C-Drama: 寒武紀 Cambrian Period => My Impression Ep1-6

It’s Wednesday again!

This is my first time to watch Hou Ming Hao (侯明昊) acting after I have spotted him in Let Go My Baby first session with Ma Tian Yu and Xiao Tong not long ago (I watched session 2 first then season one) So, Hou Ming Hao still fresh in my mind LOLS.

Okay, so what this drama about?
An extravagant life in the southern island, it isn’t only a paradise for women to go for shopping, it also have casinos to please men’s pleasures. While the kind-hearted, nice and innocent female lead Tang Yin (Zhou Yu Tong) accidentally get trapped into the dream of an extravagant life in the southern island when she came to visit her best friend Ke Ke. At same time she met beautiful youngster Jian Zi (Hou Ming Hao) who has identity as an assassin beside the owner of hostel and drinking place also handsome police officer Li Yong Qi (Mike He).

Actors – Actresses and Characters

Hou Ming Hao as Jian Zi
When Jian Zi small he is adopted by Zhan Shi Li, a mafia boss also business man in Southern Island. He has many business and one of it is casinos. Jian Zi just one of many adoptive children that adopted by Zhan Shi Li, being trained with various skill in order to be chosen as one of his heir, continuing his business. Jian Zi also has another name called as Lian Bu, an assassin.

As I mentioned this drama is the very first time I watched Hou Ming Hao acting. To be honest, it quite surprising me to watch Hou Ming Hao took Jian Zi’s character because I should say this character should be so challenging for him furthermore with his cute and adorable appearance to play as someone (Lian Bu) heartless, merciless, type of dark character, this must hard. But the interesting part is when Hou Ming Hao needed to play Jian Zi character, someone who naive and slightly dummy. He really can act well.

Zhou Yu Tong as Tang Yin
Tang Yin isn’t my favorite character because I do find her sometime can be super annoying but somehow as episodes gone, I grow pond with her due to personal reasons :p

Mike He as Li Yong Qi
I think there is nothing to say about Mike He Jun Xiang. I can say that I watched his Taiwanese drama growing up together with Rainie Yang and King One ROFL. From Devil Beside You (Rainie, King One), Huan Huan Ai (Rainie, King One), Tou Niu, Yao Bu Yao (Hebe Tian, Li Wei), Xin Fu Zui Qing Tian (Janice, Li Yi Feng), Xin Fu San Ge Xing (Blue Lan), etc.

My Impression
I have watched this drama until ep 6 and so far, I still enjoy it. For me this drama is so tricky at the moment I read the synopsis because it gave me an impression this drama going to be type of heavy drama because it related to mafia’s world and also police. Although this drama isn’t type of idols but it has inserted few funny scenes which not going to keep the audience tense for long time.

I like the idea of age gap and also the triangle love in this drama also the difference among the characters. Tang Yin is older than Jian Zi while Li Yong Qi is older than Tang Yin. Although I have said that Tang Yin character is slightly annoying but I don’t hate it. I like the moment when Tang Yin keeps on calling Jian Zi as Ya Zi (鸭子) literally mean duck but actually it is slang words which has different meaning.

My favorite scenes so far:

The reaction that shown when Tang Yin found out herself was slept with Jian Zi. At the beginning she showed normal attitude which is screaming but the funny scene is she was giving Jian Zi money and then murmuring by herself while Jian Zi showed his dummy expression, trying to say that he would responsible for what had happened between he and Tang Yin which refused by Tang Yin.

When Tang Yin thought she got pregnant because she kept on vomiting after had dinner with Jian Zi and Li Yong Qi furthermore when she checked her condition to quack, having a test pack and late period date then she certain she is pregnant.


7 thoughts on “C-Drama: 寒武紀 Cambrian Period => My Impression Ep1-6

  1. I watch this because of Mike He. But main lead Hou Ming Hao acting was pretty solid for his age. He look a bit like Andy lau when young in certain scene. First time know about him and so far so good. 👍🏻Overall whole drama it’s pretty good. 8.5 /10 rate from me 😉

  2. 🙌🏻..Hope to see more work of him in the future 😉 Anyway thanks for writing this drama. Glad found someone had same thought of it. Feel it’s underrated. None of my friends or relatives heard about it. Doesn’t do it justice. Good things must share. 😁✌🏻

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