My Impression : Familiar Taste Episode 8 Jackson Yee And Mother’s story (易烊千玺和妈妈的故事)

Lately I am so into Chinese variety show such as Ace Versus Ace session two (Wang Yuan), Let Go My Baby session two (Yi Yang Qian Xi) and the up coming Give Me Five (Wang Jun Kai). I think the reason why I mind myself to check these variety shows actually is so obvious, first because TFBoys, second because the variety show itself has quite good ratings before (that’s why they have session two LOLS). But this time, I just want to talk about Familiar Taste (熟悉的味道), particularly episode 8th in which Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi was the guest.

I didn’t watch the first session nor the previous episodes in session two. I did only watch the episode 8th in which recorded Jackson Yi Yang Qian Xi and his mother. The title for the 8th episode was Yi Yang Qian Xi and Mother’s story.

Speak honestly I don’t really know what this show about. Since it titled Familiar taste then this show must have related to foods. If you are understand Chinese, then you can check the video below.

My impression
I like the way they shoot because it was so beautiful and I also like the opening. For one hours and seven minutes, the show actually wrapped so pack and in rush. But, I don’t mind it because my most favorite scenes were :

  • When Yi Yang Qian Xi showed his plan for giving his mother a surprise such as planing to give his mother handmade clothes, strawberry flowers and cook for his mother.
  • When Yi Yang Qian Xi sang a song for his mother after he served the food on table.

Thing that make me feel touched, when the host asked Jackson Yee why he wanted to thank his mother? Then he said that when he was little, he should have learned many talents (performing skills) such as Magic, Changing face, Dancing : ballets, traditional, street dance, etc. His father was working at outside Beijing then automatically most of his time was spending with his mother. Furthermore his family earning wasn’t really high but all was ‘invested’ to him beside daily spent. This wasn’t easy thing to do actually especially for mother.

When Liu Yong asked (one of the host) did Jackson Yee knew why he must learn that much? He said when he was little he didn’t know why, but when he was asked about his parent, he said that they are type of parent who want their children to be different with others. (I heart this point because my parent also this type of parent)

When I was a little you were hoping me to be different with other people. After I grow up then understood the difference actually the love that being given to you for me.

Afraid I can’t run over the time so that I keep on working hard but at the time when I turned, realized you have already old.


There was many times after hung up the telephone, silently I chanted,  ‘Mother, I miss you.’

That words that usually I feel shyly to say, today I will sing to let you hear it.

There are many people envying me shining under the glamorous spotlight but I just missed out the freedom under the sunshine.

At the time when I was happily working hard it was you who were accompanying beside me.

Sometimes happiness is such easy for example seeing you wearing my hand-made clothes

Sometimes really scared that I haven’t grown up but you have already old.



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