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Review C-Drama: I Hear You (最动听的事 )

I Hear You is web drama based on Novel with same title, cast Zhao Lu Si and Riley Wang Yi Lun as the leads. This is also my first time watching Zhao Lu Si in modern drama. Therefore, I had anticipated this drama. So this drama is about Bei Er Duo (Zhao Lu Si), an amateur dubber who dreaming to go to Japan to learn about dubbing in deeper and also wish to be professional Dubber. Ye Shu Wei (Wang Yi Lun) has art  background, he also knows how to play violin, a music composer, a Luthier (Violinmaker), in which people referred him as Da Shen (Master).

One day Bei Er Duo’s best friend, Tang Li (Dai Zhuo Ning) a variety show producer asked her help to join her variety show but, refused by Bei Er Duo. Tang Li persuaded Bei Er Duo by saying that she would get sum of money if she joined the show which could help her to collect more money so she could go to Japan faster compare than she work as part-timer. In order side, Ye Shu Wei Joined the show after he lost his bet with his nephew, You Sheng (Yuan Hao) the CEO of the production house who is also Tang Li’s boss.

Despite of his low profile image, since Ye Shu Wei joined the variety show with Bei Er Duo as fake lover, both of their life have turned to super roller coaster with many exposures, gossips and scandals. Moreover, the relationship between Bei Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei wasn’t good at the beginning because Bei Er Duo misunderstood Ye Shu Wei when she was interviewing for job as dubber. Caught in conflicts, it kind natural for Bei Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei whenever they met. But, just alike any idol drama with predictable story, Bei Er Duo and Ye Shu Wei are falling for each other at the end.

My Thoughts:

I Hear You has very light and warm-hearted story plot that can make you smile or giggle every times watching two leads interaction. From arguing to protecting to each other, from stranger to lover. This couple is so sweet and yet wouldn’t make you get toothache. Bei Er Duo is cute and lovely girl and sometimes can be so vocal. She is type of energetic and active girl while Ye Shu Wei just the opposite. He is so composed, cold, doesn’t like to explain himself therefore it easy to misunderstand his intention for most of time.

There are lots of funny scenes between Ye Shu Wei and Bei Er Duo. I bet you will laugh hard whenever seeing Bei Er Duo clumsiness and also Ye Shu Wei who try to stay cool whenever he saw her.

I like the way they filmed the drama also the love story of the second leads also wouldn’t let you down.

Although at last Tang Li didn’t stay together with You Sheng but I like how they make Tang Li’s love story. An independent girl who has excellent work attitudes, dare to love and let go, this how I interpret Tang Li character. She has been loving You Sheng since she was still in school and since then she following him and even becoming his right-handed who he relying most in his work life. But, at the time when Tang Li asked him, what was she for him, beside the ambiguous relationship, he couldn’t give Tang Li clear answer. Therefore, Tang Li decided to let go You Sheng. Because Tang Li is type of possessive person, she couldn’t stand You Sheng ambiguity toward her and at same time he likes to flirt with other woman.

If you are looking for something sweet, less complicated story without dog-blood story, then this drama may suitable for you. It only has 24 episodes and already completed.


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