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C-Novel : My Silly Girl (我的傻姑娘) 4

My Silly Girl

Chapter 4

Greedy Bad Girl

Happy Saturday!

Here I present My Silly Girl. Hope you enjoy your reading ^-^

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Luo Shang Er stood up, totally awkward called: “Hello Uncle Wen.”

At the moment when Wen Ze heard her pretending to be ‘good baby’ greeting Senior in polite way, he smiles from his heart: “Hello, Little Girl.” this is translated by azurro

“Uncle Wen, please have a seat.” this is translated by azurro

Luo Bing Heng asked: “Does Chairman Wen come to talk about business matter?”

Wen Ze sat down, thinking for moment and said: “No, business matter, Madam Luo really have done it very well. It really hard for me to imagine someone alike Madam Luo who mostly staying at home and taking care of children could hold up the overall situation. At the time when Madam Luo looked for me, I was being convinced by her courage and enthusiast, simply to say she is really not an ordinary woman.” this is translated by azurro

Luo Bing Heng bitterly smiled: “Unfortunately marrying wrong person, this is my bad deed.”

Wen Ze said: “Now days being engaging in Finance, which is more than outside. Your case I have been carefully consulting it with the lawyer, there’s still a chance to turn for better. But, my guess, there must be someone recommended you.” this is translated for

Luo Bing Heng Nodded: “It was my company fourth biggest shareholder, she reported me as an illegal financing, manipulation of the stock market, the evidence is valid, it simply wanted to take my old life.” He heaved a long sigh: “I admitted, years ago, in order to profit company, I did use certain ways, but never being this serious to the point imputation, while I can’t overthrow those evidences. My assumption, in order to revenge me, she had taken painstaking effort.” this is translated for! stop read from thief!

“Pardon for my impertinent, can I know the preceding circumstance and also the instance outcome?” Wen Ze frowned.

Luo bing Heng showed slightly awkward expression, seeing Luo Shang Er, finally said: “There was some emotional entanglement between us, but it was ten years ago, she is type of strong woman to be admired, it was me who disappointed her. This has been passed for many years, I thought everything has been calmed down, she toward me also had a distant and polite.” Luo Bing Heng showed bitter smiled: “But who would have known, she still hated me. This result has been arranging too long.” this is translated by azurro

Wen Ze sitting in front of Luo Bing Heng, lowering his head to think for moment, said: “May I know the way to contact her? I want to look for her and have a talk.”

It was so obvious that Luo Bing Heng didn’t expect Wen Ze going to say so. Logically, Hua Lang took over Luo group, Wen Ze has already gotten what he wanted, he by this way get involved into his family matter.

But finally, Luo Bing Heng still nodding his head, said: “Alright, then I troubled Chairman Wen.”


When Luo Shang Er and Wen Ze were walking out from the patient room not far away seeing Yao An Ran who holding Luo Sheng to send lunch for Luo Bing Heng. read this at azurro4cielo

Little Luo Sheng is happily when he sees his elder sister, hugging Luo Shang Er’s leg said: “Sister sister, hugging!” fat and white, pair of his tender small hand reaching out toward Luo Shang Er, alike he usually asking a candy from her.

Luo Shang Er smiled to the point her eyes almost alike crescent, bent down and then held her little brother: “Ours Luo Sheng is coming! Sister also missed you! These few days sister have thing to do, are you listened to mother at home?”

Luo Sheng blinking his big eyes and nodding his head, by that way he is looked so cute, Luo Shang Er unbearable not to kiss his smooth little face. read this at azurro4cielo

Yao An Ran still felt little bit guilty when met Luo Shang Er, at moment didn’t know what to say, so she politely greeted Wen Ze, and then said to Luo Sheng: “Bao Bei, call uncle.”

Wen Ze smiled: “Called Brother in law.”

Little boy looked at Wen Ze who smiled not even slightly felt shy, only this word of brother in law he never heard before, he opened his small mouth: “Jie Hu (Jie Fu brother in law)”

Everyone laughing. this is translated by azurro posted at azurro4cielo

Luo Sheng moving in Luo Shang Er embrace, his little shoes that he wore not carefully hitting to Luo Shang Er’s stomach.

As Wen Ze seen, hurried said: “Are you okay? Is it still hurt?” He used his hand to separated and reached out Luo Sheng’s legs.

Luo Shang Er shook her head said: “It’s okay.”

Once two of them raised their head seen Yao An Ran smiling face also the ambiguous in her eyes, Luo Shang Er shocked for moment, Wen Ze’s words really make a person be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts, just now his vision line from Yao An Ran perspective should be…..

Luo Shang Er really wanted to lock herself up!

It was clearly nothing happened between she and Wen Ze, why she acting as if she done something embarrassing?

On the opposite way Wen Ze looked so calm down, not care at all.

Yao An Ran smiled and said: “Both of you are newlywed, get along together for few days, your father in here, you rest assured. Seeing how Mr. Wen such considerate and care about you, this make me rest assure much.”

Yao An Ran looked at Wen Ze: “Chairman Wen, thank you, treating our Shang Er very well.”

One of Wen Ze hands held Luo Shang Er and said: “This should be. Mr. Luo still does not know about our marriage, you knew it. Just called me Wen Ze, in the future we are family.”

Yao An Ran nodding her head, heart sighed limitless.

These words toward Yao An Ran and Luo Shang Er were really meant a lot, Wen Ze was telling them, since this day onward, he would have shared sweet and bitter moments.

Wen Ze said: “Mom, you go inside, we are taking our leave.” this is translated by azurro

Luo Shang Er and Yao An Ran at the moment dumbstruck, and then Yao An Ran foolishly nodding her head, hugging Luo Sheng and said: “Then we are going inside now.”

Luo Shang Er looked at the man who walking to her side.

In the business world, Wen Ze is someone legendary, often he leisurely decided on something which able to change everything. Laughing, masts and oars vanished in a puff of smoke.

This kind of person, in his perceptual life is someone like this.

He helped her to rub her abdomen, she slowly put their wedding ring on her finger, he gently kissed her, he is accompanied her to appease her family.

Shortly in three days, every and each thing that he had done for her, it had touched her heart.

Basically he is someone such patience, very gentle doting her.

This because, she is his wife.

Then, when will everything change because he loves her?

Luo Shang Er felt, she is a greedy bad girl.



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