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Song Lyric : 家家酒 (Playhouse) – 家家

家家酒 (Playhouse)


抱歉 不是洋娃娃
Sorry, not a western doll

微笑 久了會累吧
Smile for long time would feel tired too

我怎麼想 就那麼想
I want to think as what I want

Lazy to pretend

抱歉 不擅長模仿
Sorry not good to imitate

你想要的 那種優雅
That kind of elegant you wanted

想哭的話 就哭了啊
If want to cry the just cry

What to care how being looked

我有一點累 才沒回嘴
I am too tired so not talking back

你認為的 自以為
It’s just your thought

並不是 無所謂
It does not matter

別把愛情 變成惡趣味
Don’t take love as bad taste

我們 是真的愛嗎
Are we really in love

Should I ask myself

要是像 家家酒 想要家 就有個家
Alike playing house want to have house then there will be house

It must be too good

願望 都會成真嗎
Wish will it come true

Open the panorama mode

愛不是 扮家家酒 玩膩了 說放就放
Love isn’t playing house get bored then just give up

As if nothing

我們 是真的愛嗎
Are we really in love

Should you ask yourself

要是像 家家酒 照劇本 過下去呀
Alike playing house following the script

Then it would be such happy

結尾 會有彩蛋嗎
will there a menu for the ending

Who gonna tell the truth

愛不是 扮家家酒 講好了 要忘就忘
Love isn’t playing house said want to forget then forget

Alike an adult

要是我 掉眼淚 那是愛 不是籌碼
If I shed the tears than won’t love be a bargain chip

轉過頭 不讓你笑話 ah~
Turned my back won’t let you to joke ah~


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