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One Shot Story : An Introvert Girl’s Love

This time, I like to share one of the oldest writing work that I had ever made during my school time. An Introvert Girl’s Love was one shot story that I had written years ago when joined writing competition in my school before. Although it wasn’t the best but, this writing piece always has something special in my heart.

An Introvert Girl’s Love

Part 1 (One)

‘Life is struggling, in order to live one’s need to work hard.’

This is one of life’s quote from Victoria Park, an Indonesian who born from Korean-Javanese’s parent that just moved to Sydney not long ago.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Victoria called when she didn’t see her mother in kitchen, a place where everyday her mother always be whenever she prepares breakfast.

“Mom is in here sweetie. In living room.” Said Mrs. Anggraini, Victoria’s mother.

“What are you doing, Mom?”

“Mommy is waiting for Dian who will come to take the order of her mother’s cookies. She said she would be here soon.”

“Oh…” She murmured.

“Mom, remember today is Vic’s first day at school after school holiday. Remembered to pick me up at nine. If not Vic will be waiting Mom until drying.” Victoria joked.


Six years ago, Victoria was new student who transferred from Government School to International School, EIS (English Indonesian School) the only private school with International level in her city. At the beginning, Victoria was so excited at the moment she knew that she being able to study in such elite school like EIS.

EIS is one of the most elite school in which most of the students are coming from wealthy family such as government officers, successful businessmen and whomever earn billions every years. Victoria was so lucky because her father’s boss, Mr. Herman helped paying her school fee.

Victoria’s first year in EIS wasn’t as beautiful as her expectation. Many of her classmates thought she as someone who was freak-out and most of time she was bullying victim. Victoria wasn’t smart girl, neither beautiful nor excellent in every subjects. Victoria was only a girl who has an ordinary academy level which sometimes could be ‘sucks’ because she always in worst ten.

There wasn’t a clear reason why Victoria not welcomed by her classmates and even for the most EIS population. Bullying action that done to Victoria never seen as something critical, even teachers were closing their eyes and seemed didn’t want to mind regarding the bullying action that happened to Victoria. As long as the bullying action didn’t take any life, then it wasn’t problem for teacher in EIS.

Victoria changed to be quiet introvert girl which sometime gave impression as if she is mute person because she almost never speak to either her teachers or classmates. Victoria would speak if only being asked and her answered mostly yes or no, sometimes she would only speak less than ten centimeters length of words.

But Victoria’s life slowly changed after Chrishine, the new teacher who came and taught in the third years when Victoria studied in EIS. Chrishine is used to be called as Chris because that teacher name sounded weird and also hard to pronounce.

Chris is a young teacher who graduated from Taiwan. Chris taught math subject which was one of the most ‘killing’ subject for the every students in the world.

The first attraction Victoria has for Chris wasn’t his Oriental good looking face but the way he was teaching and also his treatment which Victoria thought was one of the most humanity. Chris never scolded his students with stupid or failure person alike other teachers did to Victoria whenever she failed in her examination or when there was many mistakes with her homework.

For Victoria, Chris was alike oasis when she was thirsty. Victoria perhaps not a genius or smart, but Victoria has strong work hard spirit which almost not owned by her classmates.

“Victoria, your math examination for this time also failed. Actually, did you understand what I have taught you?” Chris asked when he saw Victoria in school library, the only place where Victoria could feel she alive and breath.

Victoria stopped reading and her head stayed down without letting out any words from her mouth, keep silent as if time is stopped.

“Victoria! Victoria Park! Have you listened to what I said?” Chris asked with little bit high speaking tone but it didn’t sound that he was scolding her. Again, Victoria still head down, didn’t give him any response.

“Victoria Park!” Chris called while pulling out one of the chair opposite her which made both of them were sitting face to face.

“Victoria, have you heard me?” Chris looked straightly in front of Victoria’s face.

“Yes. I have heard you, sir.” Victoria answered but her head still down stared at her book.

“Then, why didn’t you answer me at the moment I spoke to you?” Chris complained.

“There’s no reason.” She said.

“Oh My, Victoria, why you are so hard to speak. Moreover I am not coming here to scold you, but I am so worried with your grades. If you not study hard then you keep staying in nine grade forever.” Chris seemed little bit frustration when talking to Victoria.

“Do you have problem?” Chris asked when he saw Victoria hasn’t given any response.

“Nothing.” Victoria answered but this time she has lifted her head, looking at Chris.

“See, talking in this way is much better. You seem to read book from earlier. Did you know that I was looked alike frustrated person who kept talking before.” Said Chris with smile.

“Sir, I will take my leave if there is nothing to say anymore.”

“No! No! No! There still lots of thing to be talked.” Chris stopped Victoria who was trying to leave, stood up from her seat.

It was the first time for Victoria to talk for such long time with one of EIS’s population. Although Victoria still such stingy when speaking, but at least Chris still patient to talk with her.

Although it was still hard for Chris to have conversation with Victoria but it didn’t make that twenty four year man gave up to talk with Victoria. It has been six months Chris observing Victoria not because he fell in love with her or any toward this student of his. But, Chris was feeling so badly about Victoria’s grades and also her interactions with others in school. From Chris point of view, Victoria is diligent and also work hard person although the result not really satisfying. The main problem that seen from Chris point of view was Victoria introvert character and also the lack of guidance for that girl to get better result.


What do you think about this one shot story? I will continue to translate the second part after I get some response XD



6 thoughts on “One Shot Story : An Introvert Girl’s Love

  1. Ahhhh… I love your story and some story that you translated. Thanks for your effort. Somehow I’m so happy to know that you’re from indonesia (because me too.)

    Salam kenal, azzuro.
    From key

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