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C-Drama Impression : Love Actually (人间至味是清欢) Ep 1 – 29

Just finished another drama and here the new drama which being marathon and also included into my watching list. Love Actually ( 人间至味是清欢 ) is one of the newest drama that currently airing cast Joe Chen Qiao En, Tong Da Wei, Wang Yi Bo. So what this drama about?

The title of drama itself is the combining names from the characters Ding Ren Jian/丁人间 (played by Tong Da Wei), Zhai Zhi Wei / 翟至味 (played by Wang Yi Bo) and An Qing Huan / 安清欢 (Played by Joe Chen).

Ding Ren Jian is IT engineer, living with his retire father, marrying beautiful wife and having a smart son. Zhai Zhi Wei is millennial CEO who owning game company, having rich father, born handsome, naively thought world revolves around him. An Qing Huan is work hard white collar, smart and beautiful woman.

So the story is started from An Qing Huan who has bad term with Ding Ren Jian because of misunderstanding when first time they met. Zhai Zhi Wei is CEO Zhai’s son who by coincide also An Qing Huan’s boss. Three people who are coming from different background and age gap, different perspective finally gathered.

Ding Ren Jian 70’s, married with one son working in IT

An Qing Huan 80’s, single and workaholic, working in food industry

Zhai Zhi Wei 90’s, single, gamers, Game company owner, rich

My Impression:

The filmed is reminded me about Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我 ). It is filmed beautiful. The story plot is much better compare to Stay With Me.

Joe Chen Qiao En previous drama with Wang Kai wasn’t really catching my attention. I like the promotional poster and also the trailer furthermore the cast were so buying me. But somehow after less than five episodes, I gave up to continue it no matter how I like Joe Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai and Kimi Qiao Ren Liang. Stay With Me (放弃我,抓紧我 ) just not fit my likeness even after I tried to watch it.

While Love Actually, although the male cast isn’t really as ‘beautiful’ but I like the story plot and also the actors and actresses acting. Especially, Tong Da Wei who indeed specialized for doing many hilarious scenes and also acting alike weirdos in this drama.

My point:
This story has almost covered everything such as life, relationship among human being, jobs, generations, different angles of perspective, and so on.

What I learned:
From Ding Ren Jian Character: Optimist
Ding Ren Jian has modest life, very optimist and easy to be satisfied. No wonder he named his son Man Yi (满意) which means satisfaction.

From An Qing Huan Character: Work-hard
An Qing Huan is real example of today’s modern woman. She does not afraid to face her difficulties, someone who work-hard in order to achieve what she wants.

From Zhai Zhi Wei Character: Grow up
Zhai Zhi Wei is spoiled brat coming from rich family. Creative person which fit as millennial generation. Arrogant but not a bad person. After his father passed away, he understands how to take care his mother and cherish everything he has compared with his past, he has grown up to be so mature.



5 thoughts on “C-Drama Impression : Love Actually (人间至味是清欢) Ep 1 – 29

  1. thank you for sharing. I actually had this on my to watch list now. Just waiting for it to finish and for me to find the time. Hopefully work settle down soon and I could finally spend more time translating, travel blog and also watch drama. I love Joe Chen Qiao En so her drama are always on watch list

    1. I like Joe Chen too. Moreover after she spreading her career into Mainland. Her acting just getting better and better so with the project she picked.
      As for me, one of memorable character she played, perhaps when she was acting as Dong Fang Bu Bai.
      Good luck with your works and I really expecting to read more about your travel blog (It makes me want to go for traveling 😀 )

      1. Thanks Azurro 🙂 Dong Fang Bu Bai is from which drama? I don’t remember any drama of hers that I watched with that character name. My all time favorite of her dramas is Fated to Love You and The Queen of SOP.
        Ya, I just could not find the time to edit the photos and finished up the write up from my recent trip to Thailand. And my travel to the next destination is up in like 55 days time 😦 There is just not enough hours in a day or either that, as I grow older, I have become lazier 🙂

      2. Swordsmen AKA The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. It is based on Jing Yong novel. as popular and famous as condor heroes.
        Fated to Love You and The Queen of SOP are indeed good dramas but for me Joe was taking big step by played Dong Fang Bu Bai character.
        Btw, aren’t you a hotelier, why you often go travel? You sound more alike traveler 😲

      3. Hahaha…. I left the hotel operation about 4 months ago. I am now attached with a hotel solution company. So yes, I have work travel as well. Disadvantage : 2nd half of the year is usually our busiest period of the year (just happen is the same period I joined) while the Advantage : I have more vacation days and flexibility of hours of working 🙂
        So happen, this year, I do shorter but more frequent vacation while last year, I did longer but lesser vacation. So shorter but cover more destination 🙂
        Swordsmen AKA The Smiling, Proud Wanderer, unfortunately, not my kinda of drama as I can never understand such storyline. Prefer modern simple dramas 🙂 that was why I skip that

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