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Review : Skin Vape Mosquito Repellent

One of disadvantage living in tropical country like my country, dealing and battling with mosquitoes are like endless fight. Last month, I purchased Skin Vape Mosquito Repellent out of curiosity and also the seller kept on saying this brand is one of the best product for mosquito repellent in Japan.

Product description (Description from website):

“Vape” repellent for skin!

Water-based and gentle on your skin so your entire family can use it. Repellent effect lasts for a long time. Guarantees protection against ixodid ticks!

●Guaranteed protection against ixodid ticks!

●Repellent effect lasts for a long time!

This product contains 10% active ingredient so the effect lasts for a long time.

●Gentle on your skin

This product contains sodium hyaluronate that has a gentle moisturizing effect on skin. It is water-based, so it agrees with skin and keeps it moist. Good for anyone.

●No unpleasant smell of repellent

This product has a fresh fragrance of citrus marine.

●Large-size for your entire family to use

The entire family, from children to adults, can use it daily before going outside, etc.


I have been using this product for about one month. I can’t say this is best product because I realized Skin Vape only works about 2-4 hours after applied. It has sharp smell and there is no citrus marine fragrance as it stated. It priced about 500 yen in japan which actually not pricey but after added with shipping cost to Indonesia, this product is really expensive (about IDR 200,000/60ml)

I won’t repurchase this product anymore, no matter how I viewed it. Either from quality or price because there are few Indonesian brand that cheaper than this product and also work better as mosquitoes repellent.


One thought on “Review : Skin Vape Mosquito Repellent

  1. We found lantana works. You can either crush the leaves & rub on or make a strong tea & put in a spray bottle. Possible to mix with lemongrass, verbena, eucalyptus &/or citronella oils in a body lotion base if you want to leave on longer & the lemongrass/eucalyptus mix is also helpful for healing existing bites.

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