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My Mr. Mermaid : Epilogue 1.3

Surprised! The last part of My Mr. Mermaid epilogue finally translated. I should say that during the translation process I was giggling so much because when I was doing it, I couldn’t help myself not to think Dylan Xiong and Seven Tang, after all both of the actor and actress are my favorite CP hehehehehe….

In drama, Tang Yi Bai is kind of super nice man, his appearance looked so innocent, pure and such decent as gentleman but who knows, novel version, he is someone black belly and bit pervert XD XD XD

My Mr. Mermaid

Last Part

Tang Yi Bai soaking inside the water, his hand was putting in the pool side, raise his head to look at Yun Duo, “Do you want to give a try?”

Yun Duo shook her head, “I can’t swim…”

“It’s okay, I can teach you.”

“But I don’t take swimming suit.”

He smiles cunningly, “Then you don’t need to wear anything.”

Yun Duo’s face redden, naked this matter, when thought of it is really a shameful thing…. She turned her vision line avoid to see him, then she shook her head, “Anyway I won’t swimming if there is no swimming suit.”

“If there is swimming suit, you should have to go down to water, right?”


“Alright, inside my bag there is swimming suit, you go to take it.”

“…………..” so this why he was at here waiting for her!

Yun Duo opened his bag, from inside she took a small bag, open that bag, inside there’s a pair of red colored Bikini.

Bi…Ki… Ni…

Moreover the color just too lustrous!

She took that pieces of material, lost what to do.

Tang Yi Bai smiling up to his ears enjoying her blushing face, he said: “No need to feel embarrassed, it not like I never seen you wearing…”

She hurried to cut him off, “Stop!”

“Then you hurrying to get a change.”

She hiding at one corner and then changing her clothes, after all the swimming suit perfectly fit her body.

Tang Yi Bai saw his Duo Duo was coming over, wearing the Bikini. Her skin white alike jade, wearing that red Bikini on her body, as if a blooming flower petal. 167 cm height is counted as normal ordinary height for girls, but she has such delicate bone, so that her body posture particularly looked slightly slender tall, she has slender and soft waist. His one hand could wrap it, pair of slender legs, with her curving body that gently moving. Tang Yi Bai saw her to the point his blood raised, he almost nosebleed.

She was standing beside the pool edge, under his fiery sight, she was a bit cramped.

Tang Yi Bai softly coaxing her: “Get down.”

Yun Duo with her blushed red face bent down, she wanted slowly to get down inside the pool, without she realized at the moment when she bent down her body there was a powerful hand grabbed her arm. She exclaimed, puff she has gotten into water.

A cold water was slightly stimulate her skin, an instinctively she flustered thump. His arms crossed her armpit and then locked her into his arms, then he whispered in her ear: “I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

Hence Yun Duo slowly calming down herself. Speak frankly she knew this pool would not be able to make her drawn, just now she was panic for moment. But… now she caught by him, simply to say her feet not able to touch the surface, it completely has no sensed of security!

Yun Duo: “You let me go first.”

“I won’t.”

Tang Yi Bai dragged her and swam to the further way, Yun Duo has kind of feeling as if got kidnapped. She leaned around the chest, anxiously she kicked, “Hey hey hey!”

Actually Tang Yi Bai only wanted to get little bit further away from Er Bai. He wanted to date his fiancée in deeper pool, as the result that Husky was staring at him with curious eyesight, really… he really especially wanted to poke that dog’s eyes.

He brought her to the middle side of pool, backed Er Bai, and then he turned her body. Two people were facing each other, without waiting for Yun Duo to speak, he has down his head and kissed her. It was a fiery and also damp kiss, gradually it has taken her rational.

Once the kiss ended, Yun Duo pair of moist eyes, powerless she leaned over him, “Aren’t you teaching me to swim? Is this your way to teach me?”

He breathing roughly, he spoke plausibly: “Em let’s try your breathing capacity first.”

…. He spoke as if it sounded such so reasonable!

Yun Duo: “Then what are you doing to me right now?”

“En, what kind of swimming style, do you want to learn?”

“Same with you.”

Tang Yi Bai briefly said about freestyle basic, listened to it, it didn’t sound difficult, Yun Duo was completely understood, and then it was another thing when it came for the practice, her trial was alike crazy duck, Tang Yi Bai feared she would be drowning, so he hurried pulled her up.

He pulled her waist, softly smiled and said, “Stupid.”

“As the teacher, at this time shouldn’t you encouraging me…”

“Alright, encourage you with a kiss.”

He kissed her, slowly both of them were sinking inside the water. Yun Duo shut closed her eyes under the water, everything was black, the water came all over, blocking her nose, she not daring to breathe, her lungs felt uncomfortable. She by instinct felt restless, leaned to his shoulders slowly sticking closer. The whole world it seemed only left his soft lips, warm mouth.

When he pulled her up from water, she took mouthful air, “You, you are really, are you really coming here to teach me swimming?”

Of course not! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Tang Yi Bai avoided and not answered her, seriously said, “It seems at this stage of freestyle is slightly difficult for you, let learn breaststroke first then.”

Hence it changed to the breaststroke style. This isn’t Tang Yi Bai specialty style, but it was more than enough to teach Yun Duo. In front of her he leaned over her arms, teaching her according to the essential legs practice. Staring at her who wrapped with rose red swimsuit, her rounded curve and also slender and tender white legs, he could not help but gulped his saliva.

Yun Duo was so serious practicing. In front of her eyes was Tang Yi Bai’s chest, undulating range of water surface, pat his chest gently. As if the beauty in front, she seemed especially motivated, with strength she kicking, didn’t tire her at all.

“How’s my stroke?” She asked as if taking a credit for her achievement.

And then his answered was alike pouring cold water: “No good at all.”

“Teacher, it seems that you forget to encourage me again!”

“Duo Duo.”


“Your kicking extremely bad, I am so disappointed.”


“So now I want you to give me back my swimsuit, does not want to lend it to you anymore.”


My Mr. Mermaid Epilogue is posted and translated only for  Please do not make a copy of our translations in pdf or any other distributable format because we edit our translations continuously.

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  1. sounds good
    But i want to ask you something azurro im a new comer i want to start waching chines movie want some kind of crazy love and you know some thing like ANSTG can you help me plez it’s my first time and i want something makes me want more 😇

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