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C-novel: Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 158

Chapter 158

Sweet and Feel at Ease

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After the entire family knew Long Mo Er has gained her consciousness, everyone is busying to pay their visit, immediately in front of the bed is squeezed with people, even a slight of light is blocked.

Ye Che raised, stood to side, leave the seat to others, standing beside observing Long Mo Er, still accompanying her.

“Wan Er, you finally gain your consciousness, you make Mother worries to death.” Said Madam Ye while wiping her tears.

“Wan Er what do you want to eat, you tell your big sister in law, she will cook it for you.” Said Ye Yan.

“Yes, that’s right, whatever you want to eat must tell me, you have lost so much blood should have replenished, do you know?”

Long Mo Er feeling moved an instantaneously her eyes redden and wordless, gently she blinking her eyes. Everyone is worrying about her, she really blessed.

Suddenly Ye Ding spoke: “Third Sister in law, don’t you know that yesterday you were such frightening everyone, you scared us badly, at the time when blood…. Third brother was the person who most worrying you among us. He looked your condition turned be such panic, he almost went insane, extremely blaming himself! He really wished that the person who got hurt was him, really wished that he could replace you! So that the person who most worrying you were not other people, not yourself too, it was Third brother, so you must take good rest, recuperate, faster to be lively, by this way third brother will rest assure! All of us will also rest assure! Do you know? Moreover you have lost conscious for few days, third brother also stay awake for few days, he hasn’t slept and rested keep accompanying you!”

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

After said, Long Mo Er is astounded, eyes are searching, looking for Ye Che, while Ye Che is staring at her.

All the unspoken words are showed in astounded expression.

Every people knew that they have seen Wan Er, after seeing her waking up, they have satisfied, if they are taking longer time to stay, afraid their staying only unnecessary. Now Ye Che and Wan Er are seemed to spend time together for the utmost, they must have many words to speak, so that they are retreated.

“Mo Er I am sorry it was my fault, could not protect you well.” Ye Che came closer to Mo Er, apologizing while blaming himself.

First time saw Ye Che showed shocked expression, Long Mo Er felt little bit being loved and also surprised. “I….”

“SSt, don’t say anything, just take your rest. When you are healed, whatever you want to say, you can slowly tell me.” Ye Che held up her hand and then put it on his lips and gently kissed it.


“Sst, you must be obedient, close your eyes and then quickly sleep, have much rest, I won’t leave you, I will stay in here, accompanying you.”

“Not… Ye Ding said… you haven’t taken rest for long time… aren’t you tired….” Long Mo Er voice is obviously sounded weak.

“Not tired, you rest assured, don’t speak anymore, now you are still so weak, don’t waste your energy by speaking, okay?”


Ye Che eyesight stopped Long Mo Er’s words, Long Mo Er only closed her eyes.

In moment, Long Mo Er who closed her eyes opened her eyes again.

“What’s matter?” Ye Che thought she was feeling uncomfortable, worried asking her.

“Ye Che… you also… together having rest…. You don’t need to…. Be too tired…”

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Silly girl, I am not tired, you well-behaved take a rest.” Ye Che stretched out his hand gently stroking her white pale face, one big hand still held her hand tight.

“You accompany… me together… sleep….” So sleepy, but also felt embarrassed to speak up, after all it wasn’t so easy to say it at the moment.

Ye Che’s hand that gently stroking Long Mo Er’s face stopped, straightly looked into her eyes for while, then Ye Che smile. Jumped up and got into bed, lying on bed, sideways position, his sided face looked at Long Mo Er. “This must be okay, right? I accompany you sleep. Quickly close your eyes, let us together have a rest.”

Long Mo Er blinking her eyes, her heart is filled with warm feeling sweet and touched, feeling secure and closed her eyes.

Ye Che pulled the quilt to cover both of them, under the quilt, his big hand still held tightly Long Mo Er’s slightest cold small hand.

Not long after, two of them have closed their eyes.


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