing Bing has already not in her bed.

Gao Bing Bing is back to Kelly Hotel. She heading to Bruce Li’s event place but at the moment she arrives, she sees few of the hotel cleaning service ladies are cleaning and tidying the place. She asked one of the ladies about the event, and the lady said it has canceled. Gao Bing Bing left the event place and heading to Hotel’s kitchen. But at the moment she stepped in her feet, the atmosphere is changed and at the time she wants to help out, Chef Ding facial expression changed to be not good. Chef Ding is angry to Gao Bing Bing because she went to Bruce Li’s place so that he strips down her position and replace her with Da Pang, her colleagues.

Gao Bing Bing is throwing out in toilet. Suddenly her mobile phone is ringing and it is Wu Bai He who calling her. Wu Bai He is phoning her to ask about her condition but instead of worrying herself, Gao Bing Bing seems to care about Bruce more than herself which anger Wu Bai He.

By coincidentally, Wang Nuo who is sitting right behind of Wu Bai He heard everything that said by Wu Bai He during the phone call. And at same time Wang Nuo also joining the online comment that discussing Gao Bing Bing. Wang Nuo tries to help clear up Gao Bing Bing’s name but the haters in internet even go fiercer. At the time Wang Nuo wants to type the next line, Bruce Li comes back and takes a seat in front of him asking about Gao Bing Bing.

Wang Nuo said that no one saw Gao Bing Bing and he even asked the nurses to help by made an announcement.  Wang Nuo said perhaps she was running away. Bruce Li looks so worry about Gao Bing Bing’s condition while Wang Nuo even though he does not show his feeling openly but he indeed worrying her.

picture1In the outdoor space in hotel Chairman Ren is talking to his daughter. Ai Zhen is taking few of papers and reporting to her father about customers complaining and also others thing related to Bruce Li that happened within one month. Chairman Ren who is favoring Bruce Li, trying to find excuses in order to cover Bruce Li. But Ai Zhen seems not care for the excuses made by her father to cover Bruce Li so that she said that she wanted to terminate the contract with Bruce with all the intangible loses. Just at the moment when Ai Zhen still in conversation with her father, Gao Bing Bing comes and hears it. She said the even ruined is pure because of her and she even said that she going to bear all the consequences.

In Hospital’s cafe

Wang Nuo and Bruce Li are talking about netizens comment about Gao Bing Bing which caused Bruce Li’s canceled his event.  When Bruce Li read the comments, he is so pissed off but Wang Nuo tells him that it’s a Karma for Gao Bing Bing. Bruce Li is blaming Wang Nuo because he said something not good when Gao Bing Bing isn’t in her good condition on contrary Wang Nuo arguing that all the comments are not important because the priority is finding whereabout Gao Bing Bing.

picture2Bruce Li got a phone call from Chairman Ren. Wang Nuo showed no sign with his hand gestures at the moment he hears Bruce said he was in hospital. But Bruce ignoring his signal and directly tell Chairman Ren that he is sitting in front of Wang Nuo in hospital cafe. Wang Nuo wants to take his leave but Bruce said that Chairman Ren is especially coming for him because he wanted to speak something to him.

Chairman Ren arrived at the Hospital cafe. His opening words are telling Bruce one good news with actually nightmare for Bruce because Chairman Ren wants to send him to Tokyo. As for Wang Nuo, Chairman Ren wanted him to have meal with Ai Zhen. No matter how Wang Nuo refuses, Chairman Ren insisted Wang Nuo to have meal with his daughter.

At the evening, Wang Nuo is coming to the restaurant which has arranged by Chairman Ren. When he arrived, the table still empty so he chats with Fang Wen Qin via line. Wang Nuo was asking Fang Wen Qin to search for Gao Bing Bing but he didn’t find her yet. Not long after that, Ai Zhen is arrived and asked why he asked her to have meal together. Wang Nuo told her that her father was insisting him when he was with Bruce. This made Ai Zhen little bit upset.

Finally Wang Nuo tells Ai Zhen she should not waste her time on him because he only sees Ai Zhen as his younger sister. Then Ai Zhen asked Wang Nuo to think he is having meal with his younger sister and suddenly Bruce chat pop out, Ai Zhen happened to read it and lead deeper misunderstood between Wang Nuo and Bruce relationship.

Bruce just informed Wang Nuo that Gao Bing Bing happened to stop to Hotel before. Take it as excuses, Wang Nuo tells Ai Zhen he has something important to do and then leaves Ai Zhen alone.

picture4 picture5Wang Nuo is searching for Gao Bing Bing on the way he out from the restaurant. Gao Bing Bing is weakly sitting on the stairs in street side. While Wang Nuo busying himself to communicate with his colleagues to find Gao Bing Bing and searching in the street by himself.  Not long after that, Wang Nuo spotted Gao Bing Bing in the street. At the moment Wang Nuo sees Gao Bing Bing, he asked her to go back with him to hospital but Gao Bing Bing refuses because she feels fine.

picture6Wang Nuo said that her condition is not well and asked her to go back to hospital. Gao Bing Bing said she wanted to go home and immediately cut off by Wang Nuo said, which home she going to back, hers or his?. Then Gao Bing Bing said that she going to pack her things and then move. Wang Nuo said to her that Bruce worried her, then she stopped. At the moment she going to leave, she faint into Wang Nuo embrace.

picture7Wang Nuo is piggyback Gao Bing Bing when she lost her consciousness, brings her to basement where he parking his car while Gao Bing Bing getting inside the car, she is checking on internet discussion and found out many people cursing and talking about her. Wang Nuo takes Gao Bing Bing’s mobile phone and then throws it to the behind seat and asked her to have a rest while he is driving her to hospital to have proper check and treatment.

picture8Wang Nuo is grabbing Gao Bing Bing’s hand when they are in hospital. Suddenly Wang Nuo’s mobile phone is ringing, it is an emergency case. Gao Bing Bing said to Wang Nuo that she is not going to run away anymore but Wang Nuo can’t trust her. Just in time, Shen Yi Le is passing by so Wang Nuo stopped her and asked her to take care of Gao Bing Bing.

picture9 picture10When Gao Bing Bing wakes up and having her meal, Bruce is visiting her at patient room. Asking about her conditions and have little bit chatting. Wang Nuo looks little bit exhausted after handle the emergency case. Shen Yi Le little bit curious with him who so concern with Gao Bing Bing’s condition moreover she isn’t his patient and this just rare to happen. Seeing Wang Nuo reaction, suddenly Shen Yi Le wants to gossip and asked him many things such as his relationship with Gao Bing Bing. Wang Nuo explained it’s not because he wants to meddle but Gao bing Bing is one of the most troublesome patient he ever met.

picture11Shen Yi Le is about to leave, Wang Nuo offers to send her but Shen Yi Le refuses and said to Wang Nuo, he should act this way to the girl that he likes and this words referred to Ai Zhen. But Wang Nuo is underlining his relationship with Ai Zhen not going to be alike Shen Yi Le thought because she just little sister for him.

picture12 picture13 picture14Morning in the hospital. Gao Bing Bing gets down from her bed and prepares to leave but on her way, she spotted Wang Nuo coming. She tries to avoid him but at last she still caught by Wang Nuo. Finally she obediently backs to her patient room followed by Wang Nuo. Before Wang Nuo said anything she told him that she just taking a walk for fresh air, not trying to escape moreover she does not have place to go. And then Wang Nuo asked what was she planning to do since he had given her two days to move out from his place.

Gao Bing Bing excuses that since he was the person who taking her to hospital how could she move out. Wang Nuo told her to directly moves out once she out from hospital but Gao Bing Bing is trying to negotiate with him. Wang Nuo threatened that he going to ask cleaning service to clean her tent at same time, she is asking him her mobile phone but Wang Nuo ignores her and then left the patient room.

picture1Wang Nuo is parking his car in parking lot at the moment when he wants to look at the rear spot, he sees Gao Bing Bing’s mobile phone at his back seat. Suddenly he remembered he was throwing that mobile phone when Gao Bing Bing browsing internet. By coincidentally he reads Gao Bing Bing’s line that sent by Wu Bai He.

Bruce is knocking at Wang Nuo’s car window when he still lost in his thought about Gao Bing Bing. He lets Bruce to get in to his car and asking him whether he has time or not to go for fishing. Bruce agrees to go fishing with Wang Nuo at Father Wang’s place.

On the way to Father Wang’s place, Bruce told Wang Nuo that Gao Bing Bing is fired from hotel and then he also said that how pitiful Gao Bing Bing because she is injured and at same time she also being fired.

picture2 picture3Arrived at Father Wang’s place, Wang Nuo is quite surprised to spot Ai Zhen in his father’s place and at same time Ai Zhen is also surprised to see Bruce comes with Wang Nuo. All of them finally fishing together and when they are in fishing area, suddenly Bruce asked Ai Zhen why she fired Gao Bing Bing. She reasoned that Gao Bing Bing has broken many rules since she is someone learn about law, she must take an action. At beside, Wang Nuo keeps his ears open. Wang Nuo opens his mouth and said that although Gao Bing Bing is little bit odd, but right now fired her, didn’t it little bit too over moreover she still hospitalized in hospital, furthermore it is going to affect the hotel reputation. But Ai Zhen insisted her decision was right and both of her and Bruce broke into argument.

Father Wang suddenly comes out and immediately Ai Zhen and Bruce stopped. Taking an excuse to let Wang Nuo and Father Wang to have time together fishing, Bruce hints Ai Zhen to have talked at another side by taking two glasses and one bottle red wine. Bruce said actually he understands that he not suitable working in kelly hotel because he could not develop in that kind environment and he also said that he wants to stay in Taiwan which shocked Ai Zhen.

picture4Meanwhile Father Wang and Wang Nuo are having father and son conversation while fishing. Father Wang is trying not be so direct to Wang Nuo about marriage and Ai Zhen. Father Wang knows his son is quite stubborn so that he does not directly ask Wang Nuo to marry Ai Zhen instead of telling him when he starts to think about having his own family and marriage. It not like Wang Nuo does not know his father intention so that he tells Father Wang that he does not have intention to marry Ai Zhen. He has tried to tell her but she still so stubborn.

picture5 picture6 picture7At night, Wang Nuo suddenly coming to Karaoke where his colleagues gathering and singing. The sudden coming of Wang Nuo to join the group is little bit strange for Shen Yi Le and others. The atmosphere turns to be little bit awkward and then Wang Nuo just sits on the most corner place. Shen Yi Le who sees him, come closer and ask what’s matter with him. But Wang Nuo not really talks about his matter. He only shows a boring expression.

Not long after that suddenly the voice message in Gao Bing Bing’s mobile phone rings. Wang Nuo listens to the voice message and the person who left the message is Wu Bai He. After Wang Nuo listened to the voice message, his expression still same.

picture1 picture2Meanwhile, Gao Bing Bing is having her dinner (instant cup) in her blue tent. But at the moment when she is going to eat suddenly Wang Nuo opens her tent’s and looks directly onto her which startled her. Gao Bing Bing thought Wang Nuo is coming to chase her out so that she told him that she stills have two days left for moving out.

At the moment Wang Nuo sees the heat patch which bought by Gao Bing Bing, actually his heart is already soften. Seeing Gao Bing Bing who looks so pity because she does not have place to go and trying to survive from cold inside her small blue tent with heat patch.

picture3Wang Nuo brings Gao Bing Bing to his home. He opens his refrigerator and then asking Gao Bing Bing to make whatever food she wants to eat. Happily she rummages his refrigerator and taking few items to cook.

Gao Bing Bing cooks two portion of ravioli from frozen dumpling. Even though Wang Nuo talks sharply to her but she looks does not mind with him, she just enjoys eating her food by herself. Suddenly Wang Nuo asked her did she fire from her job and she answered yes by nodding. And then Gao Bing Bing chats that since she met Wang Nuo no good thing happened to her so that she is asking more time. Wang Nuo tells her the reason he asking her to come to his place is to show her what kind of good person he is.

Because Gao Bing Bing is jobless, got hospitalized and no place to stay. Even these are none of his business but because she was the previous owner of house before and it makes him to look bad then he gives her a month grace that let her to stay in rooftop’s room. Wang Nuo also gives her few conditions before both of them reach a deal.

picture4 picture5Not long after that Wang Nuo’s door bell is ringing. It is Bruce who is coming over to spend Christmas together with Wang Nuo. Both of Wang Nuo and Gao Bing Bing are shocked when they knew it. Hurry Wang Nuo asked Gao Bing Bing to hide in his bathroom, Gao Bing Bing even bringing her plate of ravioli with her.

picture6Wang Nuo opens the door for Bruce who is bringing lot of things in his hand. At same time he smells something nice which is a Ravioli that made by Gao Bing Bing. At same time, Gao Bing Bing is happily smiling inside the bathroom. When Wang Nuo sits on his sofa, he asked Bruce why did he come to his place. Bruce said that he is coming to save Wang Nuo who is unsociable and spend Christmas together so that he is coming over to Wang Nuo’s place.

picture7Wang Nuo is trying to be politely ‘ask Bruce to go’ but suddenly Bruce brings up the topic about to set up his own business and then he wants to take along Gao Bing Bing with him to do business. At the moment when Bruce said all his reasons why must Gao Bing Bing, Wang Nuo is bit worrying and even asking him whether he do good or not.


picture9After some time, Wang Nuo’s bell rings again. This time, Ai Zhen is coming over to Wang Nuo’s place. She excuses that she bringing something for him. Wang Nuo shows kind of don’t know to say expression. As additional Bruce said that he wants to go to bathroom and at the moment Gao Bing Bing who is inside the bathroom turns to be panic. She finally decided to hide inside the bathtub and pulling the curtain to cover the bathtub.

picture11Since Bruce has already gotten inside the bathroom, Wang Nuo can’t do much so that he just directly opens his door for Ai  Zhen. Then the shocking moment… Ai Zhen meets Bruce in front of the bathroom and three of them get into awkward atmosphere. Wang Nuo does not worry Bruce meets Ai Zhen but Gao Bing Bing who stays inside the bathroom.

picture12 picture13-copypicture14-copySo Wang Nuo gets inside the bathroom to make a check by excuses the water tap is leaking, leaving Bruce and Ai Zhen alone. After he closes the door, hurry he looks for Gao Bing Bing who sitting quietly in bathtub. At the time when Gao Bing Bing is standing up and wanting to get out from bathtub, she stumbles and almost fall down, just by chance Wang Nuo catches her.

picture15The tiring night still goes on for Wang Nuo. Both of Ai Zhen and Bruce aren’t about to go back soon as he wish and both of them even starts to argue each other which gives more headache to Wang Nuo.

picture16 picture17 picture18 picture19 picture20Finally after Ai Zhen and Bruce leave Wang Nuo’s house, Wang Nuo goes to bathroom to call Gao Bing Bing to go out but he found that Gao Bing Bing falls asleep in bathtub. He looks at her for while and even bother himself to check hers wounds, he uses his towel as her pillow and then he goes out from bathtub and bring guilt to cover Gao Bing Bing.

picture21 picture22After take a rest for while, Gao Bing Bing left Wang Nuo’s bathroom and then back to her tent. At same time, Wang Nuo is busying himself playing game and chatting with Juliet.
Romeo : Have you ever taken a stray dog?
Juliet    : Yes.
Romeo : Do you not afraid of fleas?
Juliet    : It will be gone after take a medicine.
Romeo : You are not afraid of shedding.
Juliet    : Use a vacuum
Romeo : What about of dog allergy?
Juliet    : Air purifier
Romeo : Not afraid dog going to disturb neighbor?
Finally Wang Nuo said that he going to take a stray dog so that he asked Juliet to be his consultant. And she answered him yes. The next morning when Gao Bing Bing cleaning Wang Nuo’s car, he is cleaning the storage room for Gao Bing Bing.



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