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Fiction : Love and Price Tag (愛情和價格標籤) 4

I cast Dilraba to be Mu Xiao Xi. Love her smile so much 🙂

Still remember about this unfinished project? This Fiction is novel that never published before and the first time being posted was in


Chapter 4

Unexpectedly (One)

Chen Yu Xuan summer holiday is ended not long ago. Since a week ago, she has started her boring school days as First year university student in S Guo Ji Da Xue. Lazily Chen Yu Xuan dragging her feet and walking to her school canteen to buy snacks. At the time when she arrived, there are few students who are queuing in snacks corner, she decided to get in line while her train of thoughts wandering to elsewhere.

“Xuan, do you know Xu Hao?” Asked Mei Ran.

“Xu Hao? President of Student council in my school? Why suddenly asked?”

“Do you close with him?”

“No. I just know him as President of Student Council. That’s all. What’s matter, auntie?”

“Hm.. nothing.” Mei Ran suddenly stopped and then smiled before she left Chen Yu Xuan in living room.

Chen Yu Xuan still thinking about last night conversation with Mei Ran, her auntie. Something just felt off for her since she is not particular close with Mei Ran. Furthermore, why suddenly her auntie brought the topic about Xu Hao. Did auntie Mei Ran know Xu Hao?

She not really know about Xu Hao this person such as he is the president of student council for three times in row, he has very excellent academic achievement, the only son from Xu family. But everyone knows about these information after all, they are coming from the same circle so impossible for her not to know such superficial things no matter how ignorant she is.

Still wandering in her thoughts, suddenly….

“Chen Yu Xuan! Chen Yu Xuan!” Someone called her but she wasn’t immediately turned to look at the person who called her.

“Hey, Chen Yu Xuan!” That person who called before is patted her softly on her shoulder, turned Chen Yu Xuan looked her straightly without any meaningful expression. “Ya, What’s matter?” She asked casually.

“Nothing really important, I just want to confirm, was it true Chen Jia Hong is yours cousin?” The person asked Chen Yu Xuan is Fang Zhi Lin, third daughter of Fang enterprise one of ten largest steel company in Shanghai and also Chen Yu Xuan’s classmate.

“Yes. He is my cousin.” Chen Yu Xuan lazily answered and moved few step to go front. Even she not really like this Fang Zhi Lin but she also could not act reckless such as offending her. After all they are living in same circle.

“Can you give me his contact?” Finally Fang Zhi Lin showed her true intention.

“You can contact his secretary. If I am not mistaken his secretary called as Miss Guo.” Chen Yu Xuan still replied politely even though she almost lost her patience toward Fang Zhi Lin.

“I had but if you can give me his personal contact, then it would be better.”

“Neither me.” Before Fang Zhi Lin could continue her words she has cut her and she added “I just met him one time during summer holiday when my big family held welcoming party for him. So, I don’t really close with him.” Chen Yu Xuan has already moved to the counter in front and started to order snacks.


Suddenly Chen Yu Xuan cut Fang Zhi Lin and said: “Would you like some?” She offered.

“No, thanks.”

“Okay, then I take my leave first.” Chen Yu Xuan paid her snack and bid her good bye, Chen Yu Xuan left Fang Zhi Lin alone inside the school cafeteria. Fang Zhi Lin still wanted to ask more but Chen Yu Xuan has left quite far.

Chen Yu Xuan didn’t want talk too much about her family especially things related to her Chen’s family. Since she was young she has learned to be alerted with anyone because of her family status and power. The Elders of Chen and also her aunties often telling her, people who come closer to them mostly had motive and people like Fang Zhi Lin are many in her surrounded.

Carrying her school bag Chen Yu Xuan is heading to library. From many places inside the school, library is one of her favorite place perhaps due to the peaceful atmosphere given by this place and the most important there is almost no one ever coming to visit the library. She puts her bag on one of the study table and then free herself to take look at book shelf, looking for something to read and right at the moment when she standing in History section she saw Xu Hao, but he isn’t alone, there still another person with him and they are kissing. That scenery startled her for few seconds and then she quietly moved away and then hurrying took her school bag and running outside the library.

“What was I seeing just now? See Ghost ah!” Chen Yu Xuan talked to herself when she has already at outside the library. At the moment when she still trying to calm herself suddenly…

“Argh!” Chen Yu Xuan shouted at the moment someone patted on her back.

“Hey, what’s matter? Why your reaction little bit…” Mu Xiao Xi looked Chen Yu Xuan with confused eyesight.

“SSt.. I just experienced something that perhaps would give me a nightmare.” Chen Yu Xuan whispered.

“What?” This evoking Mu Xiao Xi gossip nature.

“Ah~ I will tell you later. By the way, what are you doing in here? Don’t you still have a class?”

“I skip class. I was passing by and heading out school gate but spotted you under this big tree.”

“Where are you going?”

“Visiting someone that I haven’t seen for long time. Would you come with me?”

“Visiting Whom?”

“Just follow me, then you will know it.” Mu Xiao Xi happily smiles.

Side Notes:

The Character’s names ^-^

The heroine name is Chen Yu Xuan,  Thunder wants to use Jade (玉) because if the small stroke in Yu being removed then it going to be king (王) but I felt it such… ordinary. Finally we agreed to use 陈瑜炫 which mean awesome flawless gem or dazzling gem.

Chen Yu Xuan’s cousin brother name is 陈嘉弘 and her best friend Mu Xiao Xi (穆晓喜) even at the beginning I thought it was 小 then the meaning of the name would be Little Happiness but Thunder likes 晓 instead of 小.



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  1. Thanks Azzuro, for the hard work. I am liking this new novel so far, just read all the chapters since you posted this update. I’m a bit confused, because the names are similar. Chen Xu Hiong, cousin and student council president, this character and Chen Jia Hong, super famous cousin returned from US! Are they the same?

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