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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 411.2

As expected the duel indeed done to evoke Yao Yao’s memory.

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‘peng’ a shot, it precisely hit to the target.

‘peng, peng, peng’ all are precisely hit to the target.

All the surrounded soldier are dumbstruck, even Lan Nuo is not exaggerating opened wide her mouth.

No… no, this is not me. I can’t use a gun! Impossible! Yao Yao’s eyes are filled with slightest foreign gleam, the scenery when she and Long Ye being attacked is kept popping out in front of her eyes.

That time… this is translated by azurro

That person… this is translated for

She killed that person! Was she really killed that person!

Didn’t Long Ye Ge Ge said that she was not kill that person? He was lying, that’s right, he was lying, she killed that person!

Why, it was clearly her first time shooting a gun, why she looked so familiar? What is actually happened?

“Uh, argh…” Yao Yao suddenly throwing the gun from her hand, painfully she touched her head, the next second…

In front of her eyes are blacken, she faint out.

“Hey, Miss? Miss?” All the soldiers are surrounded her.

Bing Ye coldly stops their footstep, lower his head, coldly he looked at Yao Yao who lying down in the ground, there only a sharp luster showed from his eyes.

“Hey, Bing Ye, How is to count it? We are even, she faints out, what to do?” arrogantly Lan Nuo came to Bing Ye side.

He bent down his body, slowly carrying Yao Yao in his arms. “Lan Nuo, you lose.”

“Bing Ye, are you blind? How can I lose? It was clearly both of us…” spoke to this point, at the moment when Lan Nuo saw the Shooting Target, an instantaneously her face dimmed!

That’s right, she lost, Yao Yao’s ten shoot were straight through the target. In other words, every bullet that shot by Yao Yao was hit at same place, without any deviation. As seen ten shots of bullet not only hit without any deviation but also precisely hit on the same place.

And then, all ten bullets which hit by Lan Nuo although it hit to the target but it has deviation, so that, she lost!



25 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 411.2

  1. Wow…YY the best…I think Bing Ye will like her even more….how soon can she recovered her memory….lol….cannot wait 🙆😉

  2. Thank you azurro..
    More interesting.. and more curious..more eagerly waiting for the naxt chater …thank you..

  3. Bing Ye not only suspected but also know that YY is her Highness Lan Duo that was kidnapped long, long time ago…Only that YY had been brained washed by her so-called foster mom when she was a little girl.

    1. Actually, when Yao Yao at 6 year old, she has known that Luo Tian Ming isn’t her father and she also knew that she perhaps amnesia. During that time her character isn’t alike now. ‘Timid’ and ‘reasonable’ Luo Yao Yao. But because Luo Tian Ming wanted her to call him as father that badly, she granted his wish as paid back the favor for saving her life. Furthermore, her so-called foster family is treating her very well.
      So far, Bing Ye still suspected her and the result of this duel only to stronger his suspicion.

  4. Once again, thank your for your hard work. It could explain the general’s hate against China if he thinks they must pay for her death/disappearance. 😉 have a sweet day!

  5. I’m super satisfied with this chapter, perfect shots from YY! I wonder what Bing Ye will do next. Thank you Azurro!

    1. You need to wait little bit longer This arch will reveal the mystery about Yao Yao’s past before and after the incident. Then we will know the reason why….

  6. Hi!!
    thanks for updating, I can’t wait for reading the next chapter,

    greetings from the other side of the world!

  7. This event has increase BY suspicious I guess, now that the challenge has brought out YY skill, BY and YAT are likely to meet and YY will regain her memory . Thanks Azurro what a perfect Saturday treat you gave me.

  8. Finally i got here safely. Cant wait to know relation between YY and YAT In the past!

    Btw, bing ye repeatedly ask YY ‘s age. It makes me wonder, is she actually older than 19 ys old?

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