China Variety Show : Let Go My Baby Session Two (放开我北鼻)

I have watched Let Go My Baby session two closely since the first time I saw the promotional video also teasers. Alike any others variety show, I didn’t watch the first session in which Ma Tian Yu (马天宇), Yu Xiao Tong (于小彤) took part as main guests to parent few little children in Let Go My Baby Session one. But, I will check session one right after I have time. After all, I like Ma Tian Yu too ^-^

So far I have watched until episode 4 surprisingly I like the show very much perhaps because I like the actors who joined the show and also the cutie-pie little babies.

The actors:

Yi Yang Qian Xi, singer (TFBoys), actor, dancer

Yu Xiao Tong (Actor)

Lin Geng Xin (Actor)

The babies:

This baby has joined since the first session and he was so closed with Ma Tian Yu before in first session (Revealed at the first episode session two)

Ha Lin

This baby also joined since session one. One of cute baby but such spoiled. Like to be carried.

Pu Pu
This baby is one of the funniest baby in this show. Pu Pu is so foodie. He will cry if they said there was no food for him.

Such cool baby ah~

Xue Er
Big sister for every babies.

Xiao Cong Hua
Can I say this baby as one of Yi Yang Qian Xi’s fan? Because she likes and very obedient to Yi Yang Qian Xi.

My Impression:

From three actors, I like Yi Yang Qian Xi the best then Yu Xiao Tong and last Lin Geng Xin because both of Yi Yang Qian Xi and Yu Xiao Tong really good in handling all the babies, while Lin Geng Xin perhaps best to prepare foods LOLS. Speak frankly, I don’t really fond to see Henry Lau (SJ-M) joined the show (not only this but others). I just think he really not suitable to join any shows even he really has a smile as bright as sun, very energetic but so clueless I think. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t hate Henry, just think he better to play drama, sing and dance.

I can’t say much about the babies because they just children. No matter how sometimes they could be so frustrated for the actors, most of time they really cute-pie babies that always have to steal your heart. I like Jackson as visual, Halin as troublemaker, Pu Pu just alike happy-fruit.

Anyone watch this show?



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