One Shot Story : An Introvert Girl’s Love (Final Part)

An Introvert Girl’s Love

Part 2 (Two)

Finally after few times meeting which most of time in school library, Chris and Victoria could have conversation alike normal people. Victoria could slightly be opened to Chris and started to speak up her mind.

Victoria academic grades also got better drastically because Chris was intense giving her extra tutorials when she ended her class in school. The places where two of them met each others could be at anywhere, school library, cafes.

Many of Victoria classmates felt weird to see her changes whether her academic progress and her facial expression. Victoria still didn’t talk much to her classmates but her facial expression was getting better, cheerful more and the most obvious was her grades that incredibly good. it was proven by Victoria rank which increased to top ten not the worst ten.

Victoria and Chris togetherness within these time, finally it grew a seed of love in Victoria’s heart. During that time, Victoria was only high school teenager. From respect shifting to admire feeling toward Chris who was so patient when dealing with her introvert-self, this girl starting to have different feeling (it’s not any simple feeling anymore)

That little girl unsure with what she has felt or happened to herself. Every times when she met Chris, her heart skip-beat compare to the other times. She could feel her face burning hot and blushing every time she sees Chris. On the other side, Chris didn’t know what was happened to his student. After having interaction for almost one year, for the first time Victoria seemed to make distant and seemed to be back to old time Victoria.

“Victoria, What about the Linear Equations and Functions that I taught this morning?” Chris asked when two of them were at Victoria’s house for extra class which they used to have.

“It’s okay. I don’t have problem.” Victoria answered shortly.

“Oh, did you know that ours school basket team go to final?”

“Hm..” Victoria hummed while doing her math homework.

“Victoria, Victoria Park. What is going on with you? Lately I feel you are little bit off, not really response my words. Do you have problem?” Asked Chris and he was moving to sit down beside of Victoria.

“Nothing. All is good.” Answered Victoria who seemed little bit tensed and her face redden.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable? Your face is redden.” Chris touched Victoria’s forehead which immediately avoided by her.

“Sir, I think that I should stop today’s lesson. I feel little bit headache.” Victoria made an excuse to that Chris could leave.

“Well, if today you are feeling unwell, Let’s end up.” Finally Chris left and…

Victoria just chased away Chris to leave with sick excuse, but her heart has been starting to miss him who just walking out from her in front yard.


“Victoria, next semester I will not teach in EIS.” Chris said at one afternoon when he was giving an extra class to Victoria.

“Why?” She asked, stopped writing.

“I will continue my education to Master. I will be going to Australia. This will be my last semester teaching in EIS.

An instantaneously Victoria could feel there was a big invincible stone pressed down her heart, it made her hard to breath. She could feel her head spinning, it is left three months before school final examination and the longest time she could see Chris would be less than four months.

“Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!” Chris called and snapped his fingers in front of Victoria who seemed in dazed.

“May I know, which school are you heading to?” Asked Victoria, she pretended to do Algebra.

“University of Sydney.” He said.

Finally, the time for separation is arrived. Final examination had passed for a week and now, Victoria still in her holiday time. Two days ago, Victoria sent Chris to airport.

“I never thought you will be the person who send me to airport.” Said Chris while he pulled his big size luggage.

“Yeah me too. I never thought that I could have interaction with you for this time. I am so thankful toward you because you have helped me to go this far also everything that done this time.” And when I fall in love with you, you are going to leave me. Thanks for the feeling, Victoria said inside her heart which she could not say out loud directly to him.

“Hm… Finally, it’s time to go.” Said Chris, he gave her a small box at the moment before he check in and went to boarding room.

“Take good care. Have a safe flight.” Said Victoria. “… and I love you.” This was her last words that she didn’t have chance to say it directly to Chris.

Tears was falling down from her eyes to cheeks without realized by her at the moment when she opened the small box that given by Chris. It was a silver ring that engraved ‘My Beloved Victoria’ inside its band and small note, ‘I will wait you’

“He has feeling for me.” She murmured.

Six months has been passing since the day Chris left her and went study to continue for his Master degree.

“Chris, wait for me. Next year when I graduate from here, I will go there.” She smiled when she looked at that silver ring worn in her ring finger.

Sky stills as blue as before, even it has been passing for six years. Although sun stills rise and set but the differences Victoria isn’t that quiet introvert girl who being bullied and also has worse grades. The today’s Victoria is someone strong, smart, hard working and independent. She is a girl who dare to dream and go for it. Furthermore she has changed to be cheerful and attractive girl.


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