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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 413

Finally Yu Ao Tian is showing up!

So where have Yu Ao Tian been for this long time?

As it can be predicted, Yu Ao Tian appearances always such ‘controversial’ and unexpected.

Chapter 413

Such scheming!

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Constantly spoon by spoon, very fast all the dish in the plate has been wiped clean by Yao Yao, she seemed completely unaware being fed by Yu Ao Tian actually was something uncomfortable and awkward, on contrary all the process was done with faint smiles.

“Aiya, Ya Si Lan country prison is so stingy, didn’t you tell them that, you can eat five portions by yourself?”

“Who would say something like this?” for these two days she has been so boring, she just not believe, Yu Ao Tian still can have mood to eat with her before he being executed, if that happened he must be such ignorant, mustn’t he?

“Haha.” Yu Ao Tian stroke her nose with pampering, turned his back walking to the head of warden: “I will bring her to the execution place.”

“En? Only you?”

“Yes!” Yu Ao Tian took out an execution book, handed it over to the head of warden. This was a book that he got after he dealing with a dozen of soldiers.

“Alright, bring her out.” The warden head opened the prison.

Yu Ao Tian turned and smile, Yu Ao Tian winked his left eye, which kind of different charm.

She acted and pretended to be serious, followed at Yu Ao Tian back, getting out from the inner cell.

Along the way, thing has an unexpected smooth, every soldiers that saw them were gladly opened the iron bars for them.

It wasn’t a short time for them before they reached the last iron bar.


The thick iron bar is opened, fore way is the cell exit.

“What’s up, Bao Bei?” Yu Ao Tian showed his devilish smile when turned.

She creasing her forehead, seeing layer of the soldiers beside the iron bars, they are passed too easy.

“Haha, isn’t smooth a good thing?” Yu Ao Tian smiled devilish, at the moment when he turned his back, his eyes showed dim gleam…

Since Yu Ao Tian felt nothing was wrong, then it must be okay. Yao Yao drove away the doubts in her heart, kept on following at Yu Ao Tian back until they went outside.

At the time, the sunlight pierce into Yao Yao’s eyes, Yao Yao who has been staying for two days in cell cannot adapt to the dazzling of the sun light.

“ You finally show up.”

Suddenly, there is a cold voice flown, quickly Yao Yao rubbing her eyes, just realized…

Outside the cell, it filled with soldiers. While Bing Ye is coldly sitting on a chair, expressionless looking at them.

She has predicted it! She has known it was such impossible everything went so smoothly, how could a powerful military country alike Ya Si Lan let a soldier to bring out someone who has death sentence?

What to do? Bing Ye hates Chinese, alike Yu Ao Tian who is having such important official post, impossible for Bing Ye to let him go, right?

Her body is restless quivering, Yao Yao subconsciously pulling Yu Ao Tian’s sleeves, her face shown terrifying expression while looking at Bing Ye who is sitting not far.

“Haha, it’s okay.” Yu Ao Tian exposed his smile to her in order to comfort her, and then that pair of bottomless eyes are slowly looking at Bing Ye: “You are taking such great fanfare only to lure me out, how could I not show up?”

To lure… Yu Ao Tian?

After Yao Yao heard this, enquiringly looked at Yu Ao Tian who showed devilish smile, so actually he has already aware about that kind sign of unease smoothly? So he didn’t expose because he wanted to get into the trap?

“Three days ago, I got news, there was a witness who saw you coming in to Ya Si Lan’s territory, I was asking one of my soldiers to search you but could not find you, so only by used this trick.”

Used this trick?

The thing that Bing Ye pointed out, he was making such great fanfare by sentenced her death penalty because he wanted to lure Yu Ao Tian to appear?

This man’s shrewdness…. Is really as equal as Yu Ao Tian’s!

Can’t help herself not to show that fear gleam in her eyesight when seeing these two men, at this moment, Yao Yao could feel that Yu Ao Tian has encountered a strong opponent.



32 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 413

  1. I just signed up to thank you, Azurro, for your hard work! You are doing an excellent job! I love the story, I can’t get enough of it! I check your site 3-4 times each day, searching for your updates! YAT appeared at last!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next chapter! Thank you again!

  2. Thank you so much azurro for your hard work😀
    We must wait…i dont believe YAT got trump so easyly must have something maybe in contact with the past (abaut lan duo)🤔….
    Hai azurro are you will mudik in haliday?

      1. Same with me, my bos sameone heartless😅
        It’s ok.just be happy and take care your healthy😀😙

  3. This chapter is awesome…..Finally my YAT has shown up…….the way he comforts YY perhaps even FCY can’t…… The way he deals with opponents is absolutely incredible although BY is strong opponent……..YAT will suerly have plans in his mind…..thanku azurro….. And take care

  4. Somehow I also believe that yat is not someone who can easily tricked ,yat surely got something in his sleeves
    Whatever this journey is bestest one between yy and yat and yat shows his most calm and good side for yy I wish if they continue like this forever
    Thank you for this update

  5. Yeay! Yat is back. He definitely has something up his sleeve. Hehe. Aiyya, YY is so obedient getting feed by yat. Someone is having toothache here.

    Thanks for updating azurro😘

  6. Ahh… So happy you update this hahaha, it help me kill time when I’m in long queue… I hope YAT has hidden card for this situation

  7. Yay YAT is back…hope that their ship will sail again soon…the power couple will be back in action. Excited…excited….thanks Azurro:)

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    again !!!!! thx for you updates!

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