Review C-Drama: Excellent Investor (金牌投资人)

I just finished watching Excellent Investor last week.

This is William Yang Xu Wen’s third drama which I watched. First time I saw him in The Legend of Chusen (Li Yi Feng and Zhao Li Ying). Since then, I like him so much beside he has good looking appearance, his acting skill isn’t bad and even versatile. Although in The Legend of Chusen, he wasn’t played as protagonist but because that drama, my likeness toward him growing bigger.

Moreover not long after The Legend of Chusen he got chance to play such legendary character, Guo Jing in Legend of Condor Heroes which got such positive response from audience, thus naturally this drama listed in my watching list to ensure that I wouldn’t miss out to check Excellent Investor. Furthermore this is my first time to watch him in modern drama. At same time, I’m so interested to watch how different Zhang Li going to be in this drama.

At such young age, Fang Yu Bin (William Yang) has already become the top management employee one of the biggest Venture Capital firm in Shanghai branch. One time due to his investment project he met Su Jin (Zhang Li) a female CEO who is well-known in this field. After he met Su Jin, slowly he felt for her as well Su Jin. These two people have very unique relationship whether in business also in private.

Excellent Investor is filmed in few places such as Shanghai, Hongkong, Macau, and other places in Mainland China. It has many beautiful scenery as well quite good quality shoot. As for the story plot, few starting episodes were quite okay for me but some scenes could be so boring so I did skip few times. Truth to be told, I almost gave up this drama for its dragging for the first few episodes also uninteresting story since I felt so worked up although in the drama William Yang was the one kept on running. But, I glad to endure those few episodes or else, I might miss out Fang Yu Bin and Su Jin romance development as well their unique interaction.

To be honest, I have kind of love-hate feeling for Fang Yu Bin and Su Jin characters for certain reason. For example, I like Fang Yu Bin honesty toward Qing Yu, his childhood friend, his colleague and also a girl who has crushed toward him for many years, keeps on following him everywhere from their hometown, studying and working in Shanghai. Although they have been knowing for long time, but Fang Yu Bin never lie his feeling toward Qing Yu. She told him that she loves him for many years. He said he hasn’t thought about romance because he wanted to focus to his work but after few times, Qing Yu ensured him, both of them give a try for this new relationship as lover.

After few days, Fang Yu Bin asked for break up, very honest he told Qing Yu that he didn’t have any feeling like Qing Yu has toward him except as best friend and also love like family. At the time when Fang Yu Bin dating Su Jin, he drew such clear line between he and Qing Yu as well Su Jin. One is his best friend while the other one is his girlfriend.

But the most hateful thing from Fang Yu Bin is his man pride. He loves Su Jin but because she is coming from wealthy family, also has higher status, he tried to ignore his feeling because he fears Su Jin’s feeling isn’t sincere no matter how clearly and bluntly Su Jin told him that she loves him as whomever he is. As I mentioned, Su Jin and Fang Yu Bin have very unique relationship. There’s a time Su Jin would be going to be mentor for Fang Yu Bin, helping and giving necessary advice to him related to work thingy, at one time Su Jin would like little girl who might act coquettishly toward Fang Yu Bin. During working time, Su Jin might be an overbearing CEO and also rival to Fang Yu Bin but at other time, both of them are still kind of lovely couple. They may fight, argue, bickering but at the end they still make up.

It is not important anymore to clear up the things, because the most important is I love you, Su Jin

I would like to recommend this drama for those who want to watch something new about professionalism in workforce as well to know more about/relating to investment stuffs. If you are okay with the slow story pace, then this drama worth to check. Every actors and actresses’ acting are more than average. And if you have watched Excellent Investor, tell me your what do you think of it ^-^

3 thoughts on “Review C-Drama: Excellent Investor (金牌投资人)

  1. Yes! 1st time watching William Yang. So handsome refreshing.
    Will watch out for him.
    The female lead also not bad but a bit oldie dowdy.

  2. I watched it, I like this kind of story, workplace settings and about work and not just romance. William Yang is charming, Zhang Li is very suitable for the role. The actor plays Mr Yuan is also good. And yes their romance is a bit unusual, they have lots of skinship, not many kisses, something always interrupt the moment. And their kiss isn’t nice looking like other drama kisses i watched 😂 But i like their bickering and how she boss him around haha.

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