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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 415.2

Chapter 415

Part 2 (Two)

Feng Chen Yi passed away

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“No, this is impossible! Impossible!” She disbelief it, she could not believe that Feng Chen Yi has gone without considering about her; she didn’t believe, not believing that fate toying with her, she just has accepted about this marriage, how could her husband leave her?

“Huhuhu…. Hiks.. hiks…” The painful sobbing followed by her tears that wet her pair of cheek, she lost her strength just sat on the deck: “Why? Why one by one my family member leaving me. When I was six years old I didn’t know who was my family, I also didn’t want to know, and then after six years old…

“At the time when I had my first memory, there was a man who begging me to call him father, I knew, he was my family, but… immediately he left me.”

“It’s okay, father has gone, I still have mother. But…” she biting hard her lips, she angrily and immediately she stood up in front of Yu Ao Tian and glared him with hatred, hesitantly said. “Grandpa is in overseas. I thought, perhaps I can’t have my own family anymore. But Feng Chen Yi just at this time, at the time when I have needed a help the most he stretched out his hand, that time I have told myself… he… is my last family member my rest of life, but… but now he has left me not care me anymore! Why! Why! Why?” Her small weaken hitting ground.

As Yu Ao Tian seen, he afraid she would harm herself, hurried he pulling her onto his embrace: “How about you consider, consider to remarry. Let me to become your family.”

“Make dream! You are the person who took my family, I can remarry to anyone but never to you Still, at this time I don’t have strength to play with you!”

“Heh? Bao Bei, do you think I am joking with you?” Yu Ao Tian pretended to act innocently creased his forehead.

She pissed off, glared at him: “Other people perhaps don’t know about you Yu Ao Tian, but how can’t I not know about you? If you Yu Ao Tian really wants to marry, your kids might be tons!”

That’s right, Yao Yao indeed understood very well about the way Yu Ao Tian treating women and also his point of view about marriage.

In the past he hated marriage so much, he hated children; but since he knew Yao Yao, secretly he has changed his point of view about children. But about marriage?

Up to this point, he still such in hesitation state. No matter who the woman is, he never had thought about marriage.

Without doubt, what he said before was joking!

“Let me off!” Yao Yao angered restless moving her body.

Yu Ao Tian devilish tilted side his head: “Where are you going?”

“I want to calm down myself alone!”

“Bao Bei, impossible you will be short-minded, won’t you?” Yu Ao Tian worrying asked, and at same time let her off to ground back.

Yao Yao coldly glared at him: “You rest assure! Before you Yu Ao Tian go to hell, I will not search for death!” turned, she disappeared from his vision line.


This is really not bad, the hatred between them turned to be her strength to live on. Seeing her fast steps disappeared in front of his eyes, Yu Ao Tian helplessly shaking his head, and then turned back and kept staring to the ocean direction.

“But Feng Chen Yi just at this time, at the time when I have needed a help the most he stretched out his hand, that time I’ve told myself… he… is my last family member my rest of life, but… but now he has left me not care me anymore! Why! Why! Why?”    

“Family… ah~” Yu Ao Tian didn’t understand and smile. Perhaps, until this moment Yu Ao Tian just can see clearly the expectation of Yao Yao toward Yu Ao Tian even the loneliness and helpless in her heart…

China 12 o’clock afternoon.

In front of the largest port entrance, outside has surrounded by numerous reporters.

“Audience, today at 6 o’clock morning, our spokesman announced that the Chinese team has successfully brought back Director State of Council that went missing not long ago from Ya Si Lan country. Now, behind me the warship that slowly coming near is the ship that bring Director Yu with 45 military officers and also the captain.”

“Woo…” the sound that issued out from the warships, finally the warship stopped, the reporters blocked the warships position, waiting to see Yu Ao Tian showed up.


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 415.2

  1. Thanking you Azurro for another translated update n not letting us your readers hanging..but we still hanging…is it for real that Long Ye n FCY death??

  2. I still do not belive thet FCY passed away suck very essy …they (FCY &LY)have a capabelity to free them self from unordinary situations…
    I just waiting beutifull scanery …after strom
    But i still in yy and yat sip …
    Azzuro thank you very much for averything….take care yous self ok 💞

    1. FCY is not dead… (lmao, are you okay now? Haha) I don’t really think he’s dead. Didn’t FCT noticed the bomb and warned LY and his men, so that they were able to escape before it expoded it?

  3. I want to see YY and YAt becoming family
    I am shipping for them very badly
    Azzuro ! Tq for the.update
    And how many chapters till the end of stry ???

  4. Thank you azurro, I still waiting YY and YAT reconcile again .
    Will both of YAT and BY find out if they are looking some person ?

  5. You are amazing, Azurro! This was really fast! Thanks so much! I’m sure that neither FCY, nor LY are dead and that we’ll meet them again soon!

  6. many many thanks
    i thought from the start of thier marriage it will be necessary for the plot that FCY die. i actually thought that he will die from his illness because knowing YY personality this is the only solution or YAT will not have a chance, what do you think?

  7. Waah I refuse to believe FCY is dead 😦 not really voting for him but that will ruin the reverse harem atmosphere! Hehehe I shall wait for further updates about this! Thanks Azurro!

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