Azurro’s Gift : Lost In Island

Hey, I’m back ^_^

How everyone thought about previous chapter post? I hope everyone enjoys the reading despite of its format which indeed unfavorable. As I promised before, I’ll do the update A naive short tempered girl which actually I was thought to change the format with the normal one but after all I want to do different thing and it turned out to be my gift for everyone. I change my mind, I think it’s better to post additional chapter part (but in normal post). Hence, this is the last part of Chapter 401.

Chapter 401

Last Part

13 years ago, how could the 15 years old Yu Ao Tian who was the son of the high level politician’s eldest son to adapt and became the scoundrel who wandering in the street?

She still remembered the time when she followed Long Ye and others having a meal, everyone was talking about the process first time they encountered Yu Ao Tian, and also vaguely talked about the society starting from the most bottom when they gotten into Yu Long group, also the hardship that they encountered.

But, she believed whatever they said were only the superficial things, from the scars in Yu Ao Tian’s back she could confirm that the process from the start to the end it was actually hard and bloody.

During that time she could not make any connection between Yu Ao Tian and also the eldest son of the Prime Minister (Former Prime Minister Qi Lian), but now after the series….

She gradually can understand the reasons and steps that taken by Yu Ao Tian in order to revenge on behalf his father!

After all, he has sacrificed too much for his path to go into the politic world, he has really sacrificed too much.

Once Yao Yao thought about this she could not help herself but to feel ache in her heart.

This is the thing that she unwilling to dig out, this is the reason why she unwilling to face Yu Ao Tian, She really hate herself who understood everything and then her heart goes to soften. But…..

Even though Yu Ao Tian had made many sacrificing in his past, he was innocent. Then how about her mother?

Didn’t her mother also innocent?

Stood up, Yao Yao heaved a sigh, raised her head, looked at the piercing sun light. It’s time for her to get back…. It seemed, there would not be any ship coming to pick her up!

These three days, she was constantly sitting in the seashore and waiting for the ship which going to pick her.

Perhaps this called as optimism, or perhaps this called as the reason she willing to live, she constantly telling herself, Yu Ao Tian has already succeed leaving this isolated island, he has succeed gotten back to China, he has already told Feng Chen Yi, regarding the matter she is still in this isolated island.

But… now it seemed, she still need to wait…. Quietly waiting….

“Haha, Father…. Father…. Father hug me!”

Arrived at the village, the first thing that caught her vision line was….. Xiao Li bright smiles were back! And then it was….

“Big brother! You guys how….” The Elder’s two sons…. In spite of everything they were coming back safe and soundly!

Yao Yao is happily rushed in front of them, her moist eyes were glistening with tears, that heart which felt heavy and also filled with guilty, finally pushed aside slightly of that gloomy mist.

Even though Elder has already left, but her sons have returned, as for Yao Yao finally she could feel the burden of guilty sense in her heart lessen!

“Little Girl, both of us are coming back safe and sound, all is thanking to your husband. If not because of him, perhaps both of us…. Have already died.”



22 thoughts on “Azurro’s Gift : Lost In Island

  1. I can’t wait for both YY n YAT to be together for good without unnecessarily third or fourth wheels getting in the way…

  2. waaa…big muah muah for you azurro..two updates and more in a week..thank u sooo much..its really a big gift from u for your lover..;-)

  3. Everyone is saved thanks to YAT. Thanks for the update. Hope YAT will clear up YY’s misunderstanding really soon.

  4. Thank god uyou change your writing format back. It was so difficult to read from before one.
    Thanks for update😊😊

  5. Hi Azurro, defiinitely a great gift ❤️Thanks a ton for the long post!
    Needless to say…….I’m even more curious now!!!

  6. Thanks Azurro…for someone whose both eyes wearing glasses +1.25, this reading text is heaven…hahahahha…

  7. Thanks Azurro for changing the format you do not know how hard it was for me to read the images, because I really do not see well and also it cost me to translate into Spanish because I do not know very well English

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