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Review: Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum

If you have been following me, you should know that I have huge interest on skincare product as well sharing my opinion of the products which I have been using/had used. This time, I would like to share about Pyunkang Yul Moisture Serum which has been using for more than months. Pyunkang Yul is Korean skin care product that focusing on using minimalist ingredients as well avoiding to add unnecessary chemical for enrich its scent.

Speak frankly, I don’t really know about this brand but since I heard many positive words about Pyunkang Yul, I decided to give it a try. Let’s start

Product Claims:

  • Balancing skin moisture and oil levels (Meaning when it is balanced, our skin doesn’t dry easily and doesn’t get too oily either)
  • Suitable for sensitive, dehydrated skin
  • Able to lower skin temperature
  • Forms a protective layer around the moisture barrier to prevent excess moisture loss
  • Moisturize, softer, silkier and smoother skin texture

Product appearance and texture:

Compare to other Korean Serums that I ever used, Pyunkang Yul perhaps is the biggest serum I ever bought (considering most of the average serums are about 20-50ml). While this one is 100 ml. It has simple packaging that seem almost effortless since it came with thick box and frosty navy blue glass bottle and I don’t have problem with it ^^

As for the texture, Pyungkang Yul is too liquid for me to be called as serum which I thought this product is more suitable to be called as moisturizer. As for it smells, it has faint kind of plastic or polymer smell, not really sure but I felt like it LOLS.


Speak frankly, other than having moisture and softer skin, I don’t see other improvement in my skin. The good thing of this product, it doesn’t irritate my skin and no pimples popping out. This product moist my skin very well although I live in tropical country it doesn’t feel too over for my skin. This product is categorized as average whether from its price as well the product value itself. Therefore, I don’t think to repurchase it because there still many products work better than this Pyunkang Yul, if only to moisture skin and make skin softer with cheaper price.

I won’t recommend this product for people who has dry skin because it won’t be enough to moisturize the skin.

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