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C-novel: Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 156

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

Chapter 156

  Feel At Ease

“Mother, now Sister Wan Er needs peacefulness in order to recover, everything is okay, Mother you also no need to be sad anymore! Tomorrow we will come back to see her again, by this way surrounded her also not a way. Now for these few hours just let Ye Che and Lu Qun to take care and accompany her! Tomorrow when sun rise immediately we will come back to look at her, okay? Sister Wan Er need a peacefulness in order to recover!” Mu Rong Ji Zi said it with affection, more composed and wise saying.

“That’s right, Mother, don’t be worry, didn’t doctor say that it is okay? Let’s us back first let Wan Er to have peacefully rest, perhaps early in the morning when see her, she has awake. Let’s not disturb them!” Said Ye Yan who agreed and helped Mu Rong Ji Zi to speak up.

“Yan Er and Ji Zi are right, let’s us go back first, in here there’s nothing we can help we will only get them busier, tomorrow morning we will come back to see them, let Ye Che and Lu Qun accompany her, let Wan Er to have good rest.” Ye Peng also persuaded. Translated for

After said, Madam Ye wiped her tears, stretching out her hand and then patting Ye Che’s shoulder. “Che Er, you take good care of Wan Er.” If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After said, all of the people inside the room take a look at white pale Long Wan Er and also Ye Che loses spirit expression, everyone left the room.

Inside the room it is quiet again, Ye Che held Long Mo Er’s hand, and then intertwined his ten fingers with hers. Lu Qun is sitting on the chair, quietly staring at Long Mo Er, accompanying her.

Ye Che sees her pale white face, seeing her in this kind of condition other than heartache it stills a heartache, but at the most is blaming himself and also regretting, if not he was acting too much to her, if not because cannot protect her well, she won’t get this big harmful. this is translated by azurro

“Mo Er, you must awake, I haven’t told you that you are so important for me, so that, you must wake up…. As long as you wake up, I will agree with everything you want, even….. you are ignoring me…. Even…. You want me to leave…. As long as you are safe and soundly waking up, I will agree with everything.” stop to read from thief!

It is remorseful feeling, it is guilty feeling, it is worry feeling…

Ye Che is quietly keep watching, from time to time Lu Qun wets the clean towels, such gentle wiping Long Mo Er’s face that dried out, keeps her clean, praying her to escape from danger, praying that she can get up immediately, praying that she can open her bright attractive eyes for him.

That white pale face, there’s a possibility the sickness could get worse at anytime, it could suddenly like what the doctor said get infected and sudden high fever, so that, Ye Che must be more careful while observe her.

He really scared to lose Mo Er! this is translated for azurro4cielo[dot]wordpress[dot]com

Seeing Mo Er who is sickly lying at there, that kind of fear as if rushed and followed him nowhere to escape. He is really scared, no matter what, his Mo Er, his wife, he wants her to live well, grows well.

Sky is gradually brighten, Ye Che’s heart also slowly cheerful for a bit.

In midway, Little Three sent a medicine, feeding her for many times but she keeps on throwing up there’s no way to swallow it. The best he could do is passing it through mouth, by this way she could swallow not less. Good thing is until now she hasn’t shown any changes in her body temperature, the warmness keep steady!

By this way she can be said has escaped from danger! Ye Che thought in his heart!

Sky gradually bright, Ye Che’s heart gradually at peace.


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