C-Drama Impression : Dear Prince (亲爱的王子大人) Ep 1-12

Actually I have been following Dear Prince (亲爱的王子大人) right after I listened to its opening song that sung by Silence Wang Su Long (汪苏泷), checking its trailer and just by that way, directly this drama has added into my watching list (although it hasn’t aired)


The story is started when a hard core fan, Sun Xiao Tao (Zhang Yu Xi) has a perfect plan to come to Japan in order to come at her idol concert, Zhou Yi Ran (Chen Zi You) but on the way she coincidentally met Jiang Hao (Melvin Xie)an idol actor who has prince syndrome, perfectionist, picky and narcissistic.

At beginning Jiang Hao thought Sun Xiao Tao is his hard core fan so that he insisted to give her his autograph which politely refused by Sun Xiao Tao. Because of this, Jiang Hao pissed off and after he knew she is idolized Zhou Yi Ran, the newbie star, immediately he flared up and then torn Sun Xiao Tao’s concert ticket.

Sun Xiao Tao so angry, asked Jiang Hao to give back her ticket. Jiang Hao agreed to give Sun Xiao Tao new ticket in addition that ticket would personally given by Zhou Yi Ran with one condition in which Sun Xiao Tao should be Jiang Hao’s assistant for few days when he filmed in Japan.

At the time when Sun Xiao Tao and Jiang Hao thought they wouldn’t meet anymore after Jiang Hao done his filming and Sun Xiao Tao got her ticket, unpredictable thing just happened, both of their fate still continuing…

My Impression

This drama story concept is bit out of logic, such fairy tale, not a horror drama but involving ‘spirit’ thingy such as the male lead indeed is what-so called as ghost (not really sure since his life depend on Tamagotchi). It weird but somewhat I trapped and addicted to watch this drama.

I like the way they filmed, it is so beautiful and I don’t care if they did the photoshop in order get such smooth flawless skin appearance of the actors and actresses so that all of them are looked alike immortal. I like the cast especially Melvin Xie and Zhang Yun Xi and my most liking is Zhang Yun Xi’s bitchy and devilish expression whenever she possessed by Jiang Hao. 

I like the opening song. Really like it.




5 thoughts on “C-Drama Impression : Dear Prince (亲爱的王子大人) Ep 1-12

  1. Thanks for sharing. Just realised that Melvin Sia has a new drama out after seeing his update on IG. So excited. I had loved his acting since I saw him on a short Taiwanese Drama, Boysitter. He came from the same state as I did. A talented actor I must say. So, guess this drama will be added into my to watch list when I finally find the time to catch up on dramas.

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