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Review C-Drama: A Journey To Meet Love (一场遇见爱情的旅行)

Having Chen Xiao and Jing Tian as the main leads, A Journey To Meet Love automatically added into my watching list. This perhaps my second times watching both Chen Xiao and Jing Tian playing in modern drama. Although this isn’t their first drama but I did watch them only in ancient drama before.

The story is started when a white collar worker, Lin Xin Yue (Jing Tian) won the bid to a famous painting called Bao Bei (Dear/The Love) and ordinary police officer, Xiao Tian (Chen Xiao) met in auction hall and later he become an undercover cop to investigate the mystery of Bao Bei which linked to the International drug smuggling organization.

At the beginning Lin Xin Yue stole Bao Bei from Boss Zhao simply because that painting was belonged to her father, but claimed by Chu Hong Fei (Wang Ce) as his painting and become famous painter. But to her unknown, there is a secret behind Bao Bei which later caused her to have series murder attempt. As for Xiao Tian, he stationed to crime division and even sent to be undercover cop after they suspected Lin Xin Yue perhaps as one of the international drug syndicate who goes after Bao Bei.

The story becomes interesting when Chu Zhi Han (He Ming Han), Chu hong Fei’s son decided to host tour group heading to Shangrila after he becomes friend with Lin Xin Yue. Unexpectedly, beside Lin Xin Yue and Chu Zhi Han, there are also Xiao Tian, Sheng Xia (a famous influencer) and Ah Bei who joining the tour.

These five people heading to shangrila with different purpose. Chu Zhi Han get interested with Shangrila after he saw beautiful picture of Shangrila that sent by Lin Xin Yue. While for Lin Xin Yue Shangrila is the place she missed and yet feared. Xiao Tian goes to Shangrila only to follow Lin Xin Yue and Sheng Xia only to get high paid from Chu Zhi Han.

Just as expected this drama has captured my interest since the first episode. I do also like the filming quality and quite smooth story plot. I don’t have problem with the actors and actresses acting because there are really do their job well.

For me, the romance, friendship, comedy and even the ‘suspense/mystery’ go very well along the story. I almost not skipped anything which means I am so positive with this drama, judging this is categorized as quite long, 50’something episodes. I like the vibes that given by this drama as well nice OST.

I’m seriously would like to recommend this drama for you, since I finding it is worth to watch. You are pleased with beautiful scenery along the drama through these youngster journey to Shangrila.

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