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Review C-Drama: If I Can Love You So (如果可以这样爱)

I’m not really sure what was gotten into me when I decided to watch this drama. Whether because the cast such as Liu Shi Shi and Tong Da Wei, the beautiful promotional snowy poster or simply the intrigue title LOLS.

So this story is about Bai Kao Er (Liu Shi Shi) and Geng Mo Chi (Tong Da Wei) unusual love story. Bai Kao Er is a businessman’s wife who is also working in radio station as Dj/host while Geng Mo Chi is famous pianist. Both of Bai Kao Er and Geng Mo Chi seem to have perfect life, at least from outsider view. But one day when Bai Kao Er got a phone call from police, her rainbow and happy life suddenly gone as if ruined by the bolt in day time. Her husband was found died inside the his car and thing got worsen because he was founded with another person, suspected as his love affair, her name is Ye Sha, Geng Mo Chi’s wife.

At this point, the story has shown its complexity, at same time, a line that connected Bai Kao Er with Geng Mo Chi. When thing is happened, Bai Kao Er and Geng Mo Chi are only strangers only get known each other when Bai Kao Er tried to investigate more about her husband death. On the process, Bai Kao Er and Geng Mo Chi who disliking each other slowly they fall in love.

Adding the complexity to the story, Qi Shu Li (Bao Jian Feng) who is Bai Kao Er’s husband big brother falls in love to Bai Kao Er, while Bai Kao Er’s best friend, Mi Lan (Yang Yi Tong) is targeting Geng Mo Chi to be her husband.

Let’s start the review:

Story Plot
This is perhaps one of the completed ‘dog blood – melancholy’ drama because you can find accident, love affair, amnesia, diseases, separation, betrayal, domineering love, taboo love. Speak frankly, this type of drama really not my cup of tea because I don’t really want to watch drama that able to make me teary with its sad story plot. But, because I spotted Liu Shi Shi and Tong Da Wei, I think I should give this drama a chance included the ’emotions impact’.

The things that I like about this drama:

  • Perhaps it is one of the tiring drama with such level of complexity due to the connection among the characters and yet it doesn’t hard to understand and ‘digest’.
  • I like the changes of Bai Kao Er character from ‘normal’ housewife, her reaction when she knew her husband cheated on her + hiding his mental health which resulted him to suicide.
  • Out of all, I kind of surprised to she how Mi Lan character progress. From best friend to enemy and nemesis who backstab her own best friend due to her jealousy and also her greed.

Cast, the actors and actresses

For me Liu Shi Shi is one of the actress who good in portraying melancholy character because her acting feel so real and touched my heart. But if I can prefer, I really want her to play more cheerful character. For this drama, I don’t have much to say about Liu Shi Shi.

To be honest, I never imagined Tong Da Wei would couple with Liu Shi Shi moreover acting in such dog blood drama genre because in my point of view, he fits more playing something comical and cheerful rather than melancholy genre. But, I think he did well in this drama because I could enjoy the drama better although it not really my taste.


If you are someone who likes to watch melancholy genre, this drama may suit your taste because it almost has everything inside it. You can find bad mother in law who mistreating her daughter in law, a husband who cheating at his wife back being founded just when he died, falling in love with someone you shouldn’t, greed and jealousy which ruining one’s life and others. Birth secret, amnesia, separation – reunite and separate again.

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