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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 417

Chapter 417


Feng Chen Yi, has he really passed away?
You will get the answer in this chapter.

Happy Saturday!
This chapter is quite long and hope you enjoy the reading ^-^

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Since the beginning he has been curious, since from the Ya Si Lan country this man kept on following at Yu Ao Tian side, until now. “Ao Tian, this is?”

“Oh, I almost forget to introduce.” Yu Ao Tian smiled devilish, pointed at Bing Ye who is wearing a suit: “He is the great General of Ya Si Lan country, Bing Ye.”

“Hah?” Han Li Shang is so familiar with Bing Ye this name, he is so interested with the military thingy, so that he has heard military genius from Ya Si Lan country Bing Ye. Moreover Bing Ye is one of best General in the world, no wonder he is known in military circle.

But why…

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

This genius military general who wouldn’t really step out from Ya Si Lan country by sudden staying beside Yu Ao Tian?

Han Li Shang could feel something off, but could not directly ask, so he just politely nodding toward Bing Ye….

The other side…

“Yao Yao!”

Followed to the familiar voice, Yao Yao slowly turned her head, at one glance… “CEO Hei, why are you coming here?”

“After I got the news that you have come back safe and soundly then I come here to welcome you, sorry, come late because I avoid the reporters.” Hei Yan Long smiled while walked in front to her.

“Oh, It’s… it’s okay.” Yao Yao showed her forceful smile.

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

An instantaneously Hei Yan Long could sense something off: “Why? Encounter a difficult, have it made you to be dummy? It is hard to come back safe and soundly so that must be cherish everything, why are you look alike soulless?”

“That’s right, everyone said it is blessed after encountered difficulty, but me… huh. Chen Yi’s matter… how you guys settled it?”

“You… knew it?”

“Yes… I knew it… just unfortunately… I didn’t even… meet him… for last time.” After Yao Yao said, her eyes has redden and talked to this point, her words has mixed with sobbing.

“Hah?” Hei Yan Long was sensing something off, at the time he saw her looked so sad hurrying he comforting her: “It is okay, immediately you will be able to see him.”

“Ah?” Yao Yao surprised open wide her mouth: “It has been passed for long time, haven’t you buried Chen Yi?”

“Buried! Woman, have you gone insane? Feng Chen Yi only got injure because of the explosion, what to bury ah!”

Dumbfounded with wide opened eyes, the next second, two seconds, after three minutes, quickly she wiped her teary eyes: “Chen…Chen Yi, didn’t die?”

“Which bastard told you that he has died?”

That bastard was Yu Ao Tian!

Bastard! Bastard! Yu Ao Tian simply to say such bastard!

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If at this moment she called the detailed about that time, if Chen Yi and Long Ye Ge Ge really were died together because of explosion, how could Yu Ao Tian didn’t sad? He even had time to tease her!

Damn it, that time she was so sad, so that she didn’t notice the loophole. Also being teased by that bastard Yu Ao Tian!

“CEO Hei, CEO Hei, trouble you, please be quickly! Faster bring me to Chen Yi.”

Seeing Yao Yao rushing expression, Hei Yan Long smiled: “No need to bring you…that brat when he knew you arrived safely, he has recovered as if nothing happened, directly coming over here to pick you, unluckily, he isn’t as fast as I am, so that I win over him one step.” After said, his body moved to right side, moved his body to uncover Yao Yao’s vision line….

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At that moment…

Feng Chen Yi figure has entered Yao Yao’s eyes. That cold face was glowing with faint smile, alike a ray of sunshine that warm her heart during a winter…

That time when knowing Feng Chen Yi had gone, although she kept on telling herself, must live well, must live well, but heart has died down. At the moment when she knew that he still alive, her death heart recovered, even lively more than before!

Perhaps, this fit words, if not losing, then forever won’t be understood the precious value…

Really good, feeling really good now.

Her family that broken into pieces is returned.

At top, a ray of sunshine shining across man and woman, Yao Yao tilted her head, could not help she showed her sweet smiling expression: “Chen Yi, I… am coming back.”

“En, welcome… back.” Feng Chen Yi smiled, slowly spreading his pair of hand.

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

At this moment, Yao Yao tears fell down, quickly she rushed to that person who is her family, giving a hug, a safe haven for family, so that able to secure a heart.

This simply to say its happiness, having a family who waiting is a blessed. Toward Yao Yao this is so precious.

Simply to say, even only a word ‘you are coming back, welcome back’ since mother passed away, she thought she would not have this chance to say. So that….

It was a short nightmare.

After woke up……

There is unlimited happiness…

© 2017 AZURRO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Translated for If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been posted without the permission of the translator.

“Woman, have you cried enough? Your that little tears, wait until Chen Yi really die it won’t be too late to cry.” Since went out from port, to car, Yao Yao was crying. Hei Yan Long really could not withstand with woman’s tears.

“Pei, pei.” Yao Yao wiped her tears, unhappily glared at Hei Yan Long: “CEO Hei, can you speak properly? Why didn’t you wait until Chen Yi really die, then you sent me that chrysanthemum flower?”

Listened to those two conversation, Feng Chen Yi helplessly shaking his head: “Didn’t both of you, saying me like that, isn’t it too much?”

“Ugh, I… I don’t have any intention, Chen Yi.” Yao Yao just realized, her mouth actually uncontrolled, all was because Hei Yan Long taught her.

“Yao Yao, Yan Long… has sent you…Chrysanthemum flower before?” Feng Chen Yi curiously asked.

At sudden Hei Yan Long’s face darken.

As seen, Yao Yao smiled naughtily, whispered: “That time when you went to Turkey, I even went to auction together with CEO Hei, CEO Hei in order to thank me, he specially sent me a trunk of… chrysanthemum flower.”

“Hey! You damn woman!” every times talked about this matter Hei Yan Long would completely felt so embarrassed.

“Yan Long…” Simply to say Feng Chen Yi really didn’t know how to describe this friend of his, simply just gave a thumb up.

Hei Yan Long angered to the point he glared at Yao Yao, turned his head, then looked outside the car window….


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    1. I think she would. Because no matter how she hates him, still she tried her best to coax Bing Ye to find him when she thought he might still floating in the ocean. If she does not have feeling for him moreover if it is hate feeling, she would not trouble herself dealing with Bing Ye.

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