Song : 不存在的你 (Your Presence) – Kimi Qiao (喬任梁) Feat 阿悄

kimiThis is the one of my favorite songs from Kimi. And at same time this is the first song that I listen after kimi passed away. At beginning I wanted to put ‘Without You’ as the English title for this song but I don’t know why I just can’t. So I change it to ‘Your Presence’.

不存在的你 (Your Presence)

Kimi Qiao (喬任梁) Feat 阿悄

已经记不清你第一次的 hello
Not really remember the first time you said Hello

你说要勇敢 想做的就去做
You say must be brave if want to do then do it

有时候觉得在孤单地 行走
There’s time feeling lonely moving on

Turn my back then realized you are still at behind

世界太迷离 我无力看清
World is too blurred I can’t see it clearly

You used to guide me

没有人肯听 没有人能听
No one wants to listen, no one can hear

But you can see through me

那奇怪的你 不完美的你
The strange you. the imperfect you

But able to pull my heart

不知往哪去 只要看到你
No matter where I am going, as long as I can see you

I strangely turn to be at ease

我想你 我愿意为你停驻
I miss you, I willing to stop because of you

我爱你 我永远不会认输
I love you forever I won’t admit lose

我问你 什么要勇敢追逐
Let me ask you, how to be brave pursuing you

To understand

Good bye

Continuing our brilliant journey

There’s a time I feel love need a time

去证明 去发现 我们与众不同的一切
To prove to find out all of ours differences

你在这边 你在那边
You are in here you are at there

好奇怪 一拥抱到你
It is so strange getting one embrace from you

I have unlimited braveness

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