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Review C-Drama: Time Teaches Me To Love (时光教会我爱你)

Time Teaches Me To Love is another web-drama that streaming in Iqiyi, starring Irene Song Yi Ren and Jerry Yan Yu Hao as the leads. The drama is categorized as comical-romance drama which filled with many sweetness as well fluffy scenes. Lin Lu (Irene Song Yi Ren) is hard working girl who dream to be international fashion designer. She likes money so much but not a greedy person. Shi Lian Sen (Jerry Yan Yu Hao) is a childish CEO who treats everyone with coldness, his expression is indifferent forever but since he meets  Lin Lu, other than coldness, he shows more expressions.

Due to Lin Lu’s younger brother illness that need so much money, Lin Lu agreed to become Shi Lian Sen’s 100 days girlfriend. But, during the time they spent together, both of them finally fallen in love and even become real couple. Until when 100 days almost ended, something happened to both of them which caused Lin Lu and Shi Lian Sen go to separation way.

My reason to watch this drama purely because the casts. I like Irene Song since first time I saw her in Ever Night as Sang Sang, her acting impressed me so much so that I want to watch her more in different drama. As for Jerry Yan Yu Hao, I saw him first time in The Story of Souls, which I think he done good job in that drama. Last, Li Jia Ming who I recognized him from Moon Shines and valentine as one of the thousand years fox.

As for the story plot, I don’t see any differences with others modern romance cute drama which filled with so much sweetness. The domineering childish CEO pairing with next door hard working girl who also super stubborn and persistent aren’t new CP but because the casts are these people, I really enjoy the drama.

Things I really like from this drama:

Lin Lu is very interesting character because she loves money so much but not greedy which means she is someone who knows what she can do and she can’t do. Song Yi Ren really makes Lin Lu character looked so realistic, very expressive and her acting really impressive. When she laugh, as if you could feel the happiness as well when she cried out-loud, you might feel the sadness too.

Speak frankly, The CEO character didn’t really kick for me because the domineering character just too week and Jerry Yan acting didn’t any better compare to his previous work when he acted as Ye Chong Jin but somewhat I don’t have problem with his character because I like Song Yi Ren more.

This drama has 24 episodes divided into two sessions and it has already completed. I like the happy ending and really enjoy the drama sweetness and fluffy scenes. If you are looking for light, sweet and also high visuals type of drama, you should take a look for this drama. Share your opinion if you have watched this drama ^^

3 thoughts on “Review C-Drama: Time Teaches Me To Love (时光教会我爱你)

  1. Just started the drama and love Yiren, also im on ep 2 and i dont feel like he’s domineering, just a regular guy who happens to be a ceo

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