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OST Song Of Phoenix : The Lament (離騷) – Jackson Yee (易烊千璽)

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I have hard time when doing the lyric translation in English and also interpreting the Chinese words because this song indeed hard. I need to read and check the words few times before I pick the suitable words (in my version). The title of this song is quite tricking for me because Li Sao (離騷) literally translated as Encountering Sorrow, and it was one of the famous poem of ancient China. This piece of poem was written by Qu Yuan, an aristocrat of the Kingdom of Chu.

I can’t guarantee the translation correct by 100 percent but I have tried my best to translate this song.

離騷 Li Sao

Jackson Yee (易烊千璽)

日與月 夏與冬 更迭難休
Ri yu yue xia yu dong geng die nan xiu
Sun and moon summer and winter it is harder to change

草與木 盛與衰 問美人依舊
Cao yu mu sheng yu shuai wen mei ren yi jiu
Grass and wood rise and fall still asking the beauty

Liu yan si qi de feng
The winds of spreading the rumors to everywhere

Liao bo jun chen yi meng
A dream to provoke the ruler and his minister

Wen tian ke fou wei ming xin er jian zheng
Ask heaven is it possible to clear mind and witness

濁與清 美與陋 顛倒眾生
Zhuo yu qing mei yu lou dian diao zhong sheng
Clear and turbid beauty and ugly upside down

芷與蘭 蕙與荃 難吐芳馨
Zhi yu lan hui yu quan nan tu fang xin
Angelica and Orchid fragrant scented and herb scent hard to forget

He gu ni liu er shang
Why must against the flow

He wei gu fang zi shang
Why indulge in self-admiration

Wu ren zhi xiao gu xiang bian ta xiang
No one knows the change of hometow

亂世而 不群
Luan shi er bu qun
Troubled time gone with the tide

誰可解 君意
Shei ke jie jun yi
Who will understand the King’s thought

云游而 遠去
Yun you er yuan qu
Wandering far away

心卻系 故里
Xin que xi gu li
But heart stay at home

Yin yi ju Li Sao bie chou
Said Li Sao don’t worry

Zui yi shi bao guo chun qiu
Drunk for while for the country springs and autumn

Nai he chang lu man man shang xia nan qiu
Unable to change the long and slow path ups and downs the difficulty

Ai min sheng ji duo you
to change few of people’s livelihood and sorrowness

Chang yi ju Li Sao bie chou
Sing a Li Sao don’t be worry

Tan yi sheng zhi ji nan liu
Sighed for life hard to leave

心之所善無悔 終化作灰
Xin zhi suo shan wu hui zhong hua zuo hui
The heard of the good and regret finally will turn into ash

Ci meng ruo dian pei
If this dream destitute

Liu gei hou ren wan mei
Leave it to amuse the future generation


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