Review: C-drama The Surgeons (外科风云)

Finally I finished watching with The Surgeons (外科风云)! This is one from few dramas about occupation that being able to catch my interest. I am so captivated with this drama, no matter from what aspects: the cast, the story plot, the way they filmed it, everything. I just like everything of this drama.

Let start from the synopsis:

So the story is started from thirty years ago when one of Ren He’s nurse being accused to give wrong medicine to patient which caused death due to allergic. That nurse’s son believed that impossible for his mother to do something fatal like that even caused death to the patient. Not long after that Zhang Shu Mei commit suicide due to the psychological pressured leaving her eight year son and four year daughter.

After years Zhang Shu Mei’s son Zhuang Shu, Chinese-American surgical expert. He comes back to China in order to investigate the truth about 30 years ago case related to his Mother and at same time he is searching for his younger sister who went missing due to human-trafficking’s victim. On the process to find the truth, Zhuang Shu meets Lu Chen Xi one of the most skillful surgeon in Ren He hospital who actually also the patient’s daughter who died due to allergic.

The Story Plot
If you like drama with occupation genre, then you may check The Surgeons because this drama is really beautifully filmed which giving such real feeling about hospital and also Doctor, this occupation. At same time, this drama also open about the politic that happened surrounded hospital such as ‘corruption, nepotism and collusion’ that happened inside hospital.

Actors and Actresses
Three most favorites actors and actress that I like the most in this drama are: Jin Dong who played as Zhuang Shu, Bai Bai He as Lu Chen Xi and Li Jia Hang as Chen Xiao Cong. I might watch few dramas that played by Jin Dong (Nirvana in fire, The Disguiser , candle in the tomb , Ode to Joy) none of his performance disappointed me. Bai Bai He is one of the talented actress no matter what role she played. Two times watched her playing as doctor, she really played it professionally as if she really a doctor and not an actress. About Li Jia Hang, I was surprised when I knew he took Chen Xiao Cong, this character because the first drama he played was Pearl Princess as Er Kang, very timid, serious and yet charming character while Xiao Cong just the opposite.

Jin Dong as Zhuang Shu

Li Jia Hang as Chen Xiao Cong

My Impression
This drama perhaps one of the best drama with occupation genre that I ever watched. It is so realistic, detail-oriented even during filmed the surgery scenes. One of the best scenes that gave deep impression was when Ren He should have accommodated and treated many patients due to disaster. The ER was fully packed, the doctors should work more than 48 hours and only have very little time to rest.

Also the scenery when Lu Chen Xi should do two operations in same room inside the medical tent because the car that should have taken the patient couldn’t move because blocked.

At same time, this drama also show sweet and romantic scenes such as the moment when Zhuang Shu-Lu Chen Xi confessed their feeling for each other. The funny thing when Chen Xiao Cong pursuit Yang Yu, ER nurse and the touching scenery when both of Chen Xiao Cong and Yang Yu tried hard to find and save the baby that being thrown by its mother. Short and yet so touching confession of Yang Yu who told Chen Xiao Cong that she almost giving up their baby due to their family situation in which both of them perhaps would difficult to take care the baby.


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