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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 414.1

Chapter 414

Part 1 (One)

What Did You Feed Me!

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wife. How about you tell her to ask her husband to bring you to meet Zeng Kai Rui, her husband is someone awesome.”

“Due to yours identity as Director Yu taking me to the State of Council is reasonable enough. Moreover…” his amber color eyes flashed: “If you are really not care about her, at the time when I announced her execution news, why did you show up and help her out?”

Bing Ye spoke to this point, pair of his hand fold at back: “You exposed yourself in order to save other’s wife, others…” his eyes swept Yao Yao who at beside: “You in order to save Director Yu, regardless of the danger you were staying beside me while trying to flatter me. The relationship between both of you… I don’t want to speculate, now, I just want the answer from you, Director Yu!”

Bing Ye!

Yao Yao pair of hand curled into fist, so it was the case within two days she staying beside Bing Ye actually she has already exposed, this man really hide so deep! Simply to say he is another Yu Ao Tian, but their characters just far too different.

“Worst Bao Bei, ours affair is being found out, what to do then?” Yu Ao Tian pretending to show fear in his expression after said.

Yao Yao small face ‘swish’ at moment turned pale: “Don’t… speak nonsense!”

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian showed his devilish smile again, after his deep and bottomless pair of eyes meets Bing Ye cold eyes, he nodding his head slightly: “Deal!”

Bing Ye turned, faster walked to in front of one officer: “Notice Colonel Sa Er, released all the Chinese ships that has stopped.”





23 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 414.1

  1. yeay! New update! ^_^ Thanks for your hard work Azurro!

    pfttt, How cunning Aotian. He can joke around about their “adultery” that moment XD
    I wonder how high is Bing Ye’s IQ.. He seems to be one step ahead than Aotian hmmm

  2. All the hope of YY finding out about herself through Bing ye has died.. i seriously hoped she would be told the truth about her true identity her past…. But no.. instead she was fed poison😂😂😂😂😂

    Thankyou for translating

  3. Thank you so much azurro,cant wait for next chapter and back to china…….GSM & HLS ….i miss yuo all😙😙😙😙😙,i hope you update more if you not busy and take care your healty.millions thank you azurro

  4. Thanks for the update ! Im dying to know what is BY relationship with YY in the past . And also when will she gain her memories ?!?! YAT still teaseful as ever . I will never get bored of him. ♥️

  5. I am really laughing while reading this chapter,poor yy sandwich between two most dangerous cold mans
    I m thinking doesn’t Bing ye feel jealous of yy and yat relationship
    Thanks for your hard work azurro

  6. Hello 🙂 Thank you again for your translation and hard work! It would be so easy for YAT to tell BY that YY is the girl he has been looking for for so many years… I wonder if YAT doesn’t want to tell YY the trust about her past in order to protect her from Zeng Kai Rui. If ZKR knows who YY really is he would try to pressure both Bing Ye and YAT with her and endanger her life. And if she knows ZKR is responsible for her family death (because he must have killed both YY foster mother and her real family) she will surely try to get revenge (and maybe will feel stupid for marrying Feng shen). Take care of you 🙂

    1. The person Yu Ao Tian has been looking for all this time isn’t Ya Si Lan’s heirs but someone he met when he was teenager. The only clue he has about the person is her scar.
      As for Bing Ye, He is looking for Lan Duo. someone who has been missing for many years. The only thing he has only his memory of four year old Lan Duo.
      There is no way for them to exchange this information except……

  7. Thank you Azurro! I wonder how this encounter between YAT and BY will end, what deal will they end up with? Will wait for .2!

  8. See that’s my YAT……he’s so damn cool…….I think at any cost BY can’t feed poison to YY……thankuuu azurro love u so much

  9. I just want YY somehow show her martial art skills and defeat BY causing her to remember the past. (In a dramatic way😜). Thanks Azurro! I will be waiting for the next part😁

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