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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 411.3

Chapter 411

Part 3 (Three)

PK With Lan Nuo Highness

This chapter is slightly steamy, You read at your own risk.
Dejavu! this how I feel about this chapter…

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Once she entered, she could not help herself not to heave a relief sigh…

Really want to leave Ya Si Lan country, and then never want to step back her feet into this land anymore.

Thinking carefully, clearly she only staying 2 days but it gave her a feeling as if she has been staying two years.

Why the Japanese government hasn’t asked its man to come and bring her to leave this place? It is reasonable to say that Ya Si Lan country’s territory still in Asia, from Japan to have flight to here at the most it only needs 6 to 7 hours, isn’t it? this is translated by azurro for

‘Creak…’ the sound of door being opened. Only read at

Yao Yao small face immediately turned to be white pale, who could it be? Is it people from General Mansion? But in General’s mansion there is no woman! This must be man!

The first reaction that she showed was clothes in land, but the footstep is sounding closely, subconsciously she gets into water. this is translated by azurro for

Her ears heard there is someone who getting inside the water, the next moment her eyes caught there’s a man who entered in the water…

Gulp gulp…. Gulp gulp…. this is translated by azurro for

Yao Yao is being frightened until gulping two mouthful water, hurrying she shut her eyes, carefully she moved heading to the land. this is translated by azurro for

Fortunately the pond is not big, must be careful, she is extremely awkward to death.

Aware that the man is away from land, she takes the chance faster she takes out her head from the water and then climbed to the land.

Who knows… this is translated by azurro for

“Who?” it heard one of cold voice.

For once again Yao Yao hanging on the water surface, by this time running to the land not as safe as staying inside the water, after all there is a fog moreover she is naked and if she being seen, it is going to be awkward.

Hah, how can be so coincidentally, the person who is coming to take bath is… Bing Ye!

Toward this voice she can’t forget it easily, only a single word this indeed belonged to Bing Ye’s character.

Hu… what to do now, she never learn how to hold breath, cannot stay long time inside the water.

At the moment when Yao Yao is feeling awkward, there is a big hand that pulled her up.

“It’s you!” this is translated by azurro for

Facing with Bing Ye cold face, moreover half of her body has been exposing outside, she dumbstruck and feeling dizzy.

Hahahaha, hahaha… that right, it is me! Really speechless, General indeed a General… that body simply to say super great! Six packs more obvious than Yu Ao Tian’s, ckckck, awesome! So awesome.

Wait, it seems this is not a time for her to think about man’s body?

“Ah!” a shocked screaming.

The next… this is translated by azurro for

Bing Ye suddenly clutching her into his bosom.

Gulp… gulp… gulping another two mouthful.

Bing Ye pulling her up from water: “What are you screaming for?”

Nonsense! Couldn’t she scream?

It was fine if Bing Ye not pulling her, this pull, her half body is exposing from water. Pair of her hand is tightly covered her body: “General…General…I, I am coming here to take bath.”

“So what?”

That’s right ah, so what? Could she peep on him? “I, I don’t know if you are coming here. First, let go of me first, okay?”

Once he heard it, Bing Ye coldly loosens his hand.

‘thump’ a sound, not all of Yao Yao’s body gets into water, leaving only her little head.

Hu…. this is translated by azurro for

Still this safer little bit. “That, General…I, I have done bathing.”

“And then?”

Did he pretend not knowing anything while actually he understand everything very well? “I want to take my leave.”

“En.” Bing Ye coldly staring at her, he looked her as if ‘what can you do’.

But the problem…

If Bing Ye didn’t leave first, or turned back, how could she go to the land?

The atmosphere seemed to be suffocated. She opened wide her eyes, her face innocently staring at Bing Ye, hoping that he could leave and understand her intention.

Who knows, but Bing Ye picks the towel with his hand and then wet it with water, cleaning his body.

Huh…. this is translated by azurro for

She really wants to know, how can he looks so calm while there is a naked woman beside of him?

Isn’t he someone OCD? Where’s his OCD gone by now?

“General… if you are still standing in here, I do also not have way to go out, you say? You see…”


15 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 411.3

  1. To be honest I’m glad that Bing Ye doesn’t seem to be a relative of YY or a father figure but instead a possible romantic partner! I know there’s YAT and FCY already but reverse harem is my guilty pleasure!! Haha! Thank you Azurro, another satisying chapter ❤

  2. I thought maybe he was her brother, since he seems unaffected by a naked YY beside him…… Thanks for the chapter💖💖

    1. Bing Ye can’t be Yao Yao’s brother if she is the heiress of Ya Si Lan who went missing years ago. Even though Yao Yao’s isn’t heiress, Bing Ye is Ya Si Lan’s Great General and how it is possible then….

  3. Hahaha…..BY is such a clown, he just pretend he doesn’t understand the hint YY is giving him. looking forward for more.

  4. I thought there will be a kind of shock moment because of the scars/wounds in YY’s shoulder, but there is no comment?

    Or Bing ye just haven’t seen it yet?

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