Agnes Monica Intro: Noises

Agnes Monica or Agnez Mo is one of the most famous Indonesian Singer and Actress. She is an icon for youngster, dare to dream, believe and make it happen.

Not long ago she has released an intro for her international album. It is a simple intro but deep in meaning. Here I share about Agnez Mo’s Intro: Noises


By: Agnez Mo

How many people have found the love they want,

How many people would die to laugh the way we do.

The way we understand each other without words

The way we cry….

Cuz we care a little bit too much.

But what if that much is what we need

And that much is who we are.

Is it wrong to feel,

Or not feel at all.

So fast

Don’t have time to process.

I hear a lot of noises.

‘Who are you? Which one are you? Who are you?’

The world is steady judging,

While we’re trying to find our happy ending.

But that’s all I hear….


Until I choose me.

Complicated happy me.

And then I’m finally free… me.

But how many people found it the way we do?

And how long does it take for you….

To find you.




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