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Review C-Drama: In Youth (趁我們還年輕 )

A friendship that long lasting, friend that been there at your best also your worse. In Youth is a drama about group of best friend with different characters and yet support and complete each other. This group has Fan Shu Chen (Zhang Yun Long), Shi Wei Cong (Liu Rui Lin), Ji Xuan Li (Huang Meng Ying), and Li Yang Yang (Dai Si). They have become best friend since their school time and keep contact each other even after they left school and step into work force.

Synopsis (credit to baidu):

Li Zi Yu is a simple, kind-hearted and righteous girl. She starts working at a public relationships company, but unfortunately meets a difficult boss. The boss Fan Shu Chen is a talented hidden rich heir who is very hostile towards Zi Yu, making Zi Yu tremble with fear every day.

What she doesn’t know is that company secrets have been leaked since the day she started working and Shu Chen is thus heavily suspecting her. But gradually, the two start to appreciate and admire each other. However, Shu Chen’s three best friends each have their theory on Zi Yu’s identity, making Shu Chen all confused.

When Shu Chen’s rival Luo Zong Liang appears, it becomes known that Zong Liang and Zi Yu have some sort of relationship which anew arouses suspicion that Zi Yu could be a spy sent by Zong Liang. What is the truth behind everything? And will Zi Yu and Shu Chen’s love-hate relationship have a happy end?

My likes and dislike about the drama:

I like the idea of this drama that focusing more to friendship without put aside its romance touch for every characters. But, the story plot about the competition in Ads company where Fan Shu Chen and Shi Wei Cong work for actually super boring and to be honest, I skipped it.

There are also lots of unnecessary conflict which I think so dragging and most of time make me impatient and tend to fast-forward. My favorite scenes are watching these four best friends gathering and having small reunion. According to the drama, Fan Shu Chen, Li Yang Yang, Shi Wei Cong and Ji Xuan Li are always have small gathering every week no matter how busy they are, everyone will still make time to attend their small gathering, even though only having a lunch together. They each have storylines relating to their careers and relationships, and are genuinely loyal and supportive of each other.

From all the characters, I like Li Yang Yang the most. Perhaps she is the most ordinary and yet her character is the most ‘stable’. For me, Li Yang Yang is one of the realistic character because whatever she got are resulting from her hard work. Her love story is such classic and not as exhausted as Xuan Li’s.

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