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K-Drama Review : I’m Not Robot (로봇이 아니야)

Here I’m back with Korean Drama review. Lately, I’m so into dramaland, don’t you think so? Whether the Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and even Thai. Some still in my waiting list and one that just finished not long ago was I’m Not Robot cast Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo.

Let’s start!

What this drama about?

The story is about Kim Min Kyu (Yoo Seung Ho) who has allergy with human, to be precisely he couldn’t have any interaction or skinship with human. A single touch of human perhaps could kill him immediately. Meanwhile due to certain circumstances, Jo Jia Ah (Chae Soo Bin) should pretend herself to be robot because Prof Hong, her Ex-boyfriend and his Santa Maria group created an AI, Robot like human using her appearance as model.

All these people fate were starting at the time when Santa Maria group was in crisis. Their company was sold to KM Finance owned by Kim Min Kyu. In order not to be sold again to other third party, Prof Hong was sending video, introduced his AI, Humanoid robot. After saw the video, Kim Min Kyu was growing an interest of this kind of robot, after all being a human who never has any friend before, he actually a lonely person.

First time when he saw the robot that called as Aji 3, he looked super surprised because that robot indeed so human like. Prof Hong told him that, Aji 3 still in testing period. In order to get fund for further developing, Prof Hong and Kim Min Kyu agreed to make a contract in which, Aji 3 will be owned by Kim Min Kyu if he agreed to invest sum of money to Santa Maria and agreed not to sell it to third party.

While, Santa Maria group will keep to upgrade Aji 3. But suddenly something was happened to Aji 3 three days before it sent to Kim Min Kyu’s house. It broke and those spareparts in Aji 3 should be imported from far country that took more than one week shipped to Korea. At other side, Kim Min Kyu was insisting AJi 3 should be arrived at his house due to time period which they have agreed.

So that, in order to take Aji 3 place, Prof Hong sent his Ex-girlfriend, Jo Ji Ah and asked her to pretend to be robot as well promised her that he would pay her a sum of money. The second time, Kim Min Kyu met his Humanoid robot (who actually Human, Jo Ji Ah) was quite shocking. Because she show an expression that robot shouldn’t show. Although he was little bit surprising, but after Prof Hong said that he has upgraded and added few things in Aji 3, in which gained his trust.

Chingu Mode (Friend Mode) this is one of feature that added in Aji 3, reasoned Prof Hong at same time, Aji 3 has system to do deep learning means she could read human facial expressions and etc.

So what happened when Kim Min Kyu fell in love to Aji 3, Humanoid robot who actually real human?

My Impression:

The biggest interest is only Yoo Seung Ho, yes the actor. That’s all!

Frankly to say the story concept is something so refreshing because a plot story, human fall in love with robot which turned out the robot actually real human that faking to be robot. Personally, the first impression given by this drama was something refreshing, fluffy story and sweet.

The story isn’t something ‘Wow’, very consistent because I didn’t have real emotion roller coaster when watching it.

Also when it talked about acting, many said that Chae Soo Bin’s acting was suck but I don’t really think so. I never seen any drama played Chae Soo Bin so, I don’t have thing to compare for her previous project with this. In my opinion, her acting still has space to be improved. I like her as robot but not as human called Jo Ji Ah. As for Yoo Seung Ho, I will definitely biased because he is one of my favorite K-actor.

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