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C-novel: Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 155

This chapter is perfectly match its title, Pain.

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Chapter 155


The doctor is taking out something alike medicine powder that sprinkle to the surrounded wound in order to stop the bleeding, and then bring a scissor to the bedside, found a suitable position and then begin to cut between Long Mo Er’s waist and the knife area. this is translated by azurro

Ye Che who sees from aside feeling anxious, feeling pain as if wishing the person who lying down is him, and not the other person, a heart such tensed as if going to fall at any time. Translated for

The door is being pushed open, Lu Qun is taking hot water that just boiled entered the room, bringing along clean towel. After Ye Che took all the stuffs from her hand, hinting her to go out, after taking another glance to Long Mo Er who still lying on the bed, Lu Qun retreated. If not read from azurro4cielo then this translation has stolen!

Ye Che put the hot water and also the towel in the chair near the bed head, wet the towel with the hot water, waiting for the doctor next step.

“Third Young Master, hand me the towel, you must hold her steady, don’t let her to move and open up her wound, I prepare to take out the knife.” Doctor put down the scissor, and then taking the towel that have wet with hot water, said to Ye Che.

 Ye Che knew, in order to pull the knife out it going to be painful, how could her petite body endure that kind of pain? Ye Che’s heart aching, aching because of her, but, in order to keep her to live, she must endure this pain. Ye Che’s pair of hand held Long Mo Er’s body steady, strongly pressed it, carefully observing her expression.

“Ah!” suddenly Long Mo Er wrinkled, painfully shouted once, her face is extremely pale, the sweats are not less out from her forehead, just by this way continuing unconscious.

Ye Che felt heartache, but he could not help her to endure it.

“It has been out, change the towel.” The doctor ordered.

Ye Che loosens his hands, seeing Long Mo Er’s flat waist, initially the place that pierce by knife before has stuffed with towel, he sees that towel which stained by blood.

It made him heartache even more, faster he took another towel and handed it over to the doctor, changed with the stained towel from the doctor, that red color very fast has stained the entire water in bowl, that red color is so scary, make his heart jumpy. The entire red color is flowing from her body!

Open the door, taking out the bowl of water that completely being stained with blood, the people who are waiting at outside showing fear expressions, Ye Che changed a new clean water.

Just like this comes and goes for few times, every times he changed the water its pierce his eyesight.

Finally, doctor has stopped the bleeding, also put the medicine powder and wrapped it thickly. “Alright,  as long as starting this night to morning not get fever, then everything is okay.”

Ye Che immediately sat beside Long Mo Er, covered her with blanket, and also tightly held her hand, and then by this way keeps on staring at her, accompanying her.

After the doctor stroking beard the doctor sighed a relief, opened the door, telling the people at outside about the condition. Looking around the courtyard, found a brush (ink brush alike pen) and paper , the doctor is started to prescribe the medicine. “Now I write few medicines, find people to get the medicine from pharmacy.” After he gave it to Ye Yan, the doctor packed up his medicine box.

“Little Three*] , faster get the medicine.” Ye Yan ordered.

“Yes, Big Young Master, Now I go.”

“Faster go and back quickly, after you back faster make the decoction of medicine and then send to here.” Ye Yan worried reminding. if you are not read from azurro4cielo then it has stolen

“Pity Wan Er, why after passing few hours she has became like this?” Madam Ye accompanied by Ye Peng, standing beside the bedside, affection face is looked painful and also distressed, after looking Long Mo Er pale face, Madam Ye started to cry. “My pitiful child, actually what was going on, after all you became like this?”


*] Xiao San = it sound alike mistress so I changed it to Little Three.


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