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Makeup For General Wants to Hug and Sleep-将军抱抱要睡觉 (Opening)

My apology for General Wants to Hug and Sleep’s reader. This is slightly embarrassing because I just realized that I missed out prologue part because the first source that I used during the translating process didn’t have prologue part that’s why I started directly with chapter one =.=”

This finding just happened not long ago when I was doing grammatical check and editing for General Wants to Hug and Sleep days ago by re-read the Chinese resources. Also, I have been updating the translation for few chapters which caused some changes compare to the first time translation whether in words choosing, grammar, etc. Simply to say, almost alike re-translate the novel back. Cool things about this process (re-translating), everything is changed but the excitement remaining same, just alike yesterday when I decided to take the project.

I am so thankful to Jiya, Djin-mage who helped me out with the very first editing process Chapter 1 (Djin-mage) Chapter 1-9 (Jiya).

 After all, General Wants to Hug and Sleep was my very first project that I ‘thought’ had finished. It wasn’t perfect, no matter from any aspect you read it but for me, General Wants to Hug and Sleep always have special place in my heart.

This is also the reason why I don’t want my projects being copied-paste no matter in Pdf or any distributable formats because we edit our translations continuously.

I will post Prologue as soon as possible. So stay tune ^-^


4 thoughts on “Makeup For General Wants to Hug and Sleep-将军抱抱要睡觉 (Opening)

  1. Hi Azurro, tgwthas is my favorate as well:) and i also time to time read again. Waiting yr update:)
    Thanks a lot for yr hard working in translations and i am so apratiate it.
    Take care dear:)

  2. Hehehe…the first story that made me stumble into your site was actually TGWTHAS…I will read again…Thanks a lot Azurro 😉

  3. I am soo happy to hear that it has a prologue. I have read it countless time. Cant wait to read the prologue. Thank you soo much.
    I am also condeming the person who stole your work..

    Thanks you soo much
    Ling Tzi

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