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K-Drama : All About My Mom (부탁해요, 엄마)

i-love-my-momIt has been sometime, I haven’t talked much about K-drama and my latest post was Goblin, I think so XD

So this time, I want to talk about All About My Mom (부탁해요, 엄마) Literally means Please Mom which sound like pledging (Begging to make promise). I have been marathoning this drama not long ago and just finished it by yesterday. I can’t believe how this drama stirred my moods so much or I just too melancholy when it comes to watch Slice of Life genre dramas.

Drama Tittle : All About My Mom (부탁해요, 엄마)

Total Episodes : 54


The drama is started when Lee Jin Ae (Eugene) finally can buy her own house. She is happily touring her new house, taking pictures of all corner her house after she signed the paper. She keeps on smiling even when she has already at outside but her expression just changed immediately right after her mom, Im San Ok (Go Do Sim) calling her. Im San Ok purposed to call Jin Ae only to tell her to have dinner at home to celebrate her older brother’s birthday, Lee Hyung Kyu (Oh Min Suk).

Lee Jin Ae works hard to make money only to end up spending it on her family. Her mother Im San Ok shows so much affection toward Lee Hyung Kyu (The Eldest Son and also Jin Ae’s older brother). While Her father, Lee Dong Chul although he loves all his children especially to Jin Ae and Hyun Soon (the makne, youngest son) he just powerless father.

Due to few times coincidentally, Lee Jin Ae meets Kang Hoon Jae, who coincidentally is the son of her Boss who she admires the most and marries him. While experiencing difficult times with her mother-in-law, Jin Ae begins to understand her own mother for the first time.

Azurro’s impression:

I will definitely recommend this drama as Must Watch drama because this drama is so good. I learned many things from this drama and at same time, it give me new perception about Mother love toward her children.
Lee Jin Ae always think she has done so much for her family but her mother never seen goodness inside her. Her relationship with her mother is alike Love and Hate, She loves her mom so much and willing to sacrifice everything for her mom even to give up her dream house in order to lessen her mom burden. But she hates her mom whenever thing is related to her older brother, Hyung Gyu who is favor the most by her mom.

San Ok might seem not fair when comes to love her children because she favor oldest son so much. But, it does not mean San Ok hates Jin Ae. She just can’t show her love toward her daughter who she treated almost like Cinderella (when it comes to mistreat). She never put her as priority in her life because Hyung Gyu.

Father Lee and third son, Hyung Soon are having relation alike best buddy. Father Lee is someone nice, kind, warm heart, understanding but weakling and indecisive.

The story is good but because the actors and actresses, it just make this drama perfect for me. Almost all the actors and Actresses who played in this drama aren’t new faces. The story plot is okay, not too intense and not too draggy.

Few of my favorite scenes

picture1This is the first time Lee Jin Ae meets Kang Hoon Jae by coincidentally. Jin Ae because she was so angry to her mom, she tried to piss off San Ok by agreeing to meet President Kim who is landlord of her mom’s store. While Kang Hoo Jae is taking job to repair one of ceramic floor in ladies toilet.

picture2First time Father Lee slaps his oldest son because he feels everything just too much for Jin Ae to endure moreover San Ok is too favor Hyung Gyu, sided him almost all the time.

picture3Jin Ae mistaken Hoon Jae as her youngest brother, Hyun Soon.

picture4 picture5

picture6This is one of the heartbreaking scene when Father Lee found out Mother Lee has tumor in her head.

Have you watched this drama? What do you think?

Few part of Synopsis taken from wikipedia.


One thought on “K-Drama : All About My Mom (부탁해요, 엄마)

  1. thank you azurro..i have seen this drama before..really touching…both story & actors are really great. there is another drama you must watch too that have similarity in story, i forgot about the title but the actor that act as jin ae’s mom is same person..

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