First Impression Episode 1-21 : The Fox’s Summer (狐狸的夏天)

Are you looking something little bit different story about CEO? Then you must check The Fox’s Summer AKA Hu Li De Xiao Tian. Just discovered Fox’s Summer not long ago. The drama is based of web-novel titled: 当总裁恋爱时 (At The Moment When CEO Dating). I was lured by it’s cute promotional poster and by apparently the synopsis was so convincing me to give it try. So, this wasn’t my first time watching Tan Song Yun.

Honestly, as actress she didn’t give me deep impression (absolutely not realized that she was one of the actress that played in Empresses in the Palace AKA The Legend Of Zhen Huan or Hou Gong in which Sun Li played as lead). But when she played in Tornado Girl session one and two as Fang Xiao Ying, best friend of Qian Bai Cao. As additional I watched her played in LoveO2o movie version, slowly I noticed her.

I haven’t checked the novel but the drama itself has enough amused me. Please note first session of the drama is ended not long ago and it hasn’t finished because it still has session two which gonna to air sometime.

Synopsis and Story Plot

Gu Cheng Ze is the CEO of Sheng Hong Mall which owned by Gu family, he is also Mrs. Gu’s adopted son. Mrs. Gu is expected her biological grandson to inherit the company so that she gave Gu Cheng Ze a mission to guide Gu Jin Yun. Between time, Gu Cheng Ze met a designer who called as Li Yan Shu, due to coincidence Gu Cheng Ze knew a past between Gu Jin Yu and Li Yan Shu during their school high. He also knew that Li Yan Shu has huge influenced for Gu Jin Yu thus he asked Li Yan Shu to work in his company as CEO’s special assistant.

When Gu Jin Yu met Li Yan Shu after years and found out that she is working in his family company, he also joined and worked in the company. After sometimes, finally the misunderstanding between Gu Jin Yu and Li Yan Shu solved and Gu Jin Yu decided to chase back Li Yan Shu who at that time didn’t have any feeling toward him anymore. Instead she has already fallen in love with Gu Cheng Ze for time she spent together with him, included living with him right after she being chased out from Han household ( a family that Li Yan Shu remarried after dumped her with her father).

Right at the moment when Li Yan Shu and Gu Cheng Ze feeling bloom, Mrs. Gu found out that two of them live together and strongly against it which later make Gu Cheng Ze gets closer to Li Yan Shu.

Actors and Actresses:

Tan Song Yun as Li Yan Shu AKA Karry Li
Li Yan Shu is independent, strong headed but very talented girl. She won’t let other people to bully her, her character is as cunning as fox. She adapts very well with new environment and also very capable to control herself even when she is in such drain situation. She types of woman who strong on outside and weak inside. She might cry and bleed inside her heart but she won’t ever show it. She won’t trouble herself to explain thing that she done.

Jiang Chao as Gu Cheng Ze
Gu Cheng Ze can be called as live lie detector because he is very sensitive to people who telling lie and Li Yan Shu the only person he knew that telling lie without blinking. At the first sight he might look alike domineering boss but actually he just little white rabbit who is clean-freak.

Zhang Xin as Gu Jin Yu
If Gu Cheng Ze is someone who discipline then Gu Jin Yu just his opposite. Gu Jin Yu has such easy going personally and also flamboyant but the only person he love truly only Li Yan Shu, his first love when he was still in high school.

Wang Yan Zhi as Han Jing Yao
She is stepsister of Li Yan Shu. both of them became family right after Li Yan Shu mother married her father. Han Jing Yao is secretly in crush with Gu Jin Yu since the first time she saw him during high school. She hates Li Yan Shu so much because she dated Gu Jin Yu and also the fact that two of them are step-sibling and the most annoyed her father sometime sided Li Yan Shu.

Few favorite scenes

Li Yan Shu was having drink in one of the bar that her father used to visit before passed away. Gu Cheng Ze found her and offered her job during her drunk state.

This is the next scene when Gu Cheng Ze brought drunk Li Yan Shu to his house. He bathed her because she was throwing up.

Gu Cheng Ze who is clean freak is little bit tolerate Li Yan Shu messy nature. It is not easy for him to adapt with the messy which created by Li Yan Shu during the time she staying with him.

The drama is quite entertaining despite of it hasn’t finished and I still waiting for session two. For the story plot, it is quite refreshing moreover when the genre is about CEO which typically the male is alpha and the heroine is little white rabbit.

There are many funny scenes, fluffy story and also didn’t make the heroine as someone needs to be pitied of since she knew very well how to take care herself.



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